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What's Growing in our Gardens

Delphiniums and Roses at Margaret Murray's.

Columbine at Cheryl Lamerson's garden.

Old tree trunk with nasturiums at Janice Kenefick's place.

Sunflowers in the sun in Janice Kenefick's garden.

A beautiful birch and leaves in the autumn at Janice Kenefick's.

An apple blossom with dew in Vicki Mossman-Conrad's garden.

A lovely Rose at Vicki Mossman-Conrad's. 


An Aster  in Vicki Mossman-Conrad's garden.

A scene from Francesca Cox's garden.

Walking down the garden path with Sandy MacDonald.

A beautiful array of tulips in Susan MacMillan's garden. Photo by Roger Shaw.

A stately and royal Siberian Iris in Margaret Murray's garden.