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Presentations & Workshops

6 June 2014 - We had a very enjoyable visit and tour at the Oceanview Gardens and Greenhouses in Chester Basin.  Our thanks to the Moshers for being such nice hosts.  From the amount of plants in some of our members buggies, I'd say it was a very successful visit.

29 May 2014 - Spring weather finally arrived and it started on the day of our annual plant sale.  Lots of fun and we sold lots of plants.

15 May 2014- For the second year we held a container workshop at Wile Lake Nursery and Bakery where Elspeth McLean-Wile showed us new plants and helped us to plant our planters.  Lots of fun for all.

6 February 2014 - We started our 2014 garden club year with a wonderful presentation from Bill Bruhm, assisted by Louise Penny, on Orchids.  Bill gave us lots of great information on what orchids are, how they grow, and all their different varieties.  Even though it was a cold night, he had also brought several plants to show us examples and Louise had several for sale.  It was a most enjoyable evening.

For more info on orchids, Bill recommended the Canadian Orchid Congress at

4 December 2013 - Our annual approach to Wreath Making was again a very enjoyable and productive evening. We changed a bit this year - we made either wreaths or centrepieces. Instructor Svenja Dee of Tulipwood did her usual excellent job. 


7 November 2013 - We had a lovely workshop on how to make all kinds of wreaths, bows, package wrapping, etc with Sinimay (Mesh Ribbon).  We'd like to thank Izzy Prawit, of Lighthouse Flowers & Gifts for giving us such fun and interesting information on this new material.


3 October 2013 - We had a fun and interesting presentation on All the Good Dirt; Composting with guest speakers Tracy Pagenhardt, from the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation, and Kirk Symonds, from Region 6 Waste Management. Who knew that dirt could be such an interesting conversation?  Plus, they even brought worms for us to win in a door prize.

14 September 2013 - A walk through the gardens of several nominees for the Let's Go Gardening Lunenburg! garden appreciation event. We started out at Bev Hackett's lovely garden on Brook Street and then wandered over to Broad Street where we viewed the gardens of Ed and Esther Ingold and Andreen Pridham. Then we were off to visit with Karen Lewis on Green Street. We stayed on Green and ended our little tour at Sebelle Deese and Susan  Budd's B & B on the corner of Green and Victoria Road. Lovely gardens everyone and well deserved nominations. Thank you for sharing your gardens with us. 



15 August 2013 - Another one of our additional visits this summer was to the lovely garden of Jimmy Aulenbach on Victoria Road.  In seven short years, Jim has taken his space from nothing to a fully developed and lovely space.  We loved seeing his wonderful garden and hearing about what he has done to create it. This garden is a testament to determined work to create beauty. Jim has a long career as a flower designer, too, and we were delighted to see the Acadian Day arrangement that he had made in honour of our visit.

6 August 2013 - Our regularly scheduled August activity was moved from 1 to 6 August, so that we could visit the Harbour View Haven folks and their lovely garden.  The seniors and their helpers have created a lovely space in what must have once been a barren, institutional space.  With raised planters they can accommodate residents in wheel chairs.  They've created shade, colour and a lovely space. They even have fruits and vegetables that give them the opportunity to have special meals with the things that they grow.  It was a lovely evening and we thank Sue Kashanski and Beverly Frauzel from HVH for introducing us to this lovely space.


   25 July 2013 - Summer is so much about gardening and the time is so short in our neck of the woods, that we have decided to add some extra activities to our gardening schedule. A visit to Susan Hudson's lovely garden, as well as the gently sloping garden in an amazing cove setting of Kathie Kirkpatrick's cottage garden were great additions to our schedule. Thank you so much for sharing your gardens with us!


4 July 2013 - We took a walk through Old Town Lunenburg. We met at the Blockhouse Hill Visitors' Information Centre and then wended our way through and past some lovely gardens. Our thanks to Sue Kelly, Jean McKiel, Robin Crickmyer, Charlene, Suzanne Edwards and lovely folks at the Boscowen Inn.  The breeze was pleasant and the walking was mostly down hill.  With lovely gardens to look at we didn't even notice the heat and humidity.

6 June 2013 - We went to the Wile Lake Nursery and Market for a very enjoyable visit hosted by Elspeth McLean-Wile.  Elspeth introduced us to some new plants at the nursery and gave us great advice in putting together our own containers, which we had brought.  At the end of the evening, some yummy refreshments in the market.  

30 May 2013 - Our most successful garden club plant sale so far was held at 3 Green Street on a grey and threatening Thursday morning. We managed to catch some of the Lunenburg Farmers' Market shoppers and enticed them to stop with all of our great plants.  The rain held off and we had fun talking plants and selling them.  At the end of the sale there were still a few plants left and they kept up the sale at the Lunenburg Community Consignment store.

2 May 2013 - David Friendly told us about "The Flora and Fauna of the Galapagos Islands" that he has seen during his several trips to the region.  Its a fascinating area with several unique plants and other features.

4 April 2013 - A wonderful evening with Jodi de Long as she told us about "Creating New Garden Dreams".  She had us laughing and chatting throughout the evening and showed us many lovely plants.  We also enjoyed having Bridgewater, Chester, Chester Basin and Mahone Bay Garden Clubs join us for this event.  Its always enjoyable spending time with other gardeners.

7 March 2013 - What great fun we had with Rosmarie Lohnes from Helping Nature Heal.  She told us all about pruning our shrubs and trees, gave us excellent handouts and even brought in a whole bunch of branches so we could practice.  We are all now first-class pruners as a result of this hands-on instruction. Well, maybe not all of us are first-class, I know I could still use some help, but we sure know a lot more than we did before her session.

7 February 2013 - We began the new year with a presentation by Myra Knight, District 6 Representative to the NS Association of Garden Clubs, on The Elements & Principles of Floral Design : Illustrated. And illustrated it was! Myra showed us lots of excellent pictures of how floral design can attract our eyes and enjoyment through colour, location, positioning, etc. What a great discussion for a cold night!

6 December 2012 - Svenja Dee from Tulipwood taught us wreath making in this ever popular annual workshop.

And they look great!

1 November 2012 - Grant Dixon spoke to us about photography in the garden and wouldn't you know it, no one took his picture!

4 October 2012 - Joanne Jellett spoke about saving seeds. Regrettably, no photo was taken of Joanne.

6 September - Annual General Meeting - no photos taken.
17 August 2012 - The Lunenburg Library now has some lovely new garden plants in preparation for their 40th anniversary celebration in September. Thanks to the library staff getting a grant for plant purchase, the  good work of Pamela Baltzer from Heritage Landscaping in ordering and delivering well-priced specimens and our members from the Lunenburg and Area Garden Club pitching in as garden worker bees, the garden is now looking very nice.  Planting was done by Barbara Himmelman from the Library, and our own Brenda Bachman, Cheryl Lamerson and Mary Catherine McDonough.  We even roped in Will Brooks to assist.  Thanks to Mary Catherine for taking the group shot.

2 August 2012 - Roberta MacDonald told us all about butterflies and her work with the Monarch Butterfly project.  
Now we are all hoping to attract more of these gentle, sweet and endangered creatures to our gardens.

5 July 2012 - Our first ever Garden Walk through Old Town Lunenburg.  We started off at the Lunenburg Academy and then mosied our way along York, Cornwallis, Creighton, Duke, Fox, King, Prince and Cumberland.  Along the way we peaked into the gardens of houses where we didn't know the owners (well maybe we did a wee bit more than peak in some cases!), as well as visiting with Velvet Eliuk, Dave and Janice Rogers and Brenda and Earl Bachman.  Although it had been threatening and raining on and off all day, the most we encountered was a little bit of mist.  Nothing to stop gardeners from enjoying the view!  We were joined in our walk by several individuals, both residents and visitors, who we hope will come out and join us again to share the joy of gardening. We were also joined by Elizabeth Klaas and Peter Zwicker from the Lunenburg Photography Club.  Our thanks to Elizabeth for the photograph above.  Hopefully, they will also share some of their floral pictures with us so that we can put them on this site.

I'm sorry to say I didn't get everyone's name.  Members who attended were Brenda Bachman, Velvet Eliuk, Diane Keddes, Kathie Kirkpatrick, Cheryl Lamerson,  Sandy MacDonald,  Mary Catherine McDonnell, Vicki Mossman-Conrad, Cherene Naugler and Anita Reid. Guests who I knew were Christine Hurlburt, Sue Kelly, Sally Middlebrooks, Lori Hadlick, Paula Olmstead, Su Rogers, and Nancy Wilson.  If anyone can give me the other names, we could acknowledge them here.

We'd especially like to thank Brenda Bachman for hosting us at the end of the walk.  The Rhubarb Punch was a great way to combine gardening and great taste and the squares were as colourful as the flowers in her garden!

7 June 2012 - We assisted the staff at the Lunenburg Library to beautify their gardens in preparation for their 40th anniversary celebration.  Garden workers were (left to right in the above photo): Cheryl Lamerson, Susan Budd, Sebelle Deese, Diane Keddy, Sandy MacDonald, Cherene Naugler, Susan MacMillan and (missing from this photo) Francesca Cox.

24 May 2012 - Annual Plant Sale.  Good weather, lots of plants, wonderful contributions from our members made this a very successful plant sale.



3 May 2012 - Lynette de Montreuil gave us a workshop on how to use acrylic resin to encase dried flowers.  We now have some lovely pendants with which to show off our flowers.

5 April 2012 - Niki Jabbour told us all about her experiences with year round gardening and shared the information she has written about in her brand new book.

1 March 2012 - Jeff Chown from Dartmouth spoke about how he conceptualized, designed and built his garden.  He even braved a snowstorm to come and speak to us!

2 February 2012 - Pamela Baltzer of Heritage Landscaping and New Leaf Horticulture and Property Management spoke about Four Seasons of Garden Interest.

5 December 2011 - Svenja Dee of Tulipwood taught us Wreath Making.
Don't they look great!

3 November 2012 - Walter Ostrom spoke on Propogating Rhododendrons. 

Walter has provided instructions for propagating your rhododendrons.  
Unfortunately, we can't seem to load them to this site. 
If you would like a copy, please contact Cheryl Lamerson at to get a copy.

6 October 2012 - Jenny Sandison of English Garden Design spoke on Garden Hardscaping.