TAPS 2018

Thank you to our wonderful artists, scientists, and visitors! The 2018 Art of Planetary Science show was a success! We had nearly 100 artists and scientists submitting over 200 pieces, and it wouldn't have been possible without you. As always, we're so touched by the love and support of both our department and the greater Tucson community in allowing us to put on a successful event every year. See you all next year!

TAPS Organizers,
Tracy Esman, Tess Hentz, Laci Brock, Zarah Brown, Amanda Stadermann, Jamie Molaro, Sarah Peacock, and Hannah Tanquary 

TAPS 2018 Event Photos

If you cannot view photos, click here to view!

Congratulations to all of the winners!

People's Choice: Daniel Martin Diaz - Black Hole Universe
Fine Art Category:

First Place: Adrienn Dorsanszki - Mars Project
Second Place: Alejandra Ramirez - Gravity
Third Place: Rhonda Thomas Urdang - Searching for Madame X, After Percival Lowell 
Honorable Mention: Marc Aronson  - Under another Star

Data Art Category: 

First Place: Stephen Scheidt - Fissure and Channel Southeast of Olympus Mons
Second Place: John Kashuba - feathers | gaugain
Third Place: Dolores Hill - Stripes and Polka Dots

Honorable Mention: Matt Cheselka - Orbital Crystal