Thank you all so much for making this year such a success! This year, we displayed more than 200 pieces of artwork, from 90 artists and scientists, and drew a crowd of over 800 people. We are just so overwhelmed with the positive response we've gotten from the community about The Art of Planetary Science! We hope to continue the show annually, and provide artists and scientists a public venue for reaching out to the community and showing what it is that inspires us about science and the solar system. 

Your devoted organizers,
Jamie Molaro, Sarah Peacock, James Keane, Hannah Tanquary (left to right), and Ethan Schaefer (not pictured).

TAPS 2014

PHOTOS!! Next year we need to hire a real photographer (any volunteers?) to capture the excitement of opening night better. But, here are a bunch of photos of the art, and  a handful of blurry pictures of the organizers looking exhausted and silly. [NOTE: If the slideshow doesn't work, CLICK HERE.]

In the news:


Best in Show 
Cui Jing, 24 hours: Hangzhou to Tucson

People's Choice 
Amy Robertson / Circuit (dance group), Galactic Tango

Fine Art:
1 - R.M. Thomas, Ghost Dancers in the Milky Way
2 - Sean Parker, Galactic Desert
3 - Theresa Hentz, The Fairy of Eagle Nebula

Data Art:
1 - James Keane, The Origin of the Lunar Figure
2 - Adrian Cornejo, Entropy Grids (15, 17, 18, 21)
3 - Jamie Molaro, Accidental Art

Honorable Mentions:
Lester Salberg, C 38
Marina Cornelius, Formation
David Kish, Interplanetary Picnic
Michelle Rouch, Astro Girl, Fei Fei Sun
Melissa Dykhuis, Phobos: Best Before 15874 G.C.E.


Arizona Art Supply
Biosphere 2
Borderlands Brewery
Craft Tucson
Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium
Ian Reasor 
Joe Spitale
Pima Air and Space Museum
Posner's Art Store
Skybar and Brooklyn Pizza Co.
Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory
The HiRISE Team
The Loft Cinema
The Tucson Museum of Art


Tim Swindle
Maria schuchardt
Joe Spitale
Ian Reasor

Ethan Schafer, Donna Viola, Hamish Hay, Josh Lothringer, Chet Malezewski, and Jon Bapst.


Craft Tucson and Tucson Museum of Art present
Art on Tap: Art Music, and Beer Fest
December 6th, 2014
Winners and other selected works from the Art of Planetary Science will be on display, along with work from other local artists, for this one night festival at the Tucson Museum of Art. Enjoy fine art, good beer, and great music!

Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium
Flandrau provided half off admission with an Art of Planetary Science program Saturday and Sunday, October 17 & 18. You’ll be able to see great science exhibits, and buy a ticket for one of the incredible new Flandrau FullDome shows. This new planetarium projection system will launch you from the Earth to the edge of the known universe – its a wild ride and a work of art all in one!

Skybar gave Art of Planetary Science goers a special extended happy hour after the opening reception October 17th! They have delicious cocktails, beers, and pizza right next door from Brooklyn Pizza Co.!  

Sidestreets Podcast
Created by Tucson native Nick Prevanas, this awesome podcast showcases the local culture, music, and events that make Tucson such a vibrant, growing community.

Biosphere 2
Some of the artwork from The Art of Planetary Science was selected to be hung at Biosphere 2 to promote the collaboration between art and science. Go on a tour of one of the most amazing scientific adventures of our time!


Adrian Cornejo*
Alex Harrison Parker*
Alfred McEwen
Amy Manning
Amy Robertson*
Anupama Condon 
Barbara Penn*
Bashar Rizk
Bridget Guiza
Canaan Skye Martin*
Caroline Pyevich
Catherine Elder
Cui Jing*
Cynthia Miller
Dante Lauretta*
David Kish
Dimitri Manos
Dolores Hill
Donald Edward Davis
Dylan Joyce
Emily Jue
Eric Sahr
Fran McNamara
Gloria McMillan*
Houston Parrett
James T Keane
Jamie Molaro
Javier Busanez
Jess Vriesema
Joe Quarnberg
John Atkins
Joy Hill
Juan M. Lora
Julie Mitchell
Kelsey Miller
Kelvin A Harold II
Kerri Dugan
Laura A. Zaer
Len Poliandro
Lester Salberg
Lexi Coburn
Lyn Mason
Lynn Waltke
Malin Abrahamsson
Marcela Camarena Lubian
Margaret Landis
Marian Kozachik
Marilynn Flynn
Marina Cornelius
Mark Prusten
Marty Gibson
Matthew Chiorazzi
Matthew Philip Stricker
Melissa Dykhuis
Michael Heiland
Michelle Fealk
Michelle Rouch
Molly Simon
Nancy Hannaford
Paige Cuff
Pamela Lee
Pascal Lee
Patrick Driscoll Boyd
Philip Christensen*
R.M. Thomas
Ray Cassel
Rebekah Shindel
Reid Silvern
Richard Hill
Ron Cottrell
Sarah Peacock
Sean Parker
Shirley Wagner
Simon P. Kregar Jr
Spencer Kane Edgerton
Sue Devine
Suzanne Bloomfield
Theresa Hentz
Theresa McDermott
Toni Littlejohn
Travis Parker
Vic Hollins
William K. Hartmann
Ximena Ruden

*Thanks to those artists who generously donated artwork to the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory!