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Submissions are now open for the annual Art of Planetary Science show at UA’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL). All types and levels of artists and scientists are encouraged to submit! Artwork may be included in the show if it:

Data Art: is created from research or spacecraft data, contains quantified scientific information or ideas, contains images of scientific equations, contains images created for the purpose of scientific research. Contains images demonstrating the use of scientific instruments while conducting (your own) research, or images relating to how those instruments work.

Fine Art: displays themes or content relating to space, the solar system, astronomy, or related scientific fields (e.g., geology, optics).

We reserve the right to change the category submissions are judged under if we feel appropriate.

Accepted Work: We will accept any type of art we can display on a wall, table, floor, or screen: images, paintings, photography, sculptures, glasswork, textiles, poetry, animations, films, mixed media, etc. Prints of original works are acceptable. You may submit up to four pieces by completing separate submission form for each.

Awards and Prizes: We will award a first, second, third place, and two honorable mentions in two categories (Fine Art and Data Art). A Best of Show winner will be chosen from one of the two categories. All prizes will be sourced from local businesses, and are typically locally related (gift certificates, etc). As such, while any artist may place in the competition, physical prizes will only be awarded to local participants. Availability of prizes is subject to change from year to year, however all winners will receive plaques (these can be mailed). All participants will be named Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Participating Artists, and will be featured on the website. Jurying will be done by three local artists and/or scientists.

Display Requirements: All artwork must be ready to display upon delivery. All heavy (>3 lbs) 2D works should have a hanging wire or hook. Very small canvases are acceptable as is. Artists are welcome to provide personal easels for large or heavy pieces, though we reserve the right to display them however we see appropriate. Prints/photographs/etc should be at least matted or mounted on foam core, and artists should be aware that we will hang them using sticky velcro strips. Written works will be displayed as 2D art and should also be mounted or matted. 3D media will be displayed on table tops, the floor (for large pieces), or hung if appropriate. Artists should provide any desired stands/pedestals/etc. Videos are limited to 15 minutes in length. 

Insurance: Artists will be required to sign a loan agreement upon delivery for insurance purposes. This is filed with the university’s Risk Management office. The insurance they provide is through the state, and claims are filed directly with the Arizona Board of Regents. LPL technically cannot guarantee compensation in the event that a piece gets damaged, as they have sole discretion over compensation. Should something occur, a statement from the organizers as to what happened and a copy of your loan agreement will be provided to you for your claim.

Sale of Artwork: You may choose to list your artwork for sale at the event, however LPL cannot facilitate business transactions. We will collect buyer information, and provide it to you once the show is over. It is your responsibility to complete the transaction. If you make a sale at or because of this event, we suggest you donate 10%-20% to LPL to help sustain future TAPS shows. This donation is not required. 

Submission Image: Images are very helpful to the organizers, and we recommend you provide one with your submission. You can upload an image on our website using a web application located on the Submit Art section of the webpage, after the submission form. A link to this application will also be provided in your submission confirmation email. Acceptable file formats are jpg, pdf, png, gif, or tif.

Submission Dates: If you wish to submit your piece of art, please fill out the online submission form.

Submission Dates

Online Submission: June 15-September 18, 2015 (midnight MST)
Art Dropoff: October 9th and 11th, 2015 (Friday 9-5pm, Sunday 10-1pm)
Show: October 16-18, 2015 (Friday 5-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 1-5pm)
Art Pickup: October 16-18, 2014 (Sunday 5-8pm, Monday 9-5pm)

Drop off at the Kuiper Space Sciences Building, 1629 E University Blvd (at Cherry Ave and University Blvd). See the website for directions and maps. If you need to make special drop-off or pick-up arrangements, please email

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that while we would love to display all submissions, we may not be able to. This event is intended to bring two communities together, and we want to be as inclusive as possible. Last year we were able to accept every submission we received, we hope that will be true this year as well. We will notify you right away if we cannot accommodate your artwork for any reason. Thank you for your understanding.