Important Dates

Online Submission: September 26, 2016-January 13, 2017 (midnight MST)
Confirmation of Inclusion: January 25, 2017
Art Dropoff: February 3 and 5, 2017 (Friday 9-5pm, Sunday 10-1pm)
Show: February 10-12, 2017 (Friday 5-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 1-5pm)
Art Pickup: February 12-13, 2017 (Sunday 5-8pm, Monday 9-5pm)

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Submissions are now open for the annual Art of Planetary Science show at University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL). The Art of Planetary Science is an exhibition of art, created from and inspired by the solar system and the scientific data with which we explore it. All types and levels of artists and scientists are encouraged to submit! We seek artwork from the following two categories:

Data Art is artwork created from scientific research or spacecraft data. This includes: visualizations of scientific information, ideas, or equations; images or graphics created for the purpose of scientific research; and images or visualizations related to the use or operation of scientific or technical instruments.

Fine Art is artwork created primarily for the sake of beauty, inspiration, and artistic self-expression. Artwork should be thematically linked to space, the solar system, astronomy, or related scientific fields. This includes  traditional artwork (painting, drawings, sculpture, etc.) and astrophotography.

We reserve the right to change the category of any submitted piece.

Accepted Artwork: We accept almost any type of art that can be displayed on a wall, table, floor or screens. This includes: images, paintings, photography, sculptures, glasswork, textiles, poetry, animations, films, mixed media, etc. Prints of original works are acceptable. You may submit up to four pieces by completing a separate submission form for each.

Please understand that while we would love to display all submissions, we may not be able to. This event is intended to bring two communities together, and we seek to be as inclusive as possible. Shortly after the close of submissions (13 January 2017) we will notify all artists via email if there artwork has been selected for inclusion. Artists can expect a confirmation of inclusion no later than 25 January 2017.

Awards and Prizes: We will award a first, second, third place, and two honorable mentions in each of the two categories (Fine Art and Data Art). The Best of Show winner is selected from either of the two categories. All winners will receive a plaque. All participants will be named Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Participating Artists, and will be featured on our website. The show will be juried by professionals from both art and science fields.

Display Requirements: All artwork must be ready to display upon delivery; artists not prepared by the final day of delivery risk exclusion from the show. All pieces of artwork intended to be hung (e.g. canvases, framed pieces, aluminum prints, etc.), weighing more than three pounds, must have a hanging wire or hook. Very small (smaller than 8.5”x11”), lightweight (less than 3 lbs), pieces that can be hung on a single thumbtack are acceptable as is. Artists are welcome to provide personal easels for large or heavy pieces, though we reserve the right to display them however we see appropriate. Prints, photographs, drawings, printed written works, and other artwork on lightweight paper should be matted or mounted on sturdier material. These extremely lightweight pieces will be hung using sticky velcro strips. 3D media will be displayed on table tops, the floor (for large pieces), or hung if appropriate. Artists should provide any desired stands, pedestals, ropes, etc. Videos are limited to 15 minutes in length, and should be in a format compatible with Windows Movie Maker (typically .avi, .mp4, .mov, .mpeg).

Insurance: Artists will be required to sign a loan agreement upon delivery for insurance purposes. This is filed with the University of Arizona’s Risk Management office. The insurance they provide is through the state of Arizona, and claims are filed directly with the Arizona Board of Regents. LPL technically cannot guarantee compensation in the event that a piece gets damaged, as the Arizona Board of Regents have sole discretion over compensation. Should something occur, a statement from the organizers as to what happened and a copy of your loan agreement will be provided to you for your claim.

Sale of Artwork: You may choose to list your artwork for sale at the event, however LPL cannot facilitate business transactions. We will provide a table at the entrance of the event, with a binder listing all pieces available for sale, along with your contact information provided during submission. Interested buyers will be responsible for taking down your contact information and initiating contact with you. There will be room on this table for displaying artist business cards if you choose to bring them. To ensure there is space for each artists’ cards, please do not bring larger advertisements. If you make a sale at or because of this event, we kindly suggest you donate 10%-20% to LPL to help sustain future The Art of Planetary Science events. This donation is not required.

Submission Image: Images of submitted artwork are extremely helpful to the organizers, and we strongly recommend you provide one with your submission. After submission, you will be linked to a website allowing you to upload an image. This link will also be included in your submission confirmation email. Acceptable file formats are jpg, pdf, png, gif, or tif.

Shipping Artwork: If your artwork is selected but you are unable to drop it off in person at LPL on the scheduled days, you may ship it to the address below by February 5. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist and all shipped work must arrive in the box and packaging in which it is to be returned, and include a prepaid return shipping label. Any shipped piece that does not come with a prepaid shipping label, or in packaging that cannot be reused must be picked up in person, or it will not be returned.  University of Arizona is not liable for any damage that occurs during shipping. If shipping artwork please notify us so that we can email you the loan agreement form. This form, with your signature, must be included with the shipped piece.

                Please ship to:

                                The Art of Planetary Science

                                1629 E University Blvd.

                                Tucson, AZ 85721

Thank you! Please contact with questions.

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