2015 Accepted Work

See art dropoff instructions below the lists.

3MasciarelliIapetus196AndersonMolecular Origins Solar Systems
4MasciarelliMoon Eclipse187AngleThrough the Wormhole
5CottrellThe Calcium Light Chromosphere87BartelsSaturn's Atmosphere
6CottrellIf You Could See the Moon171BeckerDance of the Aurora
7McMillanMars from Phobos viewed by One-inch-high Extra-terrestrial or Camera185BehningSitting on the Blood Moon Watching a River of Stars
9PyevichSupernova104BillickFlight Ninety
10WaylandSpiral Galaxy105BillickBehind the Curtain
11WaylandStardust107BillickTulip in the Sky
12HentzCrab Nebula148BlackMacro Landscape #3
13Hentz30 Doradus149BlackMacro Landscape #4
14ColemanBlue Planet from Moon 102BoeltsSaturn Jiggling
16OlgaThe Astronaut103BoeltsMoon Crater
17ColemanRosetta Nebula25Boyd81% Waxing Gibbous Moon
18ColemanScorpio in July in Tucson 27BoydHoney Moon
21HennesseyVirginia Atlantic Ocean Clouds28BoydMoon Phases
22HennesseyGulf of Maine Storm112BramsonTerracing in 3D
23HennesseyAssateague Island Dawn113BramsonThat Which Water Carves
24HennesseyNever-Ending Beach67CLEMENTCosmos'
25Boyd81% Waxing Gibbous Moon43CobbGeomagnetic Reversal 2
27BoydHoney Moon61CobbGeomagnetic Reversal 4
28BoydMoon Phases153CoburnTraces
29LandisFifty Years14ColemanBlue Planet from Moon
32NelsonRobot 2817ColemanRosetta Nebula
33NelsonRobot 30/Plantimal 218ColemanScorpio in July in Tucson
34NelsonPhytoborg 2239CondonPeering Into The Core
35CottrellOnce in a Blue Sun248CornejoObliterating
40hudsonnebula166CorneliusSputnik 1
41TravisCelestial Cycles168CorneliusJames Webb Space Telescope
42WhiteheadLooking In, Looking Out170CorneliusIKAROS Solar Sail
43CobbGeomagnetic Reversal 25CottrellThe Calcium Light Chromosphere
44DrigotasFloating in 3D Space6CottrellIf You Could See the Moon
48DrigotasBang!35CottrellOnce in a Blue Sun
50DrigotasAdrift246DhingraHide n Seek :)
51LeighBetween Moons: Duet for Guitar70DixonSounds of Space
52LeighBetween Moons: Farmer Juan93DownsSearch for Life
53LeighBetween Moons: La Luna and Gatos44DrigotasFloating in 3D Space
54LeighRabbit Moons48DrigotasBang!
56SalbergCOSM-64150DuganLyman Series, Electron Transitions, 2015
57SalbergCOSM-49152DuganBalmer Series, Spectral Lines, 2015
61CobbGeomagnetic Reversal 4188DykhuisIce Halo Around the "Muh"
62MitmanThe Moon250FealkVoyage dans la Lune
64TesoriereGalaxy Storm251FealkMercury
65TesoriereAutumn Cosmos252FealkLife on Mars
66TesoriereMonsoon Lightning253FealkVenus
67CLEMENTCosmos'159FitzpatrickNursery of Stars
68MonradItqiy Meteorite147FlynnThe Astronaut's Book of Hours - Shuttle, Apollo, Mars
69MonradJohnstown Meteorite101FrancescoAstro
70DixonSounds of Space141GalazLoss of Energy
71KozachikGravity - Where would we be without it?146HawleyGurutva
72ReasorUntitled190HayA Dolphin under the Milky Way
73Ruiz de LeyvaAfrica from a Satellite191HayThe Galactic Center Sets Over the Bay of Fundy
74KishCrater People192HayStars Trail over the Canyonlands
75KregarJupiter In Resin193HayThe Tides of Titan
76KregarPluto and Charon In Resin256HeilandBlue Canyon
77KregarCarl Sagan - Voyager257HeilandReunion
78ThompsonThe Atomic Moon82Hendleruntitled
79ThompsonThe Delicious Universe94HendlerUn-named Moon
80wangthe universe 232HendlerNoise
81OsborneVortices21HennesseyVirginia Atlantic Ocean Clouds
82Hendleruntitled22HennesseyGulf of Maine Storm
83SummittThe galaxy and the nopal23HennesseyAssateague Island Dawn
84RuetzSpace is Beautiful24HennesseyNever-Ending Beach
85RoseA Phi Visualization12HentzCrab Nebula
86Rose5-bit Rage13Hentz30 Doradus
87BartelsSaturn's Atmosphere95HillFire and Ice
88ShaneKepler 452b97HillAn “X” on the moon.
89RobertsonStruggle and Support 243HillMeteorite Medley
90SummittThe moon and vega244HillWaiting For Dark
92SummittComet PanSTARRS and the Crescent Moon245HillSerene Skies
93DownsSearch for Life247HillLunar Eclipse...a Simple Catch
94HendlerUn-named Moon40hudsonnebula
95HillFire and Ice55JasenskyM106
96SilvernColumiere Galaxies211Jenks10 ^ 31
97HillAn “X” on the moon.160KeaneSketches from Across the Solar System
98PetersenVenus Walks the Sun Eclipse June 12, 2012161KeaneThe Moon, in Gravity
99PetersenPlanet X Traveler162KeaneOrientale Basin, with some extra topography
100SilvernSurburban Housewife in Space130KelliJust a thought away
101FrancescoAstro74KishCrater People
102BoeltsSaturn Jiggling131KomacekPop Jupiter
103BoeltsMoon Crater71KozachikGravity - Where would we be without it?
104BillickFlight Ninety75KregarJupiter In Resin
105BillickBehind the Curtain76KregarPluto and Charon In Resin
107BillickTulip in the Sky77KregarCarl Sagan - Voyager
109SullivanThe Orion Nebula137KregarThe Wanderer
110SullivanWhirlpool Dream29LandisFifty Years
111SullivanHorsehead Nebula254Landis63.9797N, -16.9649W
112BramsonTerracing in 3D255LandisSoil Profile
113BramsonThat Which Water Carves120LatorreCentro Via Lactea
115SilvernColumiere Chemistry121LatorreM42 Nebulosa de Orion
116THOMAS-URDANGSecret Moon Dream122LatorreM45 Las Playades
117WagnerAdaptive Optics Astrophotography: Spiral Arms in a Planet-Building Disk123LatorreNGC2237 La Roseta
118PeacockLaser Spirograph124LatorreSur Celeste desde Tulor
119PeacockExoplanet Quipu51LeighBetween Moons: Duet for Guitar
120LatorreCentro Via Lactea52LeighBetween Moons: Farmer Juan
121LatorreM42 Nebulosa de Orion53LeighBetween Moons: La Luna and Gatos
122LatorreM45 Las Playades54LeighRabbit Moons
123LatorreNGC2237 La Roseta155LittlejohnOur Pearl
124LatorreSur Celeste desde Tulor186LothringerExo-Resonance
125VanDaalenYarn Solar System206ManningJar with Martians Praying for Rain
126parkerGalactic Desert207ManningGlove for Touching Things on Mars
127parkerRoad to the Milkyway Galaxy205ManosReturn of Dr. Moon
128parkerPicacho Nights3MasciarelliIapetus
130KelliJust a thought away4MasciarelliMoon Eclipse
131KomacekPop Jupiter201MatsuyamaNA
132SpitaleDrawing the Curtain on Enceladus' South-Polar Fractures135McGrawEdible Mars
133ScottiJack Schmitt's hammer #17McMillanMars from Phobos viewed by One-inch-high Extra-terrestrial or Camera
134ScottiLeaving Tranquility Base226MendenhallSpace Monte
135McGrawEdible Mars195MillerBuilding Blocks
136PachecoUntitled #162MitmanThe Moon
137KregarThe Wanderer234MolaroStress, on the rocks.
139WilsonThe Kiss 237MolaroIce in Motion
140ShinnThe edge of the visible universe 1224Mona"It is Finished
141GalazLoss of Energy249MonganAtmosphere and Landscape
142ShinnThe edge of the visible universe 268MonradItqiy Meteorite
143YokelsonZirchron69MonradJohnstown Meteorite
144ShinnThe edge of the visible universe 3212MuetingAeon
146HawleyGurutva181NarayanMilky Way over WIYN
147FlynnThe Astronaut's Book of Hours - Shuttle, Apollo, Mars182NarayanStormclouds Approach Kitt Peak
148BlackMacro Landscape #3183NarayanRainbow over Mauna Kea
149BlackMacro Landscape #4184NarayanBaboquivari at Sunset
150DuganLyman Series, Electron Transitions, 201532NelsonRobot 28
151SilvernContemplating Chemistry33NelsonRobot 30/Plantimal 2
152DuganBalmer Series, Spectral Lines, 201534NelsonPhytoborg 2
153CoburnTraces16OlgaThe Astronaut
155LittlejohnOur Pearl136PachecoUntitled #1
159FitzpatrickNursery of Stars138PachecoStardust
160KeaneSketches from Across the Solar System126parkerGalactic Desert
161KeaneThe Moon, in Gravity127parkerRoad to the Milkyway Galaxy
162KeaneOrientale Basin, with some extra topography128parkerPicacho Nights
165SutherlandSaturn118PeacockLaser Spirograph
166CorneliusSputnik 1119PeacockExoplanet Quipu
167RohrbachGaia98PetersenVenus Walks the Sun Eclipse June 12, 2012
168CorneliusJames Webb Space Telescope99PetersenPlanet X Traveler
170CorneliusIKAROS Solar Sail178PrustenChaotic Plasma Storms from Above
171BeckerDance of the Aurora214PrustenHappy Moon Trails LRV Fun Messing with Astronauts
172RouchApollo218PrustenMultiple Event Horizons
173RouchFit Check Test8PyevichRefraction
175RohrbachConvergence189QuarnbergSpace illustration #137
176RouchThe Eye of Zefs72ReasorUntitled
177RohrbachCloud Dancer89RobertsonStruggle and Support
178PrustenChaotic Plasma Storms from Above233RogersKeplernauts
180WorkmanOlber's Window167RohrbachGaia
181NarayanMilky Way over WIYN175RohrbachConvergence
182NarayanStormclouds Approach Kitt Peak177RohrbachCloud Dancer
183NarayanRainbow over Mauna Kea85RoseA Phi Visualization
184NarayanBaboquivari at Sunset86Rose5-bit Rage
185BehningSitting on the Blood Moon Watching a River of Stars172RouchApollo
186LothringerExo-Resonance173RouchFit Check Test
187AngleThrough the Wormhole174RouchEthereality
188DykhuisIce Halo Around the "Muh"176RouchThe Eye of Zefs
189QuarnbergSpace illustration #137223RudenBattle of the Moon Charon
190HayA Dolphin under the Milky Way210RueterPluto
191HayThe Galactic Center Sets Over the Bay of Fundy84RuetzSpace is Beautiful
192HayStars Trail over the Canyonlands73Ruiz de LeyvaAfrica from a Satellite
193HayThe Tides of Titan198SahrSaturn V, First Stage
194WaltkeI Heart Pluto56SalbergCOSM-64
195MillerBuilding Blocks57SalbergCOSM-49
196AndersonMolecular Origins Solar Systems58SalbergC-52
197BhaktaTuesday 200ScheidtPlanetary Particles (Phi, 4 to -6)
198SahrSaturn V, First Stage202ScheidtThe Menu on Mars
199DurhamBeyond203ScheidtLava fields, El Malpais, New Mexico
200ScheidtPlanetary Particles (Phi, 4 to -6)204ScheidtWind and Water at Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
201MatsuyamaNA133ScottiJack Schmitt's hammer #1
202ScheidtThe Menu on Mars134ScottiLeaving Tranquility Base
203ScheidtLava fields, El Malpais, New Mexico236ShaddixReflection
204ScheidtWind and Water at Great Sand Dunes, Colorado238ShaddixLEG-OSIRIS-REx
205ManosReturn of Dr. Moon241ShaddixOrbit
206ManningJar with Martians Praying for Rain88ShaneKepler 452b
207ManningGlove for Touching Things on Mars140ShinnThe edge of the visible universe 1
210RueterPluto142ShinnThe edge of the visible universe 2
211Jenks10 ^ 31144ShinnThe edge of the visible universe 3
212MuetingAeon258ShowmanUranus from Miranda
214PrustenHappy Moon Trails LRV Fun Messing with Astronauts96SilvernColumiere Galaxies
218PrustenMultiple Event Horizons100SilvernSurburban Housewife in Space
223RudenBattle of the Moon Charon115SilvernColumiere Chemistry
224Mona"It is Finished151SilvernContemplating Chemistry
226MendenhallSpace Monte132SpitaleDrawing the Curtain on Enceladus' South-Polar Fractures
230STRICKERPort 2099230STRICKERPort 2099
231STRICKERWeekend Hike231STRICKERWeekend Hike
232HendlerNoise109SullivanThe Orion Nebula
233RogersKeplernauts 110SullivanWhirlpool Dream
234MolaroStress, on the rocks.111SullivanHorsehead Nebula
235MolaroDessication83SummittThe galaxy and the nopal
236ShaddixReflection90SummittThe moon and vega
237MolaroIce in Motion92SummittComet PanSTARRS and the Crescent Moon
239CondonPeering Into The Core165SutherlandSaturn
241ShaddixOrbit64TesoriereGalaxy Storm
242ZimmermanThe Passage65TesoriereAutumn Cosmos
243HillMeteorite Medley66TesoriereMonsoon Lightning
244HillWaiting For Dark116THOMAS-URDANGSecret Moon Dream
245HillSerene Skies78ThompsonThe Atomic Moon
246DhingraHide n Seek :)79ThompsonThe Delicious Universe
247HillLunar Eclipse...a Simple Catch41TravisCelestial Cycles
248CornejoObliterating125VanDaalenYarn Solar System
249MonganAtmosphere and Landscape117WagnerAdaptive Optics Astrophotography: Spiral Arms in a Planet-Building Disk
250FealkVoyage dans la Lune194WaltkeI Heart Pluto
251FealkMercury80wangthe universe
252FealkLife on Mars10WaylandSpiral Galaxy
254Landis63.9797N, -16.9649W42WhiteheadLooking In, Looking Out
255LandisSoil Profile139WilsonThe Kiss
256HeilandBlue Canyon180WorkmanOlber's Window
258ShowmanUranus from Miranda242ZimmermanThe Passage

Art Dropoff: October 9 and 11, 2015 (Friday 9-5pm, Sunday 10-1pm). 

Drop off is at the Kuiper Space Sciences Building, at 1629 E University Blvd (at Cherry Ave and University Blvd) just east of Flandrau planetarium. Information on directions and parking is here (https://sites.google.com/site/lpltaps/contact-us). If you need to make special drop-off or pick-up arrangements (e.g. need the freight elevator), please email us.

Enter the front of the building from University Ave, and go up one floor (stairs and elevator will be directly in front of you as you enter). A sign will point you into the atrium where we will receive the art. At this time, we will have you sign a loan agreement (see attached) to be filed with the University. PLEASE BE SURE that your artwork is ready (has picture wire, etc) if it needs to be hung.

Show Dates: October 16-18, 2015 (Friday 5-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 1-5pm)

Winner Announcements: Winners will be marked/labeled during the exhibition, and will be announced via email before the opening reception (except for the People's Choice award). 

Art Pickup: October 18-19, 2015 (Sunday 5-8pm, Monday 9-5pm). Same location.

Sale of Art: See attached document describing this process.

Promote the show: Attached is a flier and a press release to promote the show- please tell your friends! And like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/lpltaps

Support the show: We are busy graduate students that run this event completely on volunteer time, and we rely 100% on donations to fund it. If you'd like to support the show, we take donations online (http://tinyurl.com/p8k7zgs) and at the event via cash and check. We also have merchandise (http://tinyurl.com/o4mjax2) available now! 

Disclaimer: We occasionally have difficulties with expectations from participants who are new to the show. Thus, this disclaimer: We realize that it's important to you to have your artwork displayed well. However, we ask that you please understand that we do not have the same display and lighting resources as an art gallery. We volunteer our time to put on this show, and have an extremely limited budget. We will do our best to display your artwork in a way that is as aesthetic as possible, and ensures the safety of the artwork.