An exhibition of art, created from and inspired by the solar system 
and the scientific data with which we explore it.

Information about our 2015 show is coming soon! 
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In 2014, we displayed more than 200 pieces of art from 90 artists and scientists. WHAT A SUCCESS! More than 800 people came to see the exhibit! Check out the TAPS 2014 page for photos and details!

TAPS 2014

2014 Prospectus  

The universe is vast, and curiosity drives us to study and explore our place within it. As planetary scientists, we study the origin of the planets, the forces that control their clockwork motion, the nature of their surfaces and atmospheres, the mysteries of their interiors. We study the massive sun and the infinitesimal asteroids and comets. Through science, we seek to understand the history and possible futures of our solar system, the alternate paths of solar systems beyond ours, and the laws that govern them. What others see as numbers, charts, and equations, we see as relationships and processes that showcase the beauty and elegance of the universe.Creating scientific knowledge requires thought, creativity, attention to detail, and imagination. It is not unlike creating art, though our methods may vary. We invite you to take a new look at our work through an artist's eyes.

This exhibition will feature works of art inspired by planetary science and the solar system from the art community, alongside works by scientists created from their scientific data. We hope the event will bridge the gap between the local science and art communities, and even extend beyond Tucson. We encourage scientists and artists from anywhere to participate. All types of visual art are welcome, from paintings and photographs, to sculptures and glasswork, to poetry and film. 

Artists and scientists of any level and type are encouraged to submit for this year's show! See the Inspiration page for planetary science images and information, and watch our Facebook page for event updates!