November 2017 Newsletter

President’s Notes

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Following the lead of the LEA Compensation and Climate Committee and with the help of all members, LEA will be working to improve the pay for classified employees. Did you know that the work day of our Teacher Assistants is only 6.84 hours (6 hours and 50 minutes)? Few, if any, earn a living wage. 

Advocating for a Living Wage
We have 593 full and part-time classified employees as members who are our LEA Sisters & Brothers. It is time to have a frank and honest discussion about the value they bring to the workplace. They not only need your support but they need action from you. As discussions about LCPS’s budget develop, look for ways to help educate the public about the vital role of these Education Support Professionals.

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Professional Climate
We believe in a professional working climate for all employees. As we meet with Administration LEA continues to bring your concerns forward in an effort to improve our working conditions. Read the Q & A section below to find out about our members most recent issues and answers from Administration .

Our Compensation and Climate Committee will meet with the Superintendent on Monday, November 13th. I will be sharing more about this at our November 15th Association Rep meeting.


David Palanzi, President
Loudoun Education Association

Co-teaching for a Day with Member Ms. Foddrell at Ball's Bluff ES

School Board Update

From LoudounEA Facebook Live Post October 10 & 24, 2017

At the School Board Meeting. Information about the agreement to send students to TJ and a request to the Board of Supervisors for fund balance money be used to pay for an addition to Lucketts Elementary School are some of the items being discussed. (10/10/17)
Superintendent’s Time:
Dr. Williams spoke about the promotions of 2 employees. Ann Hines will be the Principal of Goshen Post Elementary School which opens next fall—she is currently the Principal at Rosa Lee Carter ES. Beverly Tate has been promoted to the Director of Planning—she is currently the Planning Supervisor.

Dr. Williams further discussed school visits. One notable visit was at Dominion HS where he praised the use of self-assessments in the math classrooms. At Lowes Island ES he observed science lessons and public service work by students. At the Academy of Science he was impressed by the level of student discussion and the challenging atmosphere. At Steuart Weller he observed students making connections between their lessons and the word wall. At Stone Hill MS he witnessed students actively engaged in their hands on science lessons. At Hutchinson Farm ES he marveled at student creation of a rounding machine. At Arcola ES he was impressed with the emphasis of writing in the classroom. He also noted the Blue Ribbon Award at Emerick ES.
Action items include:
Department of Instruction: Cooperative Agreement Between Fairfax County Public Schools, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST), and Loudoun County Public School for SY 2018-2019

LCPS Administrative Recommended Action That the Loudoun County School Board approve the signing of the contract between Fairfax County Public Schools, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, and Loudoun County Public Schools for SY 2018-2019.

School Board action: A motion to withdraw from TJ was made and discussed (this is for new applicants current students would remain).  Motion Failed 6-3  A motion was made to table discussion about withdrawing from TJ until the next SB meeting—failed 2-7.
School Board Vote to follow LCPS Recommendation: Passed 7-2
Information items include:
Tonight’s agenda include: Adoption of Policy 8240, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, and Electronic Cigarettes; Wireless Network Facility Colocation; FY2017 Fund Balance Request;  Lucketts Elementary School – Capacity; and Enrollment Report and Fiscal Year 2019 (September 28, 2018) Enrollment Projection.
See the rest of Dave's notes for the SB Meeting

ESP = Classified

Did you know? 

NEA refers to Classified staff as Education Support Professionals, ESP!

Our very own NEA President began her career as an ESP member. Lily Eskelsen-Garcia was a lunch-lady while she earned her teaching degree.

There's a great deal of support for our ESP members within our Association .
Learn more about NEA & ESP's

Member Highlight

Steven Meyer is a Learning Specialist  teaching math to students with disabilities.  He studied at Rutgers and Shenandoah Universities and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in  Biological Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. This is his eighth year teaching at Harper Park Middle School.

Meyer has served on the LEA Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and on various LEA Committees.  He has also played the role of  LEA's Cat in the Hat in past Halloween Parades, which he confesses was “tons of fun.” Currently he serves as a Harper Park Middle School's Association rep and is a member of LCPS' Math Textbook Acquisition Committee.

The LEA Communications Committee thanks Steven for his service!
Member Highlight


Each project will receive a grant of $500 to assist with implementation.
  • Marvelous Monarchs 
    • Michele Copeland, Librarian, Potowmack ES
  • Growing as a Community through Diverse Book Clubs 
    • Cynthia Mullin, Special Education
    • Amy Myers-Payne, 8th Grade English
    • Debra Sheridan, Reading Specialist
  • Let’s Talk About It!
    Improving Vocabulary and Oral Language
    • Sara Gable, Kindergarten, Sully ES

Compensation & Climate

  • Chair: Dave Palanzi
  • Tim Brown, Spanish, Woodgrove HS
  • Gina Chaszar, Spectrum, Mercer MS
  • Timothy Greening, Social Science, Woodgrove HS
  • Janet Kent, Science, Broad Run HS
  • Carl Mackey, Health & Physical Education, Belmont Ridge MS
  • Barb Plunkett, Bookkeeper, Belmont Ridge MS
  • Faye Sterling, Grade 2, Balls Bluff ES
  • Karen Tyrrell, Tech Assistant, Belmont Ridge MS
  • Jake Lemann, UniServ Director
Meeting with Dr. Williams on November 13
Committee Information
If you are new to the profession, like to have fun, and want to learn more about the Virginia Education Association (VEA), Sparks is for you!  

Sparks is a free, fun and rewarding event for any VEA (teacher or classified) member new to Virginia's public schools and who has little or no experience with the VEA.  The purpose of Sparks is to make a positive connection with new educators.  Through Sparks, participants learn skills and make connections with other members that help them in their profession, while gaining a better understanding of their Association.

When:  March 2-4, 2018  **Starts with dinner on Friday night so participants can leave after school.

Where:  Wintergreen Resort

The application deadline is December 31, 2017. Space is limited. Don't delay; apply today!
Apply Today
Transportation Workshop
Drawing Winners

These participants each won $25 Gift Cards
  • Sandra Behnke
  • Sandra Dunseith
  • Andy Koch
  • Kelly Schwab

November - Important Dates

  1 - LEA Membership Committee
  8 - LEA Board Meeting  
13-17 American Education Week
14 - Communications Committee
14 - School Board Meeting 
15 - LEA Association Rep Meeting
18 - Wine to the World @ Terra Nebulo
20 - Government Relations Committee
28 - School Board Meeting 
**Date Change Holiday Open House: Tuesday, December 5

More Dates


Student Suspensions
Q: Is there a division wide directive to elementary schools not to suspend students? What alternatives have been suggested and has there been training for Principals and their staff about these alternatives? 

A: No, there is not a division-wide directive to elementary schools (or any schools) to not suspend students. Schools are directed to follow the discipline policy and accompanying regulations.

Lesson Plans
Q: Nine-Point Lesson Plans – Can modifications be made—teachers are beyond frustrated with the amount of time consumed by this process. What are the expectations with this process?
A: There is no division-wide expectation that teachers use a nine-point lesson plan. There is no division-wide required lesson plan. Many principals have a lesson plan template they require – some may use the nine-point lesson plan. Others have modified it to include four or five “points” or created another lesson plan document entirely. I believe the nine-point lesson plan was encouraged a few years ago, particularly for schools that weren’t going to meet accreditation. Again, there is not a division-wide expectation that teachers use a nine-point lesson plan.

Elementary Pathways Reading Program
Q: Pathways program – rumors that it is going away after next year? Will it be replaced by the Lucy Caulkins reading program? 
A: The Pathways program is a research-based framework for best practices in the teaching of reading and writing.  It is not a specific reading program.  The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) supports the implementation of Units of Study.  Lucy Calkins is the Founding Director of the TCRWP and the author and co-author of the Units of Study curriculum for reading and writing.  The Units of Study curriculum for reading has been implemented in all elementary schools in grades 3-5 and in about ½ of our K-2 classrooms across the district. The Units of Study for writing has begun in all of our schools with training being held this year for those who have not had it in the past. 

Member Issues

When you talk to us, your information is confidential and we do not share your personal situation without your permission.
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Association Meeting Schedule

    15—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    5—Tuesday, Holiday Open House, LEA Office, Lansdowne
    17—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    21—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    21—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    25—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    16—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    TBA—Annual Celebration for Reps and Retiring Members

Meetings are open to all members!

Rep Meeting
Drawing Winners

  • A Day With Dave - Dana Foddrell, Ball's Bluff ES
  • Pens ++ - Wendy Yacoub, Brambleton MS
  • Card Stock - Melissa Muszynski, Sully ES

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