September 2017 Newsletter

President’s Notes

Not a member? Join LEA!

There's a lot to read here--but it's really good stuff!
Last year VEA adopted the Membership Matters tagline. I would like you to think of how membership matters to you. I ask you to inform and encourage other educators to join. Remember we are a wall-to-wall union, this means that any employee of LCPS is eligible to join the Association.
Here is a great refresher about some of the reasons to join. Why Join LEA?
I’m up for a challenge. Are you?
As I enter the second year serving you as the LEA President I am confident that together we can continue to do great work. I want you to know that LEA has a tremendous group of educators as your Board of Directors. We have been working hard to ensure members have a voice in LCPS which is amplified through membership in LEA. Over the past year, educators like you have stepped up to be a part of Association Rep teams, committees, and delegates to conventions in order to inform and lead the LEA.
We are the LEA and together we can!


David Palanzi, President
Loudoun Education Association

Dave, Christy, Debbie, & Jake

Your President and full-time staff.

School Board Update

From LoudounEA Facebook Live Post August 8, 2017

At the School Board Meeting. Information about the FY19 budget is one of the items being discussed. 
Action items include:
Changing School Attendance Zones, Revision of Sick Leave Policy, Revision of Religious Observance Policy, School Board Meeting Calendar for Elementary School Attendance Zones, and Dress Code Policy. 
Information items include:
FY19 Preliminary Fiscal Outlook, School Board Calendar for the Development of the Fiscal Year 2019 School Board Operating Budget, Deletion of Sabbatical Leave Policy, Deletion of Furlough Policy, Revision of Capital Improvement Program Policy, Revision of Annual Leave Policy, Revision of Leave Without Pay Policy, Revision of Disability Insurance Policy, New Naming School Facilities Policy, and Loudoun County Public Schools - National Conference Center Land Exchange.
Additional SB Meeting Information

VEA New Teacher Guide

In your first year of teaching, be sure to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of your fellow Association members.

VEA’s New Teacher Guide is full of tips inspired by teachers and Association experts aimed at making your first year a great one. Here’s what you’ll find in the guide: 

New Teacher Guide

Sign Up Now for 2017 VEA Education Support Professionals Conference

VEA’s ESP Conference will be held October 13-14, 2017 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Richmond-Midlothian. This year’s theme is ESPs Strengthening Our Bridges for a Stronger Future!.

Registration Deadline is September 26, 2017

Conference Information

Teacher Evaluation Workshop

Save the date! October 3 from 5 to 6 p.m. at Harper Park Middle School, Leesburg. Hosted by LEA for members only.
Look for registration information soon.
Transportation employees, come and meet your leadership team.
We listen to amplify your voice.
Watch your email or text message for details.
LEA Board of Directors
  • David Palanzi, LEA President
  • Sandy Sullivan, Vice President, Third grade teacher at Legacy Elementary 
  • Melissa Muszynski, Secretary, Preschool teacher at Sully Elementary
  • Tim Brown, Treasurer, Spanish teacher at Woodgrove HS
  • Christine Casuccio, Learning Resource teacher at Harper Park MS
  • Janet Kent, Science teacher at Broad Run HS
  • Alison MacArthur, Learning Resource teacher at Brambleton MS
  • Lisa Maxvill, Keyboarding teacher at Seneca Ridge MS
  • Christina Ramirez, Second grade teacher at Forest Grove Elementary
  • Alexa Severo, Second grade teacher at Sugarland Run Elementary
  • Wendy Yacoub, Social Science teacher at Brambleton MS
  • Claire Scholz, LEA-Retired, President

List of LEA Committees & Chairs

  • Membership – Alexa Severo, Grade 2, Surgarland  & Alison MacArthur, Resource, Brambleton MS
  • Government Relations – Sandy Sullivan, Grade 3, Legacy ES
  • Scholarship – Tim Brown, Spanish, Woodgrove HS
  • Transportation Caucus – Dave Palanzi
  • LEA-Retired – Claire Scholz
  • Compensation – Dave Palanzi
  • LEA/VEA Elections – Tim Brown, Spanish, Woodgrove HS
  • Communications – Lisa Maxvill, Keyboarding, Seneca Ridge MS
  • Data – Melissa Muszynski, STEP (Pre K), Sully ES
  • Community Outreach – Dave Palanzi
VEA Access to Savings

All VEA members are eligible for fantastic savings through the VEA Access to Savings Program. Among the great features:

     • Save 25%, 40%, even 50% with selected retailers

     • Neighborhood deals

     • Groceries, restaurants, and local retailers

     • Over 300,000 places to save!
VEA Access to Savings

September- Important Dates

  6 - LEA Membership Committee
  6 - Joint School Board and Board of Supervisors
12 - School Board Meeting 
13 - LEA Board Meeting  
18 - LEA Government Relations (GR) & PAC Committee
19 - LEA Rep Training
21 - LEA Retired
26 - School Board Meeting 

More Dates

Member Issues

When you talk to us, your information is confidential and we do not share your personal situation without your permission.
Suggestion Box


School Website
Q: Can I be mandated to have my picture posted?
A: Never, the choice is up to you.

Planning Time
Q: The amount of planning time I receive is different from other schools. Why?
A: Minimum planning times are set by state regulations. Schools may grant additional planning time.

Q: How much time do I get for lunch?
A: Teachers should have a 30 minute duty free lunch. 

Association Meeting Schedule

19—Tuesday, Rep Training @ National Conference Center
    18—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    15—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    7—Thursday, Holiday Open House, LEA Office, Lansdowne
    17—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    21—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    21—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    25—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    16—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    TBA—Annual Celebration for Reps and Retiring Members
Meetings are open to all members!

We are here to support you!

Call LEA immediately at 703-858-7700 when:
  • you are contacted by Child Protective Services, law enforcement, or are placed on administrative leave.
  • a student or parent threatens you.
  • you are being disciplined, reprimanded or dismissed.
  • you are placed on an improvement plan or have other evaluation concerns.
  • you have questions about LCPS policies or regulations.
  • you think you have a grievance. Grievances must be filed within specific timelines. Waiting may void your ability to file!
Remember: If you have a concern, be sure to contact LEA. We are here to work together for the school system we all deserve.