Thanks and Help June 2022

Can you help?

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank

As prices keep increasing many more people are struggling to cope and need to rely on the Food Banks.

If you are in a position to help please leave items in the Wansbeck Food Bank bin at the Village Hall entrance. As before they mostly need tinned foods. Or you can send in a donation.

For details see

Many thanks, Sue Etchells

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STREET PASTORS - in Newcastle

Over a weekend there can be as many as 75,000 people out on the streets very late at night and into the early hours of the morning. Newcastle is renowned for its bars and vibrant nightlife and also has a reputation for being a safe place to party.

This is partly due to a group of Christian volunteers from across the region, who give up their time on Friday and Saturday nights to patrol some of the most lively streets in Britain, offering help to anyone and everyone.

If you have BBC iPlayer then you can find out more by searching for One night in Newcastle.

Would you like to become a Street Pastor one night a month from 10.30pm - 4am? Full training is provided by the Red Cross/St John Ambulance, Samaritans, Police and Hope for Justice.


Then please contact Paul Waugh the Co-ordinator for Street Pastors Newcastle on 07840 827614 or

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