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Logan River Environmental Flows Project from SEQWATER 12-12-13

From your secretary Lloyd Willmann

Mal & I met with David T Roberts of Seqwater today to get an update on their Logan River Environmental Flows Project and associated acoustic tagging project to monitor timeline movements of certain species within the system. The attached document gives an overview but I have made some comments based on what we were told today:-


1.  I have added a few acoustic receiver locations to Fig.1 not shown on the original paperwork from David. (in the Logan around Carbrook and at the mouth, and in the Albert at Beenleigh and a few Km further upstream)


2.  Fig.2 -  Note that 0 (distance Km) is around the lower Logan (Mark's and/or Pitts Rocks area) and that acoustic tagged fish hung around upstream (20 to 50km from 0) and only moved downstream on two small river inflows (A & B) .... see also Fig. 3 .. spawning did not occur at the first flow (A) but did occur at flow (B) when the water temp was rising also  ... spawning was proven by locating the fish with the use of a hand held receiver and by using an electrofisher to capture fish and verify that they were spawning. ..... spawning fish were located in an area where the salinity was around 10 ppt ... in this case it was around the lower Logan


3.  Not shown is a map indicating that some acoustic tagged bass moved down to the lower Logan to spawn, then on their way back up the river (Logan) they took a detour up the Albert for a while before heading back down the Albert and up the Logan.


4.  What does some of this mean you might say ... well, if the bass are moving downstream in winter to spawn on increased river flows, then it makes sense that some summer inflows to dams, such as Wyaralong, can be stored and then released at the appropriate time ie. winter spawning time, instead of following hard and fast rules that say water is to be released when inflows reach a certain trigger point. Southern Queenslanddoes not normally have winter inflows such as southern NSW and Victoria, so it makes sense to release water when bass require it for spawning.


Good to see some common sense and scientific data being used in the future to manage our resources, instead of hard and fast rules.



Cheers, & a Merry x/mas to you and your family.


Lloyd Willmann


Logan & Albert Fish Management Assoc

See this attachment in the resourse page or clik on the image and go to the link to more info.

20/11/12   Meeting at Kerry Hall 7.00pm start.

 Wyaralong Dam Sub Committee

Discussion points: Open Paddle Day and Carpbuster comp.

Open Paddle Day at Wyaralong Dam

Success is the best way to describe the day. The weather held off with just a few specs of rain, despite the forecasts! Thank you to all our membership support team and to all the sponsors and distributers who set up great displays, for all to see.

It was early start for all with the gates opening finally at 6.15 am due to a power outage. We where all set by 8 and the sausages where a welcome breakfast for most.

10am saw a start down at the boat ramp with a huge selection of canoes and kayaks to try. I think I counted about 17 in all,as well as lots on the top  of the hill still to admire. Thank you also to the Brocken Paddle club for bringing a selection of craft for people to try out.

 This advent gave us an idea of how the venue was going to work out, and what we would need, to put in place on our future Carpbusters day at the dam on Saturday. March the 9th 2013.

 The grass area next to the car park was excellent and there was plenty of space to utilise. We ran a raffle all day, as well as selling sausages, soft drinks, tea, coffee and cakes.  As you can see from the sponsors on the first page of our web site there was no shortage of supply of gear to check out.

We raised over $900 dollars from our raffle, sizzle, cakes and drinks. With three new members and two renewals.   Thank You!  Everyone!

Fingerling Purchase! At last!

Lloyd our secretary has placed an order for 42,000 bass fingerlings or more and they look like being ready for delivery in the middle of December.  We never know exactly what date and we only get two or three days notice.  As soon as we know we will email everyone on our membership list. Please make sure you have an up to date email address with our secretary.

This going to be an exiting day for many of us who have been working tirelessly in the background to make this happen.

The fingerlings will be delivered and then it will be up to us to distribute them as far and wide as possible. We will need many hands on the day with paddle craft and any one with an electric motor fitted to your dingy or bass boat will be welcome.  We will be asking SEQWATER to use our petrol motor on our club boat, so we can get some of the fingerlings up towards the top of he dam, without delay. As any delay will be critical for their survival.

News Flash    Yes 45,000 bass fingerlings where released in december. 2012. By the time you read this they should be catchable!!!

 Carp Buster Day!!! 201

Our committee has decided that Saturday, March the 1st  2014 will be our Carp Buster competition day. We have also set down the rules and the costs as well as the major prizes for the day. Check the poster out on our resource page. We will need loads of volunteers for the day and hopefully raise a load of cash for the purchase of fingerlings!

 Face Book Page for LAFMA.

Keep you eye on this web site, as well as go to our Facebook page. Yes that’s correct we now have a Facebook page for I quote (Logan and Albert Fish Management Association) click on Facebook and type in the above and see all or photos from the Open Paddle Day at Wyaralong plus more! Feel free to comment. 


To the committee, Thank for your support.   Cheers,  Mal and Lloyd.

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