STR Mutation Frequencies Generally and STR Deviation Frequencies Among R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levites

The following table shows the STR mutation rate frequencies in general (to the extent available), and the STR deviation frequencies among R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levites on the first 111 markers as reported through FTDNA STR testing and on markers 112 through 838 as reported by FTDNA based on Big Y testing, including all results through May 24, 2020 (the current version of the spreadsheet is included in the R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levite Sortable Spreadsheet attached at the bottom of this page).

Note that a high percentage of deviations from the mode on a marker may reflect either: (1) fast-mutation rates on the marker; or (2) a mutation on a slow-mutating marker that occurred long ago, resulting in a major split on the R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levite family tree. To assist in analysis of this issue, the website posts another table that ranks, in numerical order, the frequency of deviations from the mode among R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levites on markers 1 through 111.