Levite Images

Levites and High Priest: copper engraving by de Marne, 1743
(first issued by Jan Mourentore, Antwerp, 1599)

"Hebraique": Costume of Hebrew People: Priests and Levites - lithograph by Racinet after
drawing by Waret, published by Firmin Didot, Paris, 1878
13, 14, 16 & 17: The catecon, the basic article of Levite costume. It was shorter than that
worn by the Egyptians, so Moses decreed that a long tunic should be worn on top of it.
19: A fitted undergarment with tight sleeves, which in, this case stops at the knees. It was
worn by the priests under their ceremonial costume.
15, 16 & 17: Examples of belts worn by the Levites. They were often made of snake skin
(15 & 16), following Egyptian custom. Moses did not specify whether these should be
colored like those worn by the high priests or whether they should be all white. The belts
were wrapped around the body several times and the ends hung down.

Calmet Levite 20%Calmet Priester 1a 20%

From Augustin Calmet's great Bible Dictionary: Het algemeen groot historisch, oordeelkundig, chronologisch, geografisch,
en letterlyk naam - en woord-boek van den gantschen H. Bybel . . . 
(Leiden: Samuel Luchtmans, 1725-27) (here 1725)
Top: The costume of the Levites
Bottom: The white robe of the High Priest for the solemn Day of Atonement


Engravings by Charles-Nicolas Cochon, from: Michel-François Dandré Bardon, Costume des anciens peuples (Paris: 1772-1774), vol. 2 (1774)
Top: Costume of the Levites (based on Calmet)
Bottom: Young Levites lighting incense for a priest (Cohen)

All images provided by Jim Wald