Sideline Cheer

What Does A Typical Sideline Cheer Season Look Like?

April (Tues-Thurs) Sideline Team Workshops - Cheerleaders learn tryout material during workshop days and will be judged on all material at the end of the week. While attending workshops, please do not wear any t-shirts, shorts, etc. that indicate that you have been a cheerleader for Leigh or any other school/organization.

April (Fri) Sideline Tryouts - Tryout times will be determined by grade level to accommodate middle school students. Please note: tryouts are closed. Please do not wear any attire that indicates that you have been a cheerleader for Leigh or any other school/organization.

May Open Gym - Practices to get prepared for our summer camp.

May Uniform Fittings - Fittings will take place in assigned shifts from highest grade level to lowest.

May Leigh 5K Stampede – Both teams mandatory participation. This is a big fundraiser for us! (details to come)

End of May Athlete & Parent Meeting - At least 1 parent/guardian must be present for each cheerleader on the team. We will discuss our expectations for the team, calendar for the year, fundraising and hand out cost sheets.

June Leigh Graduation Flower Sales Fundraiser – Athletes will sign up for shifts during uniform fittings.

End of July Practice Begins - Sideline team typically practices twice a week during the fall and once a week in the spring. The team may practice everyday leading up to camp in order to be properly prepared.

July 30 - August 1 2021 Sideline Team Camp - Located at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara hosted by United Spirit Association

Aug to Feb Bulk of Sideline Season - In the fall, sideline team practices twice a week and cheers at all football games. In the winter/spring, sideline team practices once a week and cheers all home basketball games and at away games that occur on Friday.

March End of Year Celebration