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Meeting Minutes Sept.14, 2017

Attendees:  Karen Clark, Shannon Nazarenus, Claire Whitehead, Linda Gibson, Stephanie Theodule, Ken Agur, Martha Jaquez, Michelle Demeny, Jessica Krayer, Sharon Naslund, Jon Alexander,  Kathleen Loia, Krista Mikami, Michelle Horn, Brenden Best, Mike Harding, Beth Hawthorne, Amy O’Hehir, Michelle Fisher, Laura Biersdorff , James McCormack

I.             Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.

II.            Aug. meeting minutes were approved

III.           Linda Gibson went over the current budget.  We are close to 50% targeted donations.  We have made payments on gear, camp, coach fees.  We have also paid for Santa Cruz and Tracy competitions, and have made a Nationals deposit.  The fees for Choregraphy were  a little over budget.  Total paid is a little over 53,000.  Income of merchandise sales from Friday night have not been recorded yet. We received a few donations made on the HSC website and they are recorded in the “other” category.  There are just a couple more checks for ads in the football program that should come in soon.

IV.       Coaches Reports:  Coach Jennifer will be sending out an email to comp team a week before the competition.  We won’t know the final schedule until Tuesday or Wednesday of the comp week.  Plan on the whole day to watch JV and Varsity.  It is a casual competition, small in size, and will end around 3 p.m.  Every competitor gets a wristband included for the rides, so plan to stay after for more fun if you can.

                Stacy, and all of us, want to thank Claire and Jeff Whitehead for donating a speaker for JV.  If it is loud enough, not only can it be used at practice, but also at games. 

V.  Stephanie Theodule reminded that the 6 week grading period is coming up at the end of next week.  If your daughter does NOT have a 2.0 she will put her on probation.  Probation means the cheerleader shows up in uniform to all games, and at all events, but must remain benched.  If the GPA is not up by the 12 week grades she may be removed from the team so she can focus on her studies.  Stephanie will watch closely and help out.  Please talk to Stephanie if you have extenuating circumstances she should know about.

Cheer became a technical sport in fall of 2017.  This is ahead of schedule.  Because of this early date, all things cheer in relation to this are currently being discussed and worked out.  It is important to note the sideline cheer will remain an activity, this is only for competition cheer.  Again, Stephanie is working close with the district, as well as admin at Leigh to figure all of the details out. 

Stephanie wanted to give parents a bit of information about Homecoming week.  There are traditions with the cheerleaders and football players that include small gifts and cards.  This does require a bit of nightly time and preparation, so she wanted girls to be prepared.  More information will come from the coaches as we get closer to Homecoming week.  JV and Varsity will each perform at their half time. 

VI.    Old Business

A.      Football programs for Homecoming look great with new pictures.

a.       The program for Senior Night has an online order form to celebrate ANY student.  It is meant to show support for any student you are proud of.  Remember 70% of the cost can be applied to your suggested family donation and it makes a great keepsake. DEADLINE to place your student ad is October 4th.

B.      The Ironman was great.  Thank you so much Laura Biersdorf, and Michelle Fisher, and Sue Bowman for coordinating all the volunteers.  We had 80 volunteers so we will find out next week how much of a grant we will receive for all the great representation.  Thanks to all that volunteered!

C.      Applebees Pancake breakfast October 15, 8-10 a.m. at the Plant.  Girls must arrive at 7:00 am to be trained. Tickets are $10.  Each girl is required to sell 5 tickets.  Stephanie will be handing out the tickets to the girls in coming weeks. Only 16 and older can work in the kitchen.  All younger girls will work up front to seat the customers, pour drinks, clean up, etc.  This is a mandatory event. 

D.  Caramel Apple Sales will be run by Kristina Williams.  Sales will run from Oct. 4 through Oct. 18th. Each family is asked to sell 5 apples.  Anything above and beyond goes towards your suggested family donation.

E.  Junior Cheer Clinic will be Tuesday Oct. 10- Thursday Oct. 12.  The campers will perform Friday the 13th during halftime of the Varsity Pink Game.  More information for parent volunteers will be sent out.  There will be 2 registration events at Leigh High School, or a waiver can be signed online for the camper and mailed in.  Please feel free to print out the flyer and post it at any place that will let you.  Stephanie has notified all local schools, and previous campers. Please spread the word.

F.  Beth Hawthorne has collected all the Popcornopolis order forms and will be sending in the order early next week.  It should take about a week and a half for the shipment to come in.  She will send out a notification and pick up spot when it does.

G.   The PAPA Rummage sale will be held on Sat. Sept. 16th. at 6:30 am.  Girls sell water, and breakfast items.  Donations will be taken by Mike Harding.  They can be dropped off at his home across from Leigh (5297 Leigh Ave).  John has a truck parked, there is a cooler and ice for items that need to remain cold.  He still needs a vase for donations of money at the event.  He also needs a few more girls to volunteer.  Check your email, there was one explaining more details for those who offered to donate and/or loan out items.

VII.         New Business


VIII. Meeting adjourned

Next meeting Wed. Oct.11 7:00 pm-Library

Please mail all donations to:         LHSB

                                                                15559 Union Ave.   #168

                                                                Los Gatos, CA 95032

Minutes taken by:

Shannon Nazarenus

LHSB Secretary

Kathleen Loia,
Jun 10, 2017, 11:50 PM