2020 Tryouts

Fall Training Camps

To be eligible to try out for the Leigh Cheer program, you must participate in our Fall Training Camps which will take place between 8/31/20 and 12/12/20. Specific dates and times will be emailed to all interested candidates. There will be 7 weeks dedicated to sideline and 7 weeks dedicated to competition.

To participate, we must have your Parent Opt-In form on file. Please submit to LeighCheerAdvisor@gmail.com if you still need to submit one.

Information as of 8.26.2020

Sideline and Comp Team Tryouts are expected to take place mid-December. All info is pending and depends on what CUHSD allows. Please submit all tryout documents to LeighCheerAdvisor@gmail.com.

Tryout Paperwork Due