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201123 November 23, 2020


The Patty Duke Show Opening

No identical cousins at Lee but here Is one of the famous "Cousins" song of our time.

My Personal Fami-Lee
Collins Wynn
LHS '64

     This list of our family members (Don, Tony, and I) who are LHS alumni was developed as an outgrowth of some of our family history activities and I thought it interesting.  I suspect there could be others that should be on this list but have been unable to identify them so far.  There is one father/child team on the list - Clyde Wynn and his daughter Rodelle.  Of note is Glenda Whitaker who was an English teacher at LHS for a few years beginning in 1965 and who was eventually a PhD/Principal at Butler High School.  Also, Walt Thomas was a 5 year member of the class of '64 but graduated high school in Palmdale, California after a senior year move with his parents.  

There may be other family groups from LHS that are as large as ours but the probability seems low.  Siblings are:  Don, Tony, and I; Ted and Deen Penhall; Linda and Betty Mefford; Joseph, Shannon, and Jennifer Moore.  Ted, Clyde and Linda are deceased.  We are all children and grandchildren of World War II veterans.

You could say we are General Lee related and are certainly members of two different Famil-Lees (the LHS one and our family one)..

NameLHS Class YearRelationship to CE,Don,Tony
Collins Wynn1964Same
Don Wynn1967Same
Tony Wynn 1972Same
Ted Penhall19642nd cousin
Deen Penhall19742nd cousin
Nell Rose Brooks19712nd cousin 
Clyde Wynn19691st cousin
Rodelle Wynn19971st cousin 1x removed 
Linda Mefford1964lst cousin
Betty Mefford19651st cousin
Joseph Moore19891st cousin 1x removed 
Shannon Moore19951st cousin 1x removed 
Jennifer Moore20011st cousin 1x removed 
Glenda Whitaker19652nd cousin
Walt Thomas19641st great grand nephew of husband of 1st great aunt
Judye Hightower19642nd cousin

Kissin' Cousins

Here's another Cousins song of our time.

        Of course Hollywood liked to make fun of those of us living in the South. Anyone want to admit they had some "Kissin' Cousins?". 

        Memphis, TN -    This is the week when the question of "What were you doing when Kennedy was shot?" always comes up. As for me, I was asleep in geometry class when the announcement woke me up. Most of you will have to answer that you were in a class at Lee High School when it happened.

  Collins Wynn sent me the email about going to school with his family and it reminded me of a story I started writing several years ago but never finished enough to publish it in Lee's Traveller. 

    Back when I started Lee Jr. High I did not know about my family the way I do today. Several years ago I became interested in genealogy and started researching, but this was done long after I had graduated from Lee. My mother only had one sister, who only had one child, making him the only first cousin I had on my maternal side. My father was one of four brothers and they all had children, but since my parents were divorced when I was eight I did not visit with my paternal side of the family very often. Most of them lived up in Tennessee anyway, and the only first cousins on my father’s side were several years younger than me when I entered high school. For those reasons, I did not think I went to school with any of my cousins. To make things even more confusing, my father and one brother spelled their name “Towery” and the other two brothers spelled their name without the “e”, as “Towry.” It’s a long story, not needed to be explained here.

To add to the confusion, my paternal grandfather remarried after the death of my paternal grandmother and had a whole set of children I never knew about until I was older. I also know I had cousins from my Roden line which I also did not know as a child.

After knowing more about family connections, and using sources like I now realize I did have more cousins in school with me than I knew about back then. I really don’t know what difference in my life it would have made to have known about my cousins back then, but in the past few years I have had different stories sent to me for the Traveller involving cousins, which made me interested.

I know now that even though I did not have any first cousins in school with me, I did have several more distant ones, like third cousins. I went to Ancestry to look for the definition of cousins and found this information.

    Your first cousin is the child of your aunt or uncle. 

    Your second cousin is the grandchild of your great aunt or great uncle. (If two people are first cousins, the children of each of the people will be second cousins.) 

    Your third cousin is the great-grandchild of your great-great uncle or great-great aunt. (Children of 2nd cousins, are 3rd cousins to each other.) 

    Your first cousin, once removed, is the child of your first cousin or is the child of your great uncle or great aunt. 

    If someone is your first cousin, then his or her child is your first cousin once removed. (Once removed means one generation level different from you.) 

    All your regular cousins (first, second, etc.) are at the same generation level as yourself. Those at different levels are "removed." 

    After reading that, I now know why I was so confused back then, and still am in many ways. In the last few years I now know I went to school with several cousins of different levels. Rose Sharon Towry and Bryan Towery are two of which I know. Also, it has recently come to light that Susan Simms and I are cousins as well, through a different family line. 

    One of the most confusing things about cousins to me when I was in school was my relationship with Sherry Adcock. I could not understand why she was a first cousin to my first cousins and yet not related to me as well. Turns out her family line was through the wife of my blood uncle, which means we were not blood relatives ourselves. It was a confusing time, especially to me with so many odd family relationships.


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Mr. Blackburn

Diane Hughey McClure

LHS '64

    I liked Mr.  Blackman's class. I don't think we were in there at same time. I still remember him talking about clouds to this day because I found it so interesting. Maybe I was meant to be a meteorologist instead of a nurse because I sure hated dissecting frogs. Take care and stay safe Dianne




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