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200803 August 3, 2020


Veteran's Roll Call
Tommy Towery
LHS '64
      I know it is not Veteran's on.
    We have all heard the tale of "the dog ate my homework." Well, my sad tale is not as bad as that, but is still not good.  I started making slide shows for different projects back in 2004 using a program called ProShow Gold. During the last 16 years I have done many different shows, from wedding shows, to anniversary shows, to sporting event shows and many different projects for the Lee High School Alumni. That includes the tributes to our passed classmates, our Memorial Day salute, and my annual Veteran's Day salute. Over the years I have upgraded the software to so many different versions I cannot keep track of them. But with each update I have been able to keep my original projects to be edited and updated as necessary.

    So, what does ProShow do? In January, they went out of business. It is bad enough they went out of business, but their software requires a link back to the company's website to work. With the company closing down, so was the link, and with that the software quit working - period. That means I can no longer just update my slide shows, but have to find a software package that will do similar things I want to do and learn how to use it.

    My first project is going to be updating and creating a new show for the Lee High Veteran classmates to replace the old one. I have done my best to pull together my lists of veterans I have collected in the past. Since we have so many veterans I plan to do it in stages and will start with our ARMY veterans first. If you are an Army veteran, please look at the list below and see if your name is included. If it is, then no action is required unless you want to add something like your campaigns or Purple Heart Status.

    If you are an Army veteran from one of our featured classes and your name is not on this list, then please complete the survey form which follows and give me your information to update my list. If you know for positive of a classmate who is not listed and has passed away, please list him or her.

    Remember, this week is just for Army Veterans since we have so many of them. I will be collecting information on the other services in the next couple of issues. If you served in two different branches, you may still complete the survey with your other service later.

    I know this is early, but since I have to develop a whole new slideshow package with a new program, I need to get an early start. 


Butch Adcock
Johnny Beauregard
Vicki Eisgrau Bottorff
Gary Broadway
J.R. Brooks
Skip Cook
Dwight Kephart - Reserves
Rainer Klauss
Gary A. Metzger - National Guard
Neil Neumann - Reserves
Brian Pfeiffer
Ron Philips
Bob Pierce
Bob Ramsey
Larry M. Seaver
Bob Walker
George Lehman Williams
Collins "C.E." Wynn

Elbert Balch
Steve Bennett
Everett Broulette
Ed Donnelly
John Fulda
Dennis Hollingsworth
Lee James
Ken Megginson
Randy Sherrill
Mike Storm
Ronny Swaim
Mike Vaughn
Eric Voelkl

Dale Cantrell
Charles "Butch" Chaffin - Reserves
Mike Cianci Reserves
Gary Collier
Mike Griffith
Scott Hancock
Bucky Hoffmeyer - Reserves
Jan Hunt
David Lemaster
Dennis Overcash
Russell Sanders
John Scales
T. E. Shirley
Frank Sliz
Cleve Smith - Reserves
Larry Smith - Reserves
Curtis Stewart
Phil Stewart
Jimmy Troupe
Lance Wood
Billy Taylor Wright

Greg Arndt
Doug Blaise
Chester Bush
Don Cox
Rush Farrell
Earnest Hulsey
Kathleen Kemp
Tim Lull - National Guard
Carl McCulley
Harry Richardson - National Guard
Steve Sumners - National Guard
Ronald Steele
Ray Zimmerman - Reserves

Survey for ARMY Veteran Classmates Not Listed Above


Veteran Information

        Memphis, TN - Unless someone changes my mind, we will probably be doing away with the Movie and Music Trivia features. We have had some very loyal participants, but it does not seem to be a feature which captures the attention of the majority of our classmates. Before we do, if you have worked on a movie trivia piece yourself and wish to submit it, please do so and we might delay the demise of the features.

        August is here, the normal time of the year when we have had our reunions. It was always hot and sweaty, and many disliked them for that reason, but I know it is an event many of us will miss this year. We pray things will be normal next year and we can once again enjoy the fellowship with our classmates.

Last Week's Movie Trivia
This week's movie is a comedy about a French Detective who is on the trail of a jewel thief.  
The movie has been selected as ‘culturally relevant’ by the Library of Congress and is permanently stored in their Film Registry.
This movie was the first one in an entire group of related movies.  In fact, it could be considered to be the cornerstone of one of the first movie franchises.
This movie illustrates the idea that things may work out in a positive way even when you don’t execute very well at all.
What was the movie and how did it get its name?
Who was the main character and the actor who played that role?
Who was originally considered to be the star of the movie and got top billing?
Can you hum the theme song of the movie?

Eddie Burton

The Pink Panther
It was the name of the stolen diamond
(NOTE: The star was supposed to be David Niven)

Sarajane Steigerwald Tarter, LHS '65, "Escoe and I roomed together our freshmen year at AL. One afternoon I received a 3x5 foot package. The summer before school started I dated a nice guy who was also an artist and we had seen the Pink Panther movie together. He had painted an all black background with yellow specks and a large smirky looking panther with a cigarette in his mouth right in the middle of the painting. We loved it! Matter of fact I think the Pink Panther painting ended up in quite a few college dorms over the years, since my family liked him a lot, too.

The Pink Panther

This Week's Name That Group

NTT 8-3-20

1. What are the five songs?
2. Who is the Group?


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Saturn Static Test

Dink Hollingsworth

LHS '65

        Thank you for the feature on the Saturn Static Test.  I was never exposed to any of the work that was done during the development and had similar

memories as you.  At that time we lived on Oakwood Avenue near the County Club area and we had a kitchen table that my mom had salt and pepper

shakers in the middle with maybe a napkin holder.  The table would vibrate during the tests and the shakers would vibrate to the edge of the table

and one or both would fall to the floor and I found myself more than once convincing my mom I didn't do it.

        After returning to Huntsville from Germany in '69 Marty and I had an opportunity to take a tour of the Test Pad area.  The one memory I had was two

man-made ponds on either side to the Saturn Test Pad.  By each lake were giant pumps about the size of a small bus and we were told during a Test

the two pumps pulled water from the two ponds and the white smoke that could be seen was steam from water being pumped onto the thrust area

and both ponds would be sucked dry by the end of the test.

Subject:    Saturn Static Firings
Nancy Watts
LHS '72

        Tommy, my story is a little different.

        My daughter Laura, was getting her suitcase out of her friend's trunk at the Brussels airport March 22, 2016 when the first bomb went off.  Because she had grown up in Huntsville, her first thought was that there was a loud testing on the arsenal.  She quickly realized her mistake and told her friend to get in the car to get away.  Thankfully, neither of them had any injuries.



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