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200629 June 29, 2020


Jackie Rowse Richard
LHS '66
September 17, 1947 - May 25, 2014

    Last week we were informed of the loss of another Classmate from the class of 1966. We do not have any details but was told Jackie passed away in Pryor, Oklahoma, back in 2014 and were asked to remove her from our email list. If anyone has any further information please let us know.


Living Like There's No Tomorrow

Copied from a Post on Facebook
by Jim McBride

    What an honor. “Living Like There’s No Tomorrow” , a song I wrote with Roger Murrah, is on the final ballot for IBMA Song of the Year. It was first recorded by Keith Whitley in 1984. Bluegrass Hall of Fame member Doyle Lawson remembered the song and recorded it with Quicksilver on the “Live From Prague” album which is nominated for Album of the Year. God bless you Doyle and Quicksilver. Jake Vanover, what an amazing vocal performance. Good luck to Doyle and Quicksilver on all their nominations. Special thank you to my brother Jerry Salley and Billy Blue Records. You guys are awesome. Good luck on your many nominations. Some songs live on and on. I am blessed.

    The IBMA posted the following information about the award nominations:

    Earlier today in Nashville, the International Bluegrass Music Association announced the final nominees for their 31st annual IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards. Also announced were the 2020 inductees into the Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame, and recipients of the organization’s Distinguished Achievement Awards. 

This year’s nominees came early, owing to the recent decision to make World of Bluegrass, the IBMA’s annual convention week, into a virtual online event owing to COVID-19 concerns. IBMA has announced that all seminars and showcase performances will be presented online this year, but nothing has yet been shared regarding exactly how the awards show will be handled.

These award nominees are selected in a three part process by the professional membership of the IBMA, consisting of artists, songwriters, label personnel, radio hosts, event producers, managers and agents, publicists, studio engineers, associations, manufacturers, retailers, and others who work in the bluegrass industry. These same voters will choose the actual winners as well.

        Memphis, TN - We morn the loss of another classmate this week, even though we lost her back in 2014. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the alumni when we have to rely on old email addresses. Again, we ask you to please try to our class representatives keep informed of any changes to your contact information.

    As announced last week we will be alternating between movies and music in our trivia contests. This week we switch back to movies with one many of you should be able to identify.

    I had a birthday last week and want to thank all of you who acknowledged it with your good wishes.

Name That Tune

Last Week's Name That Tune Group

        Last week's song group is a selection of songs done by the same group from the mid to late Sixties.

1. What is the name of the group?
2.  What are the songs?
3. Who was the lead singer of the group?

Taylor Wright LHS '66, was the first to give the correct answers to the songs, but omitted the lead singer's name.

Group- Lovin’ Spoonful


Do You Believe In Magic?

Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?


You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice.

Summer In The City.

Jeffrey Fussell, LHS '66, "Name that Tine returns with one of my favorite groups, The Lovin’ Spoonful.  They were fronted by singer, John Sebastian. He also played guitar and autoharp. Their songs were among the first I learned because of the relatively easy melodies and chord progressions. Our band still plays “Lovin’ You” from the “Hums” album. It wasn’t a big hit for them, but a fun song to play."

Linda Collinsworth Provost, LHS  '66,This American group was named The Lovin’ Spoonful (no "G" please). Lad singer - John Sebastian  (a John Lennon look-a-like, i thought).

Max Kull, LHS '67 also got the correct answers.

You Didn't Have to Be So Nice

Name That Movie

Filming took place in late 1955, from August 9 to December 20. The film premiered on October 17, 1956.

The picture cost just under $6 million to make, employing 112 locations in 13 countries and 140 sets.

The wardrobe department spent $410,000 (equal today to $3,900,000)  to provide 74,685 costumes and 36,092 trinkets.

The cast, including extras, totaled 68,894 people; it also featured 7,959 animals.

More than 40 famous performers make cameo appearances.

The film was nominated for eight Oscars, of which it was awarded five, including Best Picture.

Although not nominated for Best Original Song, the film's theme song became very popular. 

This Week's Movie Trivia Questions

1. What was the name of the film?
2. Who was the leading man?
3. Who was the leading lady?
4. Which one of the 40 famous performers in cameo roles do you remember the most?

Pencil in September 24 & 25, 2021 for our next reunion.  

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From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Tom Curry

Spencer Thompson

LHS '64

    Sorry to hear about Tom I really enjoyed going to school with him. 



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