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200210 February 10, 2020



    While working on the directory for the upcoming reunion, Susan Simms, LHS ‘65, has been extremely busy these last few weeks trying to research and verify the identities of the members of the classes of '64, '65, and '66 who's passings have not been reported. Susan is not only my cousin, but also a Regent of the George Mason Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Using her computer and searching skills of programs like Ancestry and Find-a-grave, she has gathered what we believe is an accurate list of many we have not previously reported. I am sure there are still some of our Lee classmates we still do not know about, but this list is believed to be accurate.

    Normally we publish the yearbook photos when we announce the deaths of classmates, but due to the large amount of classmates we are announcing this week doing so would be impracticable. I actually did not have the time to do so this week anyway, but hope to come up with an honorable solution in the future.  

    The below list is in date of reported death order and not by class year. Please look it over carefully. If anyone sees a name listed which should not be here please let us know immediately. 
Mary Dean Darling
LHS '65
1946 - 1972 
Ronald Wayne Ealy
LHS ‘65
  December 29, 1946 - July 16, 1999
Francina Lee McLendon
LHS ‘65
 January 23, 1947 - September 26, 2002

Pamela Ann Guiou Gnecco
LHS '65
 November 20, 1947 - December 11, 2002

Glenda Joyce Scott Smith
LHS '65
October 6, 1946 - August  8, 2004
Mary Gail Sallin Thompson
LHS  '66 
April 30, 1948 - December 6, 2010

Judy Delores King
LHS '65 
December 9, 1946 - December, 11, 2010

Carolyn Ann Terry Walls
LHS '65
April 7, 1947 -May 19, 2012

Sharron Ada Johnson Harris
LHS '65
October 29, 1946 - September 11, 2012

Deborah Spardlin Lister
LHS '66
August 29, 1948 - October 24, 2013

Daryl Alan Davis
LHS ‘65
December 3, 1946 -  April 20, 2014

Mary Linda Franklin Bohannon
LHS '65
August 15, 1947 - October 26, 2014

Jerome U. Hughes
LHS '65
March 27, 1947 - 20 Apr, 2015

 David L.Tueche
LHS '66
 January 10, 1948 -  July 21, 2016

 Joe Ronnie Bishop
LHS ‘64
 January 17, 1946 - August 14, 2017

Connie Rebecca Kirk Salyer
LHS '64
June 29, 1946 - October 5, 2017

Amy Camille Sumner Swaim
LHS '66
September 28, 1948 - November 4, 2017

Anita Marie West Hornback
LHS ‘66
April 7, 1948 - October 13, 2019

Richard Waymon Mace
LHS ‘64
14 August, 1946 - 15 December, 2019 

    We also have found potential matches for the following two classmates, but there is not enough information to positively state that the evidence we found could prove for sure. If you have any information please let us know.

Connie Ruth Wilson - LHS '65
Edward Gilbert White

        Memphis, TN - Hi folks. Sue and I have just returned from a two-week trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and the day after we returned I had a small medical procedure which slowed me down for a couple of days. Hence, this issue may not be quiet up to the standards of earlier issues. I regret I am unable to recognize the lost classmates Susan Simms has discovered, and it saddens me not only at their loss, but also because I cannot honor them as I have done in the past.

    Be advised that a corps of your classmates has begun working on the plans for our next reunion and trying to insure it meets the quality of those in our past.

Save the Date!
September 25 & 26, 2020
LHS Reunion
The Westin at Bridge Street
Huntsville, AL

More Information to Come Later
Reunion Contacts
Ann Wilson Redford (
Niles Prestage (
Sarajane Steigerwald Tarter (

Last Week's Name That Tune

Name That Tune

Jeffrey Fussell, LHS '66, "A little improvement this week, but still can’t get them all. The first song is a Radio X favorite. Our version is more like the Dwight Yoakam version.

“Little Sister” – Elvis Presley
“Wake Up Little Susie” – Everly Brothers
“Little Bitty Pretty One”- Thurston Harris
“Little Green Apples” = O. C. Smith

     The extended intro to “Little Green Apples” might have gotten by me without the “Little” theme. The O C Smith hit was covered by at least a half dozen “A-List” artists in the year it was released.  Roger Miller’s version is especially moving.  #5 didn’t ring a familiar chime.

Linda Collinsworth Provost, LHS  '66, got the first four correctly and wrote, "OK, this is more like it.  actual songs that I remember and recognize.  (Well, except for the last one.)  I feel as though I need just a few more notes and then the light bulb will go off.  Maybe you could hum a few bars?"

Missed Song of Last Week

Name That Tune

This Week's Name That Tune Group

Name That Tune


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Don Wynn's Story in the last issue

Linda Collinsworth Provost

LHS  '66

    Great story and accomplishment by Don Wynn.

Subject:    Last Week's Mention of Dee Clark's Music
Eddie Burton
Class of 66

    Tommy, in 1970 I was hired by Dee Clark to be his guitar player and accompanist. I traveled with him and led house bands on his shows. I have many stories.

Subject:    Add Me
Coach Jerry Dugan
Coached the Lee Varsity basketball team from 1968 thru 1998 

    I coached the Lee Varsity basketball team from 1968 thru 1998 . Please send me The Lee Traveller. Thanks, I am looking forward to enjoying it.



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