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191021 October 21, 2019


When I'm 64

So What? I'm Over 64!
Tommy Towery
LHS '64

    How many of you lied about your age when you were young so you could do something you were too young to do? Maybe it was to get into a movie on a kid’s ticket rather than having to buy a much more expensive adult ticket? Or, maybe it was just the opposite; you claimed to be older than you were to get into a movie for adults only? (Confession: I did both!) What about when you got just a little older, but not quite 21, and wanted to get into a casino or buy a drink?

    To lie about your age was easy really. We didn’t have driver’s licenses until we were 16 and most people didn’t ask to see them back then anyway. It was not like trying to get on an adult’s ride at an amusement park or the county fair where you had to “be as tall as” some measurement device. It was much harder to be taller or shorter than it was to be older or younger. I never had to use it but Bob Walker gave me his brother's old driver's license when we were on the Mississippi Gulf Coast one week, saying I was 24 when I was only 18. Nothing else on the license matched either - not height, weight, or hair and eyes colors, but it did not matter for no one ever asked to see it. 

    As we got much older, the senior discount age sometimes gave us an opportunity to fudge a little about our true age and get a discount we were really not entitled to? Maybe our vanity allowed us to cut a few birthdays off of our real age, just to fail to admit we really were getting older? Remember Jack Benny, who was always 39 years old?

    Well, in the last month I have had to lie about my age at least twice. I don’t feel bad about it though. Both times it was a stand against age discrimination. I do not believe one should be limited because of age alone. I am healthy. I walk the track at church three times a week, I eat healthy meals, I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, and I can get around without a walker. Why then should I be discriminated against then just for being 73?

    It does no good to deny my age to this group. We can easily tell how old classmates are within a year or two by knowing in which year they graduated.

    So, here begins my diatribe. I have booked a cruise for the near future and I decided while I am scheduled to be in Cozumel I want to ride one of the bicycle-type mini-submarine thingies. I have the money. I am a very proficient swimmer, and (as I said) I consider myself healthier than many people many years my junior. But! On the sign up sheet for the activity it says you must be between 16 and 65. Pardon me! I climbed Diamond Head when I was 65 and I jumped out of an airplane at 72 – why do I have to be younger than 65 to ride your stupid mini-submarine? So, I lied and booked it. I will play the “senior duhhh” card if they give me any problem and say I can’t participate.

    My second white lie is just a lie of omission and not even a white lie I confess. As you have been reading, I have been acting as an extra in several TV shows and movies here in Memphis. The people hiring the extras will place a post on Facebook advertising the roles and requirements needed to be selected. Now I understand I could not lie and say I’m Asian or African-American. I can’t say I am a teenager or a female. But if they are looking for extras to be pedestrians and just walk across the street when they tell you to, then why does the requirements for the position say ages 30-65? Does that mean if you are over 65 you can’t walk across a street alone? So, I apply anyway, and I just leave out any comment about age. I’ve been hired about four times in the last couple of months when I was older than the required age limit. Hire me for my health – not my age! If you want me to skateboard down a winding path or jump a motorcycle over a bus, then I can understand your limitation. But what difference does it make if I happen to be a little older than your arbitrary age limit?

    That won’t be a problem much longer. “Bluff City Law” quits filming at the end of the month and they don’t know if it will be continued or not. I did work one day this week, starring as a “churchgoer” which did not have an age restriction. I might even show up on the screen this time because I was in the third row. It is Series 1, Episode 9 and it will be a few weeks before it airs.

    So, I am soliciting any stories you might be willing to share about how you had to give a “little white lie” in some situation and how it worked out. I know there must be some of you who can relate to this.


        Memphis, TN - Busy week this week for a retiree. I had to work one day and go to a writer's workshop on a different day. We went to a funeral for one of Sue's ex's sisters, followed by three days of working out at the church and a Saturday football game and the week was gone before I knew it. 
    Once again I am looking for stories based upon my request in the story above. The statue of limitations has surely run out on anything you did in this category, so here's your chance to share your funny stories with your old classmates.

Last Week's Name That Tune

Name That Tune

    Max Kull, LHS '67, was the first to name last week's songs. He won't be eligible next week, because he is the one who sent in this week's song clips.

1) Walk Like a Man - The Four Seasons
2) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Gene Pitney
3) Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers
4) Soul Man - Sam & Dave
5) Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds

Jeffrey Fussell, LHS '66 also named them correctly and added, "We have a fun medley of Spy Music that we play regularly that ends with “Secret Agent Man”. "

Others Who Knew Them All

Taylor Wright, LHS '66.
Linda Collinsworth Provost, LHS  '66
Sarajane Steigerwald Tarter, LHS '65

This Week's Name That Tune by Max Kull, LHS '67

Name That Tune - MK5

Lee Lunch Bunch
Patsy Hughes Oldroyd 
LHS ‘65

LEE LUNCH BUNCH ‘64, ‘65, ‘66
 Save The Date!
Thursday, October 31, 2019  -  11:00 a.m.
Logan’s Restaurant
Balmoral Drive    Huntsville, AL

    Hi Lee Lunch Bunch friends. Please remember to save the date for our fall gathering. The last Thursday of October falls on October 31 this year. Yes, that is also Halloween, and if you want to come to lunch dressed in a costume, just knock yourself out and do so!

    We are so lucky to be going back to Logan’s, our old favorite place, and we will have plenty of room in the fireplace room to roam around and visit. As many of you remember, we were a bit confined at our last lunch back in April when we went to Gibson’s. Good food, but not enough space. So, we will be happy to hear from you as soon as you can let us know that you will be here.

    I will have to miss this time, for the first time ever, due to a trip that cannot be changed, but my very capable co-host, Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid, will be very happy to take your RSVP. Please put the date on your calendar and do let her know as soon as possible if you plan to come.

    Thanks and I hope you all have a really great time.

    If you are planning to attend the next Lee Lunch Bunch please text, call, or email me by Tuesday, Oct. 29th. We need to give the restaurant an approximate group number for seating and staff coverage. 

    I will respond back to each of you with an 'okey doke' or 👍 so you will know that I received your message and have got you on the list. Just need name, class year, and if you are bringing a guest....

    Hope to see a 'bunch' of you there!

Judy 'Fedrowisch' Kincaid '66
(Patsy's pitch-hitter) 

RSVP Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid ’66        (256) 656-3667 or on Facebook


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Fairgrounds

 Eddie Jackson

    Thanks for posting the Fairground picture,My Dad did all the sign work for Joe Foster owner of Double Cola ,I remember going thru that entrance into the fair I was about seven years old .



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