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The Line Up
Don Wynn
LHS '67

    During the winter of 1965, I went to a basketball game at Lee with my friends, Sam Smith, Robert Brodeur and Richard Dunphy (all Class of ’67).  The game was over about 9 pm but we weren’t ready to go home just yet.  We decided to go to a drug store that was in the shopping center at the corner of 72 Highway and the Parkway.  This drugstore had a luncheon counter and they served ice cream.  We were pretty boisterous and probably brought a lot of attention to ourselves.  A girl from Lee worked there and we flirted with her as we ate our ice cream.  Just before 10 pm, we had had enough fun and headed for home.

    During second period the next day, a student aide knocked on Mr. Pate’s classroom door and told him that Mr. Hamilton wanted to see me in his office.  Going to the principal’s office might be OK if you’re expecting some kind of award but I hadn’t done anything particularly noteworthy, so I started to sweat.  I wasn’t guilty of anything, but Mr. Hamilton might not know that.  I went into the school office immediately behind the aide, just trying to blend into the wallpaper.  I was just hoping they were going to tell me that the aide had gotten the wrong kid.  They really wanted that other tall, skinny, crew cut kid with the long neck.  No such luck, the secretary motioned for me to come behind the counter.  I must not have been moving fast enough for her because she got behind me and just nudged me into Mr. Hamilton’s inner office.

    Mr. Hamilton immediately excused himself and left me in his office alone with a stern looking man in a suit.  An undertaker couldn’t have looked any less friendly.  He must have identified himself but all I remember are his rapid-fire questions.

    "Are you Donald Wynn?"

    "Yes sir."  I always used my best manners when I wasn’t exactly sure who I was talking to.

    "What did you do last night?" 

    "I went to a basketball game with my friends." 

    "Is that all?"

    "Yes sir." 

    "Are you sure you didn’t do anything else?"

    "We went for ice cream."  I explained while I was wondering just how serious a disturbing the peace charge might be.

    "Who were you with?"

    I think I gave up all my friends in a single breath.  I figured that I might like some company if they were going to send me to San Quentin for being too loud on a school night.

    "I could take you downtown right now, but I won’t do that if you’ll agree to come to the station with all your friends after school.  Can you do that?"   He gave me his card and told me to come to the front desk and ask for him personally, then they had the office aide walk me back to class.  I guess they might have figured that I would make my break for Mexico.  Boy, my mind was rocking and rolling all day long.  I told everybody but am not sure they believed me.  I did have the business card from a cop, so they didn’t know what to think. 

    We arrived at the Police Station as instructed and asked for our arresting officer by name.  He came out immediately and led us into the little room where suspects are lined up to be identified by victims.  In this particular room, there wasn’t any glass wall separating the suspects from the victims.  We just stood along a line of tape on the floor.  In just a minute, the policeman escorted a big guy into the room.  His knuckles seemed to be messed up but otherwise he looked okay.  We didn’t know him, and we were pretty happy that he didn’t know us either.

    The Cop explained that this guy was the druggist at the drugstore where we had eaten ice cream just the night before.  We left right at closing, making a lot of noise.  Immediately after that, the druggist was robbed as he left out the back door.  As far as we could tell, all the robbers got was a bruising because the druggist looked fine.

    When the Police investigated, the girl we had been flirting with gave them my name.  She didn’t know any of the other guys, but she knew me.  I really make an impression when I’m acting silly.  

        Memphis, TN - I still plan on alternating each week between one Name That Tune song and the collection of five. That should give all who elect to play a chance to enjoy the contests.

    This coming weekend will start fall football. While I enjoy going to the college games and watching them on TV, I still get a little nostalgic about the fun I had at Lee and the Friday night games with all my friends.

Name That Tune

Name That Tune

Last Week's Name That Tune

  Green Green  - New Christy Minstrels

Green Door - Jim Lowe
The Green Leaves of Summer - Brothers Four
Green Onions - Booker T. and the M.G.'s
Green Tambourine - Lemon Pipers  

    Max Kull,  LHS '67, "If you knew more than one, then you already had the clue.  The third was the toughest and I'd not have gotten it without the common theme of the others....this coming from someone who actually had a couple of Brothers Four albums back in the day."

    Jeffrey Fussell, LHS '66, "Lee’s Traveller goes Green this week! Identifying “The Green Door” was pure kismet. At our Friday band practices, we discuss old songs and their respective artists. it so happened that we were trying to remember who originally recorded “The Green Door”.  I remembered a female singer like Patti Page or Jo Stafford, but learned it was Jim Lowe on the Dot label. If we had not played his version Friday night, I probably would not have recognized the intro."

Also Correct Answers

Sarajane Steigerwald Tarter, LHS ‘65

Almost Right

 Linda Collinsworth Provost,  LHS '66

This Week's Name That Tune

Name That Tune


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Grocery Stores

Joel Weinbaum

LHS '64

    I think we all had similar grocery store experiences. Beth said the Clinton/Lincoln location was an A&P store. That's what I recalled moving to Huntspatch in 1962. Loved Ann Page peanut butter. Ann Page was based on the A&P name but it actually stood for Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. The Union back in the 70’s took hold and drove them out of business as I recall. They had great products. If they still operate they are considerably smaller now. I’ll check. If you can find a way to make coffee tastes like it smells you will have performed a miracle. It's all about the difference between our smeller and taste buds. Does anyone recollect why we call HSV Huntspatch. Oh, for a family of three boys and parents weekly grocery bill was $25 in the early 50's. I spend that nearly everytime I run to the store. Instead of using my car everytime I'd like to find someone to carry me.

    (Editor's Note:  I sent Joel proof from the 1955 Huntsville Commemorative Album that it was Kroger and not A&P at the corner of Clinton and Lincoln.)

    Thanks for the clarification. Before that yellow brick (as I recall) building was demolished if you had asked I would have sworn that was an old A&P structure.  Difficult to argue with the printed word. Kroger is based in Cinncinati, OH. Between engineering jobs, what started as a two week commitment I worked in the Kroger Deli where I lived in E. TN for 12 weeks slicing meats and decorating cakes. A lady customer I got to know across the counter came by one day and said her husband had a job for me in his company. Worked exactly 12 months as promised, as a supervisor on a construction site out of the area. 10 days on, 4 days off. Had a small apartment, a little too far to drive from home every day. Glad for the work.

    Considering all the grocery stores in NE Huntsville, inquirer as to which grocery store was most visited. There were two ladies on my paper route at the start of Toll Gate Rd. at Wells Ave. with small neighborhood groceries in their living rooms. Saved driving out to Star Market. There was a Winn-Dixie at the Parkway City Shopping Center at Drake and Parkway. On Marysville just south of Oakwood Ave. was a Neighborhood Grocery. We lived about 2/3’s up  Maysville, but don’t remember where we shopped.



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