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190429 April 29, 2019


Lee Lunch Bunch
Hosts Nearly 50 Classmates
Patsy Hughes Oldroyd
LHS '65

    Goodness, didn’t we have a great time this past Thursday at our Lee Lunch Bunch gathering! We met for our spring luncheon at Gibson’s BBQ on South Parkway, which many of you will remember fondly. There were almost 50 of us from the classes of ‘64, ’65, and ’66  and other classes who came from far and near to catch up with each other about what’s going on in each other’s lives. Here are the sign-up sheets for the attendees, but not everyone signed in.

Click on picture for larger view.

    Classmates came from all over the country. Terry Barnes, '66, shared this with us. "My wife Elize and I spend winters in Live Oak, Florida and summers in Beaverton, Oregon (Portland area).  My Lunch Bunch itinerary was a flight to Orlando, car rental, quick stop at my place in Live Oak, and then to Huntsville. Drove to Nashville after the lunch and flew back to Portland. I had a great time and nice to visit with you as well!"

    Others who traveled from distance places were Susan Simms Harper, ’65, who came from Springfield, VA, and Linda Weldon, ’65, who came from Hendersonville, NC. Tommy, ’64, and Sue Towery drove down from Memphis, TN, and Judy Beason Jennings, ’65, came over from Corinth, MI. Ginger Gambrell Treglown, ’66, came from Jasper, AL, Chris Grant McMahon, ’66, from Pelham, AL, Carolyn Burgess Featheringill, ’65, from Birmingham, AL, and Pam Grooms Smith, ’65, from Killen, Al. The rest of us are from in and around the Huntsville, AL area. We were so happy to have two classmates who came for their first time, Lynn Baeder, ’66, and Helen Gates Wainwright, ’64. Hopefully they will come back as regulars. Those who usually come, but were unable to do so this time, were truly missed. If any of this information is incorrect, please do let me know!

Patsy Hughes Oldroyd, Peggy Durham Williams, Pam Grooms Smith                              Niles Prestage
Lynn Baeder and Bucky Hoffmeyer              Barbara Reilman DeHaye and Ginger Gambrell Treglown

Don Jarman, Terry Barnes, John Scales                                           Sherry Adcock White,Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid , Mary Satterfield

    Tommy Towery brought numerous items of Lee High School and reunion memorabilia that he very generously gave away to any who wanted to have them. Many of our original LHS school prints were nicely framed. They were given as well as many copies of just prints and some reunion coffee cups. Good way to clean out your closet, Tommy!

    Since Galen’s Restaurant had to close because of a lease disagreement, I had to find us a new place to meet, fast. Thanks to Tom Bush for calling me bright and early on a Monday morning recently to let me know they had closed. He redeemed himself by suggesting that we could probably use the private room at Gibson’s. Well, that one did not happen either since the air conditioning went out in that room the day before we went. They were very nice to us though and let us have the entire back section of the restaurant. We had too many to fit into the party room anyway. Not sure if we will go there in October or not. Just be sure to read The Traveller, and Tommy will make sure that everyone knows where we will meet. It will still be at our regular time and date, October 31 at 11:00. Always the last Thursday of April and October. Take care and hope to see you in October!

More pictures to come later.

        Memphis, TN - Sue and I had a great time visiting with everyone at the Lee Lunch Bunch get together. During our visit several folks told me they did not get last week's notice about the latest Traveller. My emails go out to over 300 readers and sometimes email systems sense they are spam and move them either to the Spam folder or the Delete folder in people's email boxes, so you might need to check those on days you don't get a notice.

    The actual day of each issue is Monday, so if you don't see one by then, go to www.leestravellerlcom and you will find a link to the latest issue.

    I took several photos at the luncheon and will print some more next week.


Belinda Talley
HHS '69

    Escoe German Beatty, LHS '65,  sent this along. "My sister, Belinda Talley graduated from Huntsville High in 1969 and while working on their 50th Class Reunion obviously became inspired by her (our) glorious good old days.  Belinda attends a  creative writing class at the Huntsville Madison County Senior Center.  John Carson, is her instructor and is also a published author.  I told her you would probably like it and so here it is!  This is clever, silly and funny!"

It’s A Beautiful Morning here in Sweet Home Alabama. You’re listening to W-I-N-O Radio. Traffic slow, best taco, or the winning lotto? At W-I-N-O, just ask, I know. I’m your DJ Darlin’ Dan-Tha’-Man and we have a caller on the line.”

“This is Dan-tha’-Man, what is it you need to understand?”

“It’s Mary Lou and Dolly. What are the latest fashion trends?”

Well, Hello Dolly, Hello Mary Lou. The hottest looks today are, Chantilly Lace, Blue Suede Shoes, and the Itsy-Bitsy Tennie-Winnie Yellow Polka-dot Bikini. Yeah-baby!”

“Our next caller is The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B. How can I help?”

“Dan, I’s a wondering, what’s your very favorite place?”

“Good question Bugle Boy. That’s truly a Sentimental Journey. Sherry lived on Blueberry Hill, but Georgia’s Always on My Mind. Hotel California in Surf City is where the California Girls and Surfer Girls hang out. Since I Get Around and I’m A Girl Watcher, By the Time I get To Phoenix; I’m almost there. You better Hold On, I’m Coming because California, Here I Come!”

“Dan-tha’-Man here on WINO. What do you want to know?”

“ was Summertime, a Moon River night, we were Sitting on The Dock of The Bay watching The Harbor Lights. Oh, What A Night, do you remember? Wouldn’t It Be Nice if we could have Another Saturday Night like that?”

“Well... Hey Jude. Is it really you!? After all these years and I Only Have Eyes for You.”

“Look here, Hurdy Gurdy Man, I’m not Cathy’s Clown or your Sweet Caroline. There was a Bad Moon Rising in Downtown that night. You turned on Penny Lane, The Poor Side of Town, Down in the Boondocks and went straight to the Sugar Shack. My Suspicious Mind warned me that you were a Wild Thing! I should have noticed that you were Walking on Sunshine and had visited that, Madam Ruth, the gypsy with the gold capped tooth. You slipped Love Potion # 9, a Double Shot into my Coke-Cola.

“Good Golly Miss Molly, it’s you! I’m All Shook Up! Don’t Be Cruel because Chances Are it wasn’t me. Anyway, It’s All in The Game, Ain’t That a Shame?  Stop your squalling, Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

“That’ll Be the Day, you Hound Dog, I’m A Believer, just not in you! I’m calling to warn you. Remember Mack the Knife, and his Hot Rod Lincoln? He divorced Mustang Sally to marry Peggy Sue, then she became Run Around Sue now he blames you. I married his cousin, Bad-Bad Lee Roy Brown, the Leader of the Pack. if you desire Stayin’ Alive, you better Hit the Road Jack.”

I Respect your advice. Please Knock on Wood and Say a Little Prayer for Me. I’ll be Leaving on a Jet Plane in The Midnight Hour with a Pretty Woman, My Soul and Inspiration. I Can See Clearly Now that me and my Brown Eyed Girl, Mrs. Robinson will be Happy Together, living somewhere Over the Rainbow in a YMCA.