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190401 April 1, 2019


Southern Twilight Zone

Our Classmates Experienced "The Twilight Zone"
Tommy Towery
LHS '64

    Last week we entered The Twilight Zone, looking back at one of the TV shows that made its mark on our teenage years. I asked you which episodes you remember the best and several of you sent me your choices.

    Spencer Thompson, LHS '64, wrote, "Good Monday Morning and Blessings T. My favorite episode of the Twilight Zone was The Hunt with Arthur Hunnicutt.

    Woody Beck also replied with, "What an interesting coincidence. About two weeks ago I started binge watching reruns of The Twilight Zone on U-tube, and a few days ago I was watching the episode “The Monsters Due on Maple Street”, and thought how relevant for today. Serling tapped into a universal human weakness and how it can lead perversely to tragic outcomes."

    Jim Ballard, LHS '67, "Tommy...I was  moved by your great tribute to Serling's Twilight Zone, arguably the very best of TV; I would say the very best yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Serling's original Twilight Zone is a Hollywood industry standard that any first rate producer/ director/ writer aspires to today, and (always) fails miserably...Just witness the dreary, lame attempts to imitate TZ over the past few decades, and it becomes a no-brainer that Hollywood will never match the series...Ever !

    Of course, as with anything on the ubiquitous, hypnotic tube, there were a few weak episodes. 

    But I don't agree with some of Stephen King's criticisms in his non-fiction book, "Dance Macabre" ('81)...King is a great writer, but his writing skills rest squarely (and not solely) on the shoulders of many greater writers, such as Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont, both of whom created great scripts for Serling's master showcase. 

    Serling himself was never a light weight either; not only for his great contributions to TZ, but scripts for such great films as "Requiem for a Heavyweight" ('56 & '62), and "Patterns" ('56). "Requiem" ('62) is among the top five films of all time on my list.

    I could write forever about my admiration for both Serling, and the TZ episodes. The very best ones, (and even the ones not so "best" of all the 156 episodes), were nothing less than "morality plays" for all of us. 

    Serling's Twilight Zone was an ingenious secular template for human posterity, brilliantly displayed as "object lessons" on how we should behave (and NOT behave) as human beings. 

    Like Shakespeare, Serling was a "man for all times".

    Among my many favorite episodes, and timely even today (especially today !) was "The Lonely", the very first of the '59/'60 season (after the pilot)...The story of a prisoner sentenced to an asteroid, bonding with a "female" robot, secretly left to him by a supply ship captain...

    "The Lonely" left an indelible, heart-wrenching impression on an 11 year old in 1959, and on an 71 year old, in 2019 ! ...As well as many more episodes to come for the next five seasons after '59."

    Max Kull added, "You already mentioned one of my all time favorites - "Time Enough at Last" with Burgess Meredith.

    Two of my other favorites are "The Hitch-Hiker" with Inger Stevens and "One for the Angels" with Murray Hamilton and the *GREAT* Ed Wynn.

    Cool that we can now easily stream this stuff and re-watch whenever we want.

    Finally Barb Biggs Knott, LHS '66,  wrote in, "Your write-up about the Twilight Zone brought back a lot of memories for me. I still watch it whenever they have the marathons on SY-FY channel. I always enjoy looking at the early acting opportunities featuring so many of our favorite actors and actresses when they were just starting out in the business.  One of my favorite episodes was the one where the old man was dying and all his family gathered around like hawks just waiting so they could inherit his money. He made them all where a mask and they could remove it once he had died. It was called ‘The Masks’. But there were so many other great episodes as well.  I don’t think a revamped version of Rod Sterling’s original series  will ever have the same impact on me."

    So, for your enjoyment, I present to you a Youtube video of what one person thinks were the 10 greatest "The Twilight Zone" episodes. 

Top 10 Twilight Zone Episodes

        Memphis, TN -  I will not be doing an April Fool joke on you this year. Last time I did one it sent many of you into a panic mode when I told you I was going to quit publishing Lee's Traveller. Even though I explained at the end of the story it was all an April's Fool joke I spent a week answering emails trying to explain it was all a joke and turning down offers of funding assistance if I needed it.

    Well, March Madness is really driving people mad this year. It doesn't matter if we are now in April, it is still March Madness for basketball fans. For those who understand "brackets" many of them have had their's broken. A big congratulations goes out to you Auburn fans on your advance to the Final Four. As for my personal bracket it was broken today for the winner choice, but still I've done very good this year until today.

Thursday, April 25, 2019
11:00 AM
Galen’s Restaurant
Andrew Jackson Way
Huntsville, Alabama

    Hello to all of you fellow Lee Generals from the classes of ’64, ’65, and’66. It’s that time again! Be sure to save the date for our upcoming spring luncheon. As always, we meet on the last Thursday of April and October of each year. No excuses for not putting those dates on your calendars in advance. This year begins our ninth year for the Lee Lunch Bunch, so I hope to see as many of you as possible this time. Please do, if possible, let us know if you plan to come by phone, text, email, or Facebook. Hope to see you there!

Patsy Hughes Oldroyd ‘65
H (256) 232-7583
C (256) 431-3396

Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid
C (256) 656-3667


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Thanks

Joel Weinbaum

LHS '64

    Thanks for letting me share my dental experience with our classmates. This past year has been a revelation of aging. Cataract surgery a year ago. Color clarity is great but floaters and glare persist. The glare is particularly annoying during night time driving. Right eye is set for long distance focus and the left for closer focus, but for reading I wear 2.5 “Readers.” 

    Following the eye surgery I experienced a couple of false starts with this dental work until i finally realized I needed a concerted approach to dealing with the whole dental issue. First, I changed dentists. Then in the process acquired a Periodontist and an Orthodontist. So much better to get it right all the way around. The graffs are progressing, and the lower gap is slowly closing. I have a almost natural bridge for the two upper front teeth, and can even eat with it but it gets food in and around leaving me with the need to go to where i can take it out to rinse. The Invisalign is not really made for chewing, so I have to take that out to eat. Don’t like the “in and out" of either appliance if front of folks. 




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