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180326 March 26, 2018


The Wonder Bread Years
Tommy Towery
LHS '64

    If I had been a stand-up comic instead of a writer, this is what I might have done.

    Last week Sue and I took advantage of a little known program and received free tickets to a show here in Memphis. There is an organization called Vet Tix which offers veterans a chance to get free tickets to various shows and sporting events. Vet Tix * provides tickets to events which reduce stress, strengthen family bonds, build life-long memories and encourage service members and veterans to stay engaged with local communities and American life. We support our troops by honoring their service and providing positive family and life experiences, during and after their years of service to our country.

    Vet Tix provides tickets to all branches of currently-serving Military and Veterans, including immediate family of troops KIA.

    Vet Tix secures tickets to sporting events, concerts, performing arts, educational and family activities across the nation. VetTixers sign up online. We verify their service. VetTixers request tickets to events that interest them, then pay a small delivery fee to receive their free tickets.

    If you are a veteran, then check them out I have seen several Huntsville area tickets available over the last couple of months.

     This show is described as: "A fresh and funny salute to Americana, The Wonder Bread Years Starring Pat Hazell (former Seinfeld writer) is a fast-paced, hilarious production that gracefully walks the line between stand-up and theater. Audiences across the country are enjoying a show that not only restores a much-needed sense of wonder, but leaves audiences laughing and savoring the past like never before. From sitting at the kids table to riding in the way back of the Country Squire Wagon, The Wonder Bread Years is a comic bulls-eye for Baby Boomers everywhere."

    This was one of the funniest one-man shows I have seen in a long time and Sue and I both laughed our heads off as Pat took us on a journey back to our childhoods.

©2010 Andy Snow

The Wonder Bread Years

Operation Christmas Child Ministry
Jennifer White Bannecke          
LHS '66

(Editor's Note: I saw some interesting posts on Facebook by Jennifer and I asked her to fill us in on what she was up to. Here is her reply.)

    I am the Project Leader for the Operation Christmas Child ministry at our church in North Augusta, SC.  The purpose of Operation Christmas Child is to use gift-filled shoeboxes to demonstrate Gods love in a tangible way to children in need around the world.  We normally hand out empty shoeboxes in October and people fill them with hygiene items, school supplies and toys and other miscellaneous items that are allowed.  Then in November we collect the filled boxes and ship them to one of the eight processing centers in the United States. The boxes are then inspected and shipped out to 150 different countries. So far 157 million boxes have been distributed in the past 25 years.

    This year I felt led to not wait until October but to start in January and challenge all my friends to do 12 boxes this year instead of the one or two they normally rush around to fill during the holidays.  That way you have plenty of time and can bargain shop and do more for less.  Well, when I sent the challenge out on facebook early January I figured people would think I’m crazy starting this early for something that wasn’t due until November.  Well, low and behold, I had 17 people come back and say yes, they would do 12 boxes each this year.  I was amazed at the response!  I have asked for donations, begged for donations and gone and picked up donated items and so far I have 198 shoeboxes finished.  I have never done but 5!!!

    People have donated toothbrushes, crayon, bar soap, school supplies, stuffed animals.  I actually had a lady donate 114 beanie babies this week.  What a blessing!  They were in perfect shape and there will be 114 shoeboxes that have a beanie baby include with the school supplies and the hygiene items. Also, Stella Beasley Wilson, Class of '67, saw my post on facebook and said she would crochet hats for 100 of the shoeboxes.  That made me cry! Then I was contacted by Mary Satterfield Cook and she wanted to be a part of this ministry.

    I know many of you are a part of this ministry at your church and I commend you for your hard work.  For those of you looking to be a part of a ministry, this is a wonderful and rewarding ministry.  I need people to write me a check so I can go out and buy the crayons and school supplies, the toothbrushes and bar soap for these children that live in poverty and have never received a gift in their lives. Do you hear me Dr. John Drummond??? I hope we can do over 1000 this year!

    When each child receives the shoebox they are told that Jesus Loves them and then they want to know who this Jesus is?

    If you would like to help me in this endeavor here is what I need.  

    Pens, pencils, crayons, pencil sharpeners, coloring books, erasers, spiral notebooks, scissors, toothbrushes, bar soap, washcloths, toy cars and trucks or action figures, dolls, jewelry, etc.  Anything a child would need or like that will fit inside a shoebox. A $9 donation per shoebox, to cover shipping and handling, is suggested by Samaritan Purse, who heads up Operation Christmas Child.  

    Also, any financial donation will help me purchase these items for the shoeboxes or help with the shipping and handling.

    My contact information is:

Jennifer Bannecke
107 Line Bars Dr.
North Augusta, SC. 29860

    Thanks so much in advance! You will be blessed!

        Memphis, TN - Lots of stuff this week. Thanks to all who continue to contribute to our collective memories. Please, if any of you have anything going on in your lives today, or just remembered a great memory of the past, your classmates would love to hear about it. 

Lee Lunch Bunch

For the Classes of 64, 65, and ‘66

Date: Thursday, April 26, 2018

Time: 11:00 am

Place: Galen’s Restaurant (formerly Mullin’s)

           Andrew Jackson Way

           Huntsville, AL

    Well, it’s that time again. It has been a long, hard, and cold winter for many of us, and we are ready to get out and enjoy the warm spring days. With that thought in mind, please save the date for our special group to meet, eat, and catch up with each other. Hope to see you there, and please do let me know that you plan to come. I do need to let the restaurant know in advance about how many of our group will plan to be there.

    Thanks and see you soon,

Patsy Hughes Oldroyd ‘65

(256) 232-7583

(256) 431-3396


Ask Dr. John
John Drummond
LHS '65

    Q: John, more and more of my friends are starting using CPAP machines at night. I know they were not around in our youth. What is the big drive in prescribing them these days?

    A: When we were growing up, I am not sure there was a known illness called "Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)"   It has become increasingly recognized as a common but subtle cause of fatigue over the past 10-15 years, perhaps longer.   Basically when one is asleep there is intermittent obstruction of air flow into the lungs, causing blood oxygen levels to drop; the person then has a semi-wakeful episode (never totally awake) and begins to breathe rapidly in order to get blood oxygen levels back up to normal.  These episodes may occur 20-30 times/hour or more.  This prevents sound, restful deep sleep, and the person awakens in the morning not feeling well-rested, but tired.  Often the person may fall asleep during the day, and/or need a nap or two.

    The obstruction to air flow may be in the sinuses, but is more common in the throat, often associated with obesity, i.e. a thick neck blocking normal air flow.  The sleep partner may note snoring, restless legs, or erratic breathing pattern.  However, severe sleep apnea can exist in the absence of any symptoms at all other than fatigue.  About 1 of 5 visits to a Primary Care Physician include complaints of fatigue.  After ruling out such causes as anemia, thyroid dysfunction, COPD, etc. Obstructive Sleep Apnea should be considered.   The conclusive proof requires a diagnostic sleep study (Polysomnography) in which the patient is monitored in a Sleep Lab with continuous measurements of breathing rate/rhythm, blood oxygen level and other parameters.  The specialty of Sleep Medicine is a sub-specialty of Pulmonary (Lung) Medicine.

    Treatment is often with CPAP mask worn during sleep, which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.   Moist air is blown into the lungs during sleep, preventing a drop in breathing rate/rhythm and low blood oxygen level.   Patients usually respond almost immediately once the mask is properly adjusted, and wake up rested, have more energy during the day, and no longer require naps.

    The diagnosis of OSA can be elusive and subtle;  taking a history from the sleep partner is essential.  There is also a very high association with atrial fibrillation; anyone who has atrial fib and complains of fatigue should probably be checked for sleep apnea.


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Box Tops

George Vail

LHS '66

    Eddie Burton worked several sessions with the session drummer from Chips American studio in Memphis... Gene Chrisman is the drummers name ... He was a ton of hits ... Eddie told this in a recent PM:

     "From Aretha’s Never Loved A Man The Way That I Loved You, To Angel Of Thr Morning,Merrilee Rush, to Drift Away Doby Gray, to Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head to The Letter by the BoxTops to In The Ghetto, Kentucky Rain, Suspicious Minds, Don’t Cry Daddy by Elvis, to Always On My Mind , Willie Nelson plus the early James and Bobby Purify stuff. Plus more great ones than I’ve mentioned. He’s in the musicians hall of fame and one of the original ‘Memphis Boys.'"



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