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180212 February 12, 2018

Responses To Last Week’s
Terry Barnes’
Orange Bowl Story

 Max Kull

     It was fun to see Terry's article about the band's Orange Bowl trip last week.  It brought up a lot of memories.  I immediately recognized the LP before I read the article.  In those days, our family pretty much lived hand to mouth with my mother being the chief gatekeeper who insured that non-essential expenses were few and far between.  The one area where she would always open the gates was anything relating to her children's school life.  I don't remember whether or not our copy came from Terry but since we spent a lot of time together in scouts (Troop 305 if memory serves), it's entirely possible.   I'll have to check with my sister in Michigan to see if our copy still survives in the stuff my mother left behind there before her passing.

     I don't think I've actually seen Terry since he and Jerry Stoddard visited us at 372C West Glenn and performed alternate versions of 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill'.  Shout out to Sandy an Susie!  NOTE TO TERRY: If you read this, give me a yell over at  It would be good to reconnect with you.

Polly Gurley Redd

LHS ‘66

     Thanks to Terry Barnes for the story of the Orange Bowl Parade trip. I still have that record of the band and have even played it in the past 2 years, though maybe not the whole thing. It brings back memories of sitting in front of the television to see the Lee High Band in the parade and how proud we all were of our school. Thanks for sharing.

Janet James Holland
LHS '67
Whidbey Island, WA

     Thanks for Terry's memories of the bus trip to the Orange Bowl! I was on xylophone that year, later flute, piccolo, oboe, and my memory was the Nebraska players in our hotel elevator....very exciting for a freshman! My final memory was carry my instrument, suitcase, uniform, coat and everything, exhausted, down our long drive, clumsily opening the front door, and my poodle Beau running through me from his outside banishment, into the dining room, into our dinner guest's lap, Werner von Braun. Never forgot that embarrassment!

Curt Lewis

     Many thanks to Terry Barnes for his recollections of the LHS Band Orange Bowl bus trip.  I can add a few points that are hopefully accurate.  With regard to the food along the way, I believe the meals were pre-arranged and consisted almost exclusively of fried chicken.  C.E. Wynn senior, who was at that time a Huntsville police officer, accompanied the band on the trip.

     Mr. Bob Becks (father of Roger and Sylvia) was a consummate promoter and was to a large extent responsible for the promotional activities leading up to the trip as Terry mentioned in his account.  This included a declaration from the governor proclaiming the LHS Band an official representative of the state for the Orange Bowl festivities, and the loan by Woody Anderson of a new Ford sedan for promotional use prior to and during the trip.  Mr. Becks drove the car to Miami and back with some of the chaperones as passengers.

     I remember the band marching in a really long night parade in Coral Gables.  I believe we were told the parade route was 5 miles long, which would likely be our longest parade ever.  It certainly felt that long!  Despite the icy weather in Huntsville reported by Terry, it was quite warm in Florida and therefore miserable in our wool band uniforms.

W. Dale Meyer

I read Terry’s article on the LHS band trip to the Orange Bowl. Terry, Steve Kirschner and I hung together in the heydays of Lakewood and pinhook creek. I called Terry’s practice in Florida and was informed he no longer worked there. Perhaps he retired. We are of that age lol. I was hoping u might have an email address so I can reconnect.

Thanks for your work on the newsletter. Lee was a special time and place and still remains in my heart.

        Memphis, TN - If you want to read more about the Band’s Orange Bowl Trip, I invite you to revisit a story contriibuted by Rainer Klauss from 2014. Click on the link below.

     I have not found a good solution to my data storage problem yet so this week I will not be including any pctures with this issue. I will continue working on the prorblem and maybe have better news next week.

The Twist

Some Dance Reflections
Tommy Towery
LHS ‘64

     Many of you may not remember, but there was a problem with doing the Twist. Some folks would either be too energetic in their adaptation of the dance, or their bodies were not really built to do it. There were a lot of knees dislocated while attempting to show ones moves on the dance floor. It happened to at least one of our own classmates. One Monday Carol Jean Williams showed up for school with her leg in a cast - a souvenir of her twisting at a dance party over the weekend.

The Dog

     One Thanksgiving I went to Memphis over the long weekend and while there I went to a teenage dance at the VFW club there. Of course Memphis was the big city to this kid from small town Huntsville and I did not know anyone at the dance. I just sat around most of the time watching the other kids. I was curious when I saw a bunch of kids huddled around a couple of couples who were being cheered on by the group.  I tried to get close enough to see what was going on, but before I could two of the chaperones broke into the crowd an separated the boys from the girls they were dancing with. It was all over before I was able to see what the action was. However, that said, it was not long before the crowd formed again and that time I had a front row view. What I saw were several couples doing the most suggestive and dirty dance to which I had ever been exposed. The girls were turning their backsides to the boys and the boys were simulating humping the girls. Welcome to Memphis Tommy, home of Rufus Thomas and “The Dog.” It did not take long for them to once again be invaded by the chaperones and their dance brought to a standstill. That happened several more times in the evening. I came home to tell my friends about the lewd dances they did in Memphis, but my story was soon no news, because soon after The Dog came to Huntsville. I know the moves did not spread via “American Bandstand” this time, but they sure spread fast. That was the first dance I though about when the movie “Dirty Dancing” hit the theaters.

Monkey Time

     I always like Major Lance’s song “Monkey Time” and the dance that grew from the song. It was a fun little dance where you got to swing from vines and pull a banana off a tree, peel it, eat it, then throw away the peeling, all to a perky little number.


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Subject:    Last Week’s Comments

Spencer Thompson

LHS ‘64


I neglected to put in the person name I went to Nashville with it was Joe Barron.



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