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170918 September 18, 2017

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LHS Class of 1987
To Hold 50-Year Reunion
Max Kull
LHS '67

    The class of '67 reunion is two weeks from now.  We would welcome all classes from '64-'69 to join us.  We have a little slide show/video for you to enjoy.

Click below to view the Reunion Application

Perfumes for Girls and Colognes for Guys
Patsy Hughes Oldroyd
LHS '65 

    One more article about perfumes for the girls and colognes for the guys when we were in high school.

    When we were in high school at Lee, I really liked both English Leather and Canoe for the guys. My father also wore English Leather so I guess mother liked it too. Canoe for the guys seemed to be the counterpart to Ambush for the girls because they smelled very similar. Ambush was my favorite at that time. I do remember one evening when several of us were in the car headed to a party up on Monte Sano Mountain, that we had to stop back by my house for some reason.  

    While I was inside, I of course had to get another little puff or two of my Ambush just to make sure that I smelled nice. Some perfumes did not have a lingering aroma, so I wanted to make sure that mine was still fresh. Anyway, I just about asphyxiated John Drummond in the back seat of the car when I got back in to head on out to the party. He had already said earlier how much he liked that fragrance for girls so I guess I thought that I needed a bit more of it on.  He was very polite about it while he was coughing and hanging his head out the car window to breathe! Ha! 

    Sorry John. Hope that you had forgotten about that one.

        Memphis, TN - You classmates who do not use Facebook or read the Huntsville Times may not be aware, but there is another effort being launched to change the name of Lee High School. I have been approached from both sides of the forces asking for my support in championing their position. Though I got involved the last time this issue came up, I have decided it is not in the best interest of Lee's Traveller readers to become a political platform on this ongoing problem.

    I am sure most of you know where I stand, but since I will not offer equal coverage to each side, I will not state my opinion or print any letters from any classmates either pro or con on the name change issue.

    What I will do is state that a petition was started by the current students of Lee to change the name. In response to this, a Facebook group composed of mainly Lee alumni has started their own petition to fight the name change. It should not be hard to do a Facebook search for Lee High School Name Change petition and find several links to the issue. Currently the group for keeping the name has over 3,100 signatures and the petition to rename it has 2,500 signatures. You may also search the Huntsville Times for stories.

    What I am asking is for you to please not email me with arguments for either side to publish in Lee's Traveller. This school paper is dedicated to trying to keep the classmates informed of what is going on in our lives and to share common stories of our past. It is not intended to be a political platform.

    In light of the political activity aspect of this situation, I would like to remind the group of a few things in our history.

    I was only given “official status” for the site by three year groups ( ’64-’65-‘66), since some efforts were in place at the time for other classes to have their on sites. That is why 1967 and 1968 were not officially included in our site. Although we are the ’64-’65-‘66 official site, other class year alumni along with anyone else who wants to join in with us are welcomed as visitors with full participation rights.

    The official launch of the site was March 31, 2000, with the initial idea of having it as a place to post notices about reunion activities and to keep everyone informed about the progress being made on reunion plans. The concept of a weekly newspaper was not part of the original plans. That said, I have not missed with the weekly publication since the week after 9-11-2001. 

    With that in mind, I think this is a good time to once again print the original mission statement for this site.

Lee’s Traveller Mission Statement

    Our primary goal is entertainment and to have fun. We do not desire to offend any person or group, but we will not let political correctness cause an unnecessary hardship.

    We avoid religion and political issues and do not post e-mails that talk about such subjects unless they have a direct connection with a classmate. We do not forward bulk e-mails or jokes to the group.

    The purpose of most articles will be to inform and inspire. We want articles that will make our classmates relate to the subject and force them to remember common things.  A good article will include as many names, events, and items that other classmates remember and if possible some visual aid should be included. Some articles will be designed to show that we are not dead yet, and to let our classmates know that there is still a lot of living to do. We want a lot of humor in our lives, and the more we can add the better. The primary goal of most articles is to encourage feedback from other classmates with similar stories or to enhance or expand on the ideas presented. Of course, death notices, sick families, etc. will be the exceptions.

    For memories of most music, entertainment, events, etc. we should try to use 1966 as the cutoff.  If that is not possible, at least try to relate what we write to that time, such as going to a concert today for someone we listened to back in school, or something that happened in college or afterward, but with a classmate from school.  Lee High School and Huntsville in general are our most common bonds for the entire group. Most of our readers are entertained by the things that happened from 1st grade to the time of their graduation.  

Thursday, October 26, 2017
11:00 a.m.


GALEN’S RESTAURANT (Formerly Mullin’s)
607 Jackson Way
Huntsville, AL 35801

    As we approach the eighth year for Lee Lunch Bunch (’64,’65,’66), it seems to be a good time for us to try a new location. We have all enjoyed these last seven years meeting at Logan’s Restaurant, and they have been very nice and accommodating. Perhaps we may go back there at some point, but for now, we are going to meet and hopefully enjoy a favorite old hangout for many of us.  I hope that you will save the date for Thursday, October 26, 2017, and let’s all meet at Galen’s.

    Galen’s has owned and operated a successful restaurant in the New Hope area for several years.  In June they opened a second location in Huntsville in the former Mullin’s location.  They are open for breakfast and lunch (until 2:00 PM) for now, but they do have plans to stay open for dinner in the near future.  Galen’s features a traditional meat and vegetable plate lunch with many side items to choose from.  They also have other 

    items on their extensive menu such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc.  Also, deserts!  There will certainly be something on the menu that will appeal to everyone.  Google Galen’s Restaurant and take a peek at their pictures and their menu.

    We must let Galen’s know by the day before how many plan to be there so they can arrange tables and have enough chairs ready.  Please contact either Judy Fedrowich Kincaid or me by that date if you plan to join us.   Hoping to see many of you there.

Thanks a Bunch!

Patsy Hughes Oldroyd, Class of ‘65
home (256)232-7583
cell (256)431-3396 or on FACEBOOK for 
either of us
Judy Fedrowich Kincaid, Class of ‘66
cell (256)656-3667


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Bankhead Parkway and Perfume

Barbara Diamond


    Rainer's fast ride down the mountain looks as lovely and scary as it was decades ago. It brought back memories of a street that we in Darwin Downs called "suicide hill." I don't recall the official street name. It was a very steep hill that I believe intersected with the parkway. I recall a couple of occasions when we had enough snow sledding on one of those plastic saucers, although I don't think I took off from the top. Now that was a scary experience.

    Parking at the lookouts on the Parkway was also scary as reminded by Tommy because we were all aware of the various terrifying stories of bad things happening to unwary teenagers who parked there to make-out. Maybe our parents circulated those rumors!

    The response to Tommy's piece on cologne surprised me. I thought I was the only one who used Emeraude. A quick look just now at Google reveals it was created in 1921. One reviewer describes it as being like a lime-flavored creamsicle. That sounds about right. It also sounds pretty tasty as I have always liked creamsickles. Another fragrance I used was Jean Nate After Bath Splash, but only in the summer - not sure why.

    Thanks as always for the memories!

Subject:    Colognes
Chip Smoak
LHS '66

    I preferred English Leather.  A neighborhood buddy who lived two doors up the street always wore Brut.  I promise that I could smell him as soon as he stepped out of his house.  It was that strong.  He never could sneak up on anyone after he started wearing Brut.