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170814 August 14, 2017

Pictured (L-R): Pat Alger, Buddy Cannon (representing the late Vern Gosdin), Jim McBride, Tim Nichols, Walt Aldridge and Mark Ford, executive director of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Photo: Bev Moser

Jim McBride, LHS '65
Selected for 2017 Class of
Nashville's Music Hall of Fame


    Vern Gosdin, Jim McBride, Walt Aldridge and Tim Nichols are the four newest inductees to go into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame this October. The four will be officially inducted during the 47th Anniversary Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala on Oct. 23 at the Music City Center.

    “The quality of the songs that emanate from the legendary Nashville Songwriting community is most often the standard by which songwriters measure their success,” says Pat Alger. “Iconic songs from its eminent songwriters help make this town the musical sanctuary it has become and in turn, the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame celebrates the illustrious careers of those songwriters each year by inducting four new members, the highest honor that any Nashville songwriter can hope for. This year we are extremely proud to welcome the class of 2017: Walt Aldridge and Tim Nichols in the songwriter category; Jim McBride in the veteran songwriter category and the late Vern Gosdin as our songwriter/artist.”

    Huntsville, Alabama native Jim McBride got his first guitar at 21 and began taking lessons from his uncle. He started bringing his songs to Nashville in the early 1970s, and by 1972 had several cuts by The Hagers. In 1980 Jim made the move to Nashville and began landing hits like “Bet Your Heart On Me” by Johnny Lee, “Your Memory Ain’t What It Used To Be” by Mickey Gilley and “Rose In Paradise” by Waylon Jennings. In the early 1990s, Jim met an aspiring young singer named Alan Jackson and their collaboration yielded the #1 hits “Chasing That Neon Rainbow,” “(Who Says) You Can’t Have It All,” “Someday” and “Chattahoochee,” which was Song of the Year for the Country Music Association, ASCAP and American Songwriter Magazine, as well as Billboard Magazine’s most-performed song of the year.

        Memphis, TN -  Congratulations to Jim McBride on his selection by the Nashville Music Hall of Fame. It brings a great honor to all of his classmates. 

    My creative writing class has introduced me to the Japanese poetry style called Haiku, and though it was designed as a tribute to nature, I find it fun to play with. The way we do it is to use a basic 5-7-5 style. The first line having five syllables, the second line seven syllables and the third line again with five syllables. 

    I don't know if any of you have ever tried writing poems of that type, but I was thinking maybe if you have you might send me a couple to print.

    Personally, I think it would be fun to try to write a few Haikus about our days at Lee High School, which I will attempt to do by next week. Join me if you wish.


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Subject:    Chunkin'   

Dennis Tribble

    I really liked that game (Collin's talked about last week). Thanks for memories I had forgotten. 

    Tommy your a stand up guy. I'm proud to call you my friend. 



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