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170717 July 17, 2017


Long Lost Document Recovered
by Tommy Towery
LHS '64

    I had a rather strange thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I was visiting with a group at church and someone walked up and handed me a piece of paper with my name on it. I do not know where it came from, or who saved it for me, but my best guess is it somehow got mixed up in a bunch of books I gave to the church for a rummage sale.

    The document was an autobiography I must have done for school, and based upon my stated age at the time, I would have to guess it was for an eight grade assignment when I was still going to Huntsville Junior High. I base that conclusion partially because in the summer of 1960 I attended the Boy Scout National Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I did not mention that fact in my travel section of the autobiography. The fall after the Boy Scout trip I transferred to Lee Junior High to begin the ninth grade there.

    At first it was a little confusing, since it was type written and I did not learn to type until Mrs. Parks taught me in the ninth grade. My only thought on the subject is that my mother had a portable typewriter and I must have two-fingered hunted and pecked out the text.

    I found several points of wisdom in the short account of my life, including the statement that I was sure someone would beat me to the moon - which they did. I also found it prophesying when I acknowledged my love of travel, and pleasing to have recorded my love of roller skating.

    As a late-bloomer, my failure to mention any female attraction reminds me I did not really get interested in girls until after this was written. As stated repeatedly, that interest came with my roller skating adventures.

    Below is the full text of my "Autobiography."

Autobiography of  Tommy Towery

    At 8:40 a.m. on June 21, 1946 I joined this race known as man. It was in Huntsville, Alabama, at the Huntsville Hospital that all this took place. My parents were Mr. and Mrs.Carl F. Towery. My given name is Carl Thomas Towery, but I have been called Tommy all my life.

    At the age of three I moved from Huntsville, to Miland, Tennessee, but one year later I moved back to Huntsville. I started my education at Farley Grammar School, and since then I have attended 4 other schools.

    As a child my greatest ambition was to be the first man to go to the moon, but in the last couple of years I have given this ambition up, for I am sure someone will beat me to it.

    All my life I have liked to travel, and when I was three my family and I crossed the Mississippi River to visit my aunt living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and when she moved up North I visited her nearly ever summer.

    Now I am nearly fifteen, and I am enjoying life very much. I am an active member of the Boy Scouts, and my favorite recreation is roller skating.

        Memphis, TN - I am about to run into a problem with the site hosting Lee's Traveller. I was reaching my quota on data so I purchased some extra storage space from Google. This week when I started trying to insert pictures it said I was out of storage. I will have to research my options this week and see how I can fix the problem.


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Movie Alert

John Drummond

LHS '65

While reading a newspaper article about the seventh season opening episode of "Game of Thrones" Sunday at 9 PM EDT on HBO, I read about the 21-year old actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, a beautiful warrior princess with long reddish tresses.   In an upcoming film she plays a blond, tattooed Alabama wild child, co-starring with Dylan McDermott.  Title of the movie: "Huntsville."

Subject:    Last Week's Issue
Escoe German Beatty
LHS '65

    Kudos to you on your fabulous poetic endeavor!  You would make Seuss proud.  It was pure genius!!  And yes, twin grandchildren WILL change your life!

    I have also enjoyed the articles about your memories of childhood in the ‘good ole days’.  Sorry, I moved here in 1959 and have many memories of going downtown on the bus on Saturdays and prowling through The Mary Shop, Town and Country, Rose Jewelry, Grants, The Jewelry Box, Harold’s, Dunnavant’s and other “girly” stores but I missed the Grand News Stand.  I remember going into the Rexall Drug store because there was the downstairs ‘cafe’ that had a very mysterious feeling about it… made you think you were going into an Adult Area that should have been taboo.  And I must not forget the Krystal and the other one, Sno-Wite, and McClellans (?) that had the old soda fountain bar, wooden floors and ceiling fans.  

    I also remember the movies (you have mentioned many times) but the best trips for me was to the Big Springs Municipal Pool.  We would get off the bus on the square and walk down to the pool…close your eyes and you can still smell the strong scent of chlorine that permeated the area.  To this day when I smell chlorine I think of that pool.  Going to the pool in those days for me was a real treat and our parents did not think anything about it possibly being dangerous.  Just let your 12 year old hop on a public bus and walk through downtown to a pool that employed Sarajane and Judy as life guards…  sure why not!!!  WOW we have really come a loooong way since then.  Wish that it was still the ‘good ole days’… so much simpler and safer then when the world was not so insane.

    One last thing… Rainer, I believe you have penned a sentence with a record number of words in it…86!  It was hard to realize that it was legally one real sentence!  Congratulations!!  (the one listing the publications from the Grand).
    TT please keep up your good work, thank you very much!



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