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160711 July 11, 2016


The Huntsville Medical Mall
Mike crowl
LHS '65

        Well, I had to visit the Huntsville Medical Mall lately for some tests and am still waiting for results.The facility was very nice. Huntsville has done a good job advancing its medical services to help those who may be in need. What a great attribute to the community.

         Ironically, I remember the mall when it was still a shopping mall (Dunnivant's). I went to many dances in that mall. There are many good memories for me, as well as, probably some other of our classmates. The ironic part is where life was once so carefree and visions of life, forever, now hosts the possibility of medical problems and even the end of life for some.

       I know of some that received an end of life notice after visiting the medical mall, unfortunately, and I know some that were saved after their visit to the mall. 

        Today, I write about the mall in hopes other classmates have good memories of it during our school years. I also write about the mall now, as it still serves us well. I wanted to take this time to tell all my Lee Family members not to put off medical issues. Those who live in the Huntsville area are fortunate to have so many great medical facilities and doctors available. For the rest of the Lee Family, hopefully you too have great medical facilities available in your areas.

       Update on my article . In case anyone is curious. My test results came in since I wrote the article. Everything came back great!!

The "IN" plays for a dance at the mall back in the Sixties.

The Blob

1950s Sci-Fi
John Drummond
LHS '65

        Darla's recall of "The Spider" triggered a memory of the sci-fi genre that was so popular in the late 1950s.  I remember seeing the trailer (what we used to call "Previews") of "The Blob" showing a terrified mob of people screaming and running out of a building to escape being engulfed by what appeared to be a huge, mobile mass of Jell-O.   

        The hero was played by a then-unknown actor, Steve McQueen, who later starred in the TV Western series "Wanted, Dead or Alive."   Film roles in really great movies such as "The Magnificent Seven,"  "The Great Escape,"  "The Sand Pebbles," and (much later) "Bullitt," also featured McQueen in leading-man tough, good-guy roles.  A lifelong heavy cigarette smoker, he died too young of mesothelioma, an aggressive lung cancer that just laughs at chemotherapy.

        Another sci-fi film that featured special effects was "The Incredible Shrinking Man," in which the hero fell victim to a science experiment gone awry, and began to shrink gradually to a height of about two inches.  The family cat loomed above him like a battleship, chasing him around a kitchen as if he were a mouse.  I vaguely remember him using a 12-foot long tablespoon he dragged out of a kitchen drawer to battle the giant feline.   (Like Darla, he also had problems with a spider, having to fight one using a straight pin as a sword.) Looking back, it never occurred to me that the hero's clothing shrank along with his body, which makes no sense;  but in 1950s sci-fi films, the plot was heavy on fiction and light on science.

The Incredible Shrinking Man

        Memphis, TN - I had a lot of catching up to do after getting home from my trip to Iowa and just realized I left out my vintage TV episode. It will return next week. Besides, I think John Drummond's post will fill the bill quite well. 

         Thanks to Mike Crowl for sending in the lead article this week.

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