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160613 June 13, 2016


2016 Rock and Roll Reunion
by Tommy Towery
LHS '65

        For the last couple of months we have been pushing the 2016 Rock and Roll Reunion at the Elk's Club in Huntsville. The even was held on Saturday, June 11th, and I will not have a chance to include any stories from that get together until next week. Instead, turn up the volume and enjoy these video clips from the 2011 Reunion. These clips were posted on by Danielle Kraft, daughter of the Sax player.

The Tiks - Mustang Sally- 2011

The Tiks - Monkey Time

        Memphis, TN -  I've had to do this week's Traveller early since I plan to be in Huntsville on Saturday afternoon and early evening attending the Rock and Roll Reunion.Sue and I will have to leave early and drive to our daughter's house in White House, Tennessee, so we can attend a church service on Sunday morning in which our grand-daughter has a part. I hope to have more photos and info on the reunion next week.

My brother Don (back), my mother, and me and our TV on East Clinton Street.

The Vintage Television
Tommy Towery
LHS '64

         I think I came up with a TV show this week that many of you will not remember, until you see it. We've already looked back at TV shows about the French Foreign Legion and Ft. Apache and the Silent Service. In the deep recesses of my mind, there was another show about the military I remember. It took me a while to find anything about it but I finally did.

        The West Point Story is a dramatic anthology television series shown in the United States by CBS during the 1956-57 season and by ABC during the 1957-58 season.

        The West Point Story, produced with the full cooperation of the United States Department of Defense and the United States Military Academy, was said to be based on actual files documenting many of the real-life dramatic occurrences at West Point over the years. Names and dates were altered in order to protect the privacy of the real people portrayed, however. The program was hosted by a fictional cadet, Charles C. Thompson (portrayed by actor Donald May).

        Among those appearing on The West Point Story are Pat ConwayClint EastwoodRon FosterBarbara EdenLarry Hagman (uncredited), Hayden RorkeLarry PennellRon HagerthyTyler MacDuffSteve McQueen,Robert Vaughn, and Leonard Nimoy.

YouTube Video


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From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Troop 66

Glenn James

LHS '65

        I was also a member of Troop 66 for a short time. I got my Tenderfoot badge while there. The Keith brothers talked my parents into letting me join.

I remember us playing some kind of football game in the basement of the church.

        The idea of the game, was you were down on your knees and had to get the football (a pillow) and get to the goal line while the lights were off. When the lights were turned on you had to freeze in position. When someone got the ball over the goal line and the lights were turn on your team won. I know I would go home with a lot of bruises and my Mother wanted to know if I had been fighting. But it was a lot of fun.

        My Dad had me transfer to the Troop sponsored by the Elks Club, I don't remember the number. After the Lakewood Presbyterian Church on Medaris Road started sponsoring Troop 305, I transferred there. I also helped form Explorer Troop 305. I did not get my Eagle as you did, but I was close to getting it, when I dropped out of Scouts and other things. As you, Boy Scouts had a major influence on the building of my life's moral and character standards.

Subject:    Whistles in Songs Trivia Question

George T. Vail

        First song that came to mind, Donna Summers "Bad Girl", although in the disco era there were many tunes that featured a whistle.. This is a hot song from a hot artist in her day. God rest her soul.

Bad Girls 

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