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160530 May 30, 2016


Memorial Day, 2016
Tommy Towery
LHS '64

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces.

        I have to admit that in my past I sometimes was guilty of getting the reason behind some of our military holidays mixed up. I think a lot of this confusion came after 9-11 when everyone started paying attention to the sacrifices made by our service members. I have been known to recognize people for their service during some of my Memorial Day issues, when I really should have singled out only the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up their lives while in uniform.

        I have repeatedly stated that we only had one classmate from the Classes of '64-'65- or '66 killed while on active duty in the military serving his country. That was Capt. Dennis Faber of the Class of '65. Dennis, serving as navigator, and seven other crewmen were killed during a C-130 training mission near Little Rock, Arkansas, on Sept. 8, 1978. Dennis was married to Cherri Polly, LHS '66 at the time.

 Capt. Dennis Faber of the Class of '65

        The Class of '67 had four who gave their all in Vietnam. Their names are listed below:

1. Jimmy Kiger (USMC)
Casualty was on Sep 17, 1966

2. Frankie Acton (US Army)
His tour of duty began on May 20, 1965
Casualty was on Apr 11, 1966

3. David Mallory (USMC)
His tour of duty began on Jan 17, 1969
Casualty was on Feb 25, 1969

4. Sam Smith (US Army)
His tour of duty began on Feb 06, 1968
Casualty was on Jul 14, 1968

        I wish I could name all the members of all the classes of Lee High School who should be remembered on Memorial Day, but I do not have that information. I know we have lost many of our former classmates who are military veterans, but this day is set aside to remember those who died while on active duty.

        Lest we forget.

A Special Remembrance to Those Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice - 
Their Lives for Our Freedom

Let us never forget

by Mike Crowl
LHS '65

        Let me tell my story about why Memorial Day will always be with me. 

        I fought in the Vietnam War. While I was there serving as a platoon sergeant one of my fellow soldier was killed in action - Pfc. Jeffery Jones was his name. I didn't realize one could request another fellow soldier to escort you home but unbeknownst to me, Jeffery had requested me to do so should something happen to him.

        Jeffery was a 19-year old from Wichita, Kansas, and was engaged to be married when he got home. His next of kin were his mother and an uncle.

        This was to be a military burial. Before arriving in Kansas with Jeffery, we laid over in Ft. Lewis, Washington and that day I was given seven complete sets of dress greens, shoes, socks, etc. etc. I was given orders that my uniform better be perfect until I returned. A court martial would be my punishment for improper dress or conduct during my escort duties.

        We arrived in Kansas and were met by his mother, uncle, and his bride to be. The funeral director picked us up and took Jeffery to the funeral home. Jeffery was laid in a closed casket, due to the severe injuries he had received. I'll never forget Jeffrey's mother wanted to see him. Her brother said she needed to do so because in World War II the service sometimes sent back the wrong bodies. I pleaded with them not to without being discourteous. I explained I was there and she should please try to remember her son as he was before this tragedy.
        She refused and said she had to see him. The funeral director set up a viewing room for her and her brother. I requested not to attend. Mrs. Jones had brown hair when she went in for the viewing. I knew when they opened the casket because there was the most horrific outcry I had ever heard. It went all through me. When Mrs. Jones came out of the viewing room her hair was solid white from the shock – not just part of it, all of it. My heart was broken for her.

        We had a beautiful service in his honor complete with a military burial and a 21-gun salute. 

        The war was nothing compared to this tragic event I had experienced.

        It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but I was honored to be chosen by Jeffery.

        Memphis, TN -  I hope all of you have a safe and happy Memorial Day, but sometime during the day stop a moment to remember what we should actually be celebrating on this National Holiday.

My brother Don (back), my mother, and me and our TV on East Clinton Street.

The Vintage Television
Tommy Towery
LHS '64

Victory at Sea

        Victory at Sea is a documentary television series about warfare in general during World War II, and naval warfare in particular, as well as the use of industry in warfare. It was originally broadcast by NBC in the USA in 1952–1953. Excerpts from the music soundtrack, by Richard Rodgers and Robert Russell Bennett, were re-recorded and sold as record albums. The original TV broadcasts comprised 26 half-hour segments—Sunday afternoons at 3pm (EST) in most markets—starting on October 26, 1952 and ending on May 3, 1953. The series, which won an Emmy award in 1954 as "best public affairs program", played an important part in establishing historic "compilation" documentaries as a viable television genre.


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From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Ramar of the Jungle

Dink Hollingsworth

LHS '65

        Tommy thank you for your May 9, 2016 mention and video of Ramar of The Jungle.  I remember watching the black and white series weekly and over the years have lost several Trivia Contests on old TV shows we have watched because no one remembered the TV show and I could not prove the show existed.  Enter the internet and the proof is as close as a quick search.


        Your Data Base of memories is scary.


Subject:    The Monkees

John Drummond

LHS '65

        If anybody took on the TV Trivia question, the members of The Monkees, in addition to Micky Dolenz, were Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith and the late Davy Jones. 

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