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151026 October 26, 2015


LHS Football Game Memories
 John Turrentine
          I played on the Lee football team for the '61, '62'and  '63 seasons but missed the '64 season due to illness.  My best recollections were of the '61 season,  as I believe this was Lee's first undefeated team.  Coach Godsey had drilled us hard and we were determined but unproven.  We dressed out at the school and were taken to Goldsmith-Schiffman stadium on a chartered city bus (that alone was scary!).  The dressing rooms at the stadium were a dump and were only used for the pre-game pep talk and halftime.  I don't recall any of the details of the game except we won!  After the post game speech by Coach Godsey, we were loaded on the bus to get back to the school.  As the bus exited the stadium, we were surrounded by cheering students and parents who were so proud.  My Mom and Dad were waiting at the school and after getting dressed, took me to get something to eat and then home.  It was, and still, is a nice memory of our first game.

        Memphis, TN - Starting a little fun with some music of our times this week and I invite all of you to join me in the memories. Music has always been one of my passions, and my biggest regret is I was never able to find an instrument I could learn to play. I always wanted to be in a band, but never was. The closest I got to the feeling of being onstage and entertaining people was when I became a part-time DJ and would play oldie-goldie records for groups and clubs. I was never like the DJs of today, but was really just a record spinner, kind of like a human jukebox. People would tell me what they wanted to hear and I would play their requests if I had access to the songs. With over 2,500 45rpm records and 100 vinyl albums with 10 to 20 songs each on them, I amassed quite a library. This week I return to my human jukebox role again and am taking your requests - see the story below.


The Virtual Jukebox
Tommy Towery
LHS '65

        It is hard to go out today without seeing someone walking around or sitting somewhere wearing a pair of earphones and listening to some unknown song being played on an MP3 player or smartphone. I don't think that is all bad considering how little I personally care for any of the music which is popular these days. This is part of today's culture and these people would rather drift off into their own world than socialize with others.

        I remember growing up in a world where the "personal" music devices did not exist, save a rare transistor radio with a single-ear earphone. For most of our generation, our musical entertainment outside of our own home was provided either by radio or Jukebox. Bowling alleys, skating rinks, and cafes and diners offered us a chance to listen to popular songs, normally from a list of 100 selections, while we were patrons of those establishments. The big catch to this form of entertainment being it was a shared experience, and everyone in the place was forced to listen to the chosen songs picked by someone else. Genres included all types of music and even if you didn't care for the song being played, you had to listen to it anyway.

        Before I graduated from Lee and moved away, you could listen to one song for 10 cents, or get three selections for a quarter. Later the prices went up, but the concept stayed the same. I could never tell you how much of my limited income went down the slots of these entertainment robots.

        I could write pages about jukeboxes I encountered in my life, but rather than doing so, I want to concentrate on the basic concept of the jukebox instead and do so by establishing a virtual jukebox in the Traveller for the readers to enjoy. I am going to give each of you a virtual quarter and allow you to pick out three songs which you remember as you personal jukebox favorites before you graduated. These are the songs you have some memory of actually playing on a jukebox back during those days. If you would like to expand on where you remember playing them, or why you played them, or who you were with when they were playing that would be even better.

        Below is how I am spending my own virtual quarter, and the songs I have a vivid memory of playing more than once as a teenager. My first selection is "Talk to Me" by Sunny and the Sunglows, which is a song I learned to love because it was the best song to slow dance to at the parties where the Continentals played. Oh, I have so many great memories of the girls I held close to my body and swayed to this tune.

        My number two choice is "Young Love" by Sonny James. This was the song my first girlfriend and I chose as "our song" and whenever we were at a bowling alley or diner that featured it on their selections we would play it.

        My final choice is "409" by The Beach Boys. I remember falling in love with the beat of this song which I first heard bellowing out of the jukebox at Plamor Bowling Alley on South Parkway. This song was the "B" side to "Surfin' Safari," one of the Beach Boys hits and was very seldom played on the radio, but it was one of my favorite surf and hot rod hits of our time.

        So, I invite you to listen to my quarter's worth of music, and extend an invitation for you to spend your own virtual quarter and send me the names of your own personal favorites and I'll play them for the whole crowd. Just email me with the names and sit back and enjoy.

Talk to Me

Young Love




From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Reunite

Judy Sherrill Lindsey

LHS '66

Hello Tommy,

        My name is Judy Sherrill Lindsey and I live in Pelham, AL.  Rick and I  just recently moved to Pelham to be near our sons.  I have missed  the last 2 reunions, due to family engagments,  but have enjoyed  the excitement  through your writings.  You are awesome!!!!!  Your memorials are so overwhelming.  Tears come to my eyes looking back and seeing all the names and photos of our Lee family members  that  are gone. Having married a veteran, I truly appreciate the recognition given to those members in our family that have served our country and dedicated the life to our county.   I so appreciate your writing and as they would say, your writings  "keep the light burning" of our days together at Lee.   I hope that I can be part of the Class of '66 Reunion.  Friendship, memories and new acquaintances rekindled at these reunions are priceless.  As we grow older, we have a tendency to look back and really treasure those days.   Thank you for your drive to keep Lee High ALIVE!!!!  

        I definitely would like to be put on the email list for news etc.  If there is a cost or anything, please let me know.  My brother, Randy Sherrill, attended the reunion the past September, and he said it was truly awesome.   

        I look forward to readying your articles.  Thanks again for all you do for the LEE HIGH FAMILY!!! 

Subject:        Last Week's Issue
Ann Pat King Fanning
LHS '65

        Truly enjoyed the video from Randy -- praying for him and his wife during this time.  Glad to know Dr. John - is attending to them and that he is there with them. Who would imagine 50 years ago, we would be experiencing this with our friends.  But God is good and He is able to see us through it all.

        Craig's note from SC - is awesome, too.  I'm glad to hear that they weren't in the main point(s) of the storm.  

        As for Ozzie's neighbor.... I have no recall, I just remember ooooohing and awwwing over Ricky.... ;-)  Didn't even recall that Ozzie never "went to work."  Haaaa.

        Your request for football memories leaves me a little blank.  I remember enjoying Goldsmith-Schiffman games better (and cozier) than when we moved to the larger stadium. I have a (well-hidden, i.e. misplaced)  scrapbook somewhere with the ribbons and such from many of the games...but that's about all I can recall.  Still, I'm sure they were truly the good ol' days.... and wish we could just "go back and visit" one more time.

        I learned today that Gale Thompson is in the hospital battling the latter stages of cancer.  Asking for prayers for Gale and her family and friends.  I recall seeing a glimpse of her at the reunion.  It was just difficult to see everyone. That's my only regret of that awwwesome weekend.

        Take care - Be blessed.  Look forward to seeing folks again at our Logan's Luncheon.

Subject:    Birthday Present
Woody Beck
LHS '65

        I'd already made my reservation, but after talking with you at the reunion and learning of your jumps, this was how I spent my birthday (actually, one day later). 

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