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Randy Roman Introduces His Song

Erin Dunbar M.D., Instance of Hope, 2001#645  
by Randy Roman
LHS '65

        This was published on Oct 16, 2015 on Youtube. 
This is a multi-media tribute to the Piedmont Hospital Oncology Department and the excellent leadership of Dr. Erin Dunbar. The melody was inspired by their office address; 2001 Piedmont Rd. #645. The repetitive bass rhythm was derived from the syllables of Erin Dunbar's name. Get mammograms now on behalf of national breast cancer awareness. Early detection saves lives.

(Editor's Note: Classmate John Drummond, 
LHS '65,  sent me the link to this piece done by his friend Randy. Randy featured John at 2:33 into the video below.  John writes, "This is an original video produced by my old friend from high school, Randy Roman, a very talented musician.  He was unable to attend our 50th reunion last month b/c his wife Kathy is nearing the end of her battle with Stage IV breast cancer.   The video is a tribute to her and our Neuro-Oncology (brain cancer) team at Piedmont Hospital Atlanta.)

Erin Dunbar M.D. Instance of Hope 2001#645

        Memphis, TN -  Saturday I attended the University of Memphis and Ole' Miss football game and it could not have been a nicer day to sit in a stadium and enjoy the sport so many of us love. This was the largest crowd the Liberty Bowl has seen this year and the day started out with a festival of tailgaters and rivalry.

        When I got home I started thinking about the football games I enjoyed in the company of many of you back during our high school days. Though I was only a spectator (never a player, band member, or cheerleader) I have great memories of those days.

        If you remember correctly, our games were first played at Goldsmith-Schiffman Stadium and later at what was then named The Huntsville Stadium. While it is still football season, I would love it if some of you would share your own memories of going to those games, in whatever capacity you did so. Which stadium did you like best. Who did you go with. What was your favorite thing to wear, eat, or do while at the games? How did you get there and where did you go after the games? Were there any special moments you remember and why?

        Please help me out with this idea.

South Carolina Weather Report 
Craig & Jennifer Bannecke 

        Since Jennifer and I are two of the LHS classmates who live in South Carolina, and you wanted to know how we were doing, I thought I would give you an update. First of all, since we live across the river from Augusta, Georgia, we are on the far western side of the state. Though we missed most of the flooding and rain our area still got quiet a bit of rain and some flooding. Jennifer and I came through it fine with no ill effects.   Nothing compared to what Columbia or Myrtle Beach or Charleston got. 

        The people of South Carolina and the bordering states of North Carolina and Georgia have really responded with help.  Bottled water has been one of the greatest and most immediate needs of the flood victims. Many Churches, City Governments, and organizations have stepped up to collect water from local citizens and take it to those in need in Columbia.  Our North Augusta Police Department has been shuttling huge stock piles of collected water to Columbia for well over a week. Our Church, First Baptist North Augusta, has sent a work team of volunteers to Columbia to help. They are part of a larger group of volunteer teams directed by the South Carolina Baptist Association that have for years gone to sights of devastation throughout the United States. Now, similar State Baptist Associations are sending teams to South Carolina.     
        Jennifer and I have purchased cases of water and taken them to one of the collection points and currently Jennifer is collecting money from our Sunday School class that will buy cleanup flood buckets. Each bucket has most all the cleaning products and materials families will need once they can get back in their homes. They are around $73.00 each and our entire Church is participating in getting these flood buckets together.

        I think as a South Carolina resident, the thing we are most proud of in the state wide response is that we don't read or hear of any rioting, looting, break-ins or crimes being committed in any of these devastated areas. Everyone seems to be pulling together and helping one another through this very difficult time.  We appreciate the prayers and thoughtful consideration of all who have helped and stood with the people of South Carolina. 


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Ozzie Nelson's Job

Eddie Burton 

LHS '66 

        To answer John's question last week, Ozzie Nelson had a dance band.

(Editor's Note:  Eddie is correct about Ozzie's real job, but he did not play a band leader on his TV show. According to John, during the entire run of "Ozzie & Harriet"  paterfamilias Ozzie never had a job.  He just hung around the house wearing a sweater with big buttons down the front, and talked to his neighbor buddy over the back fence, who sold insurance.  Anybody remember the neighbor's first name?) 

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