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150824 August 24, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead
John Drummond
LHS '65

(Editor's Note:    Please do not think John's title for this story is actually the theme for the upcoming reunion of the Lee High Classes of '64-'65-'66. Any rumor to that effect is a bold lie. We are not the "Walking Dead" - limping a little but not walking and not dead. John's reference to the new TV series is because of our classes' connection to the female star of the series, Kim Dickens (seen above with co-star Cliff Curtis). For those who might not know, Kim is the daughter of Justin Dickens, LHS '64 and Pam Clark, LHS '66. Yes, we walked the halls with Kim's parents, probably looking much like the zombies is the series as we wandered aimlessly around the halls of Lee before school and during the mid-morning breaks.)
        In the July 6 edition, I listed four classmates with whom I had lost touch, with the hope that someone would have contact information, and even better, that they might be attending the reunion. 
        Success!  Rainer Klauss had Randy Roman's e-mail address.  Sarajane had an e-mail address for Pam  (Clark) Howell's sister Jackie.  And Roger Becks is attending the reunion from Birmingham.

        Three out of four is doggone good; the only remaining  M.I.A. is Ken Megginson, last known address in Mobile County.  If anyone has an e-mail address for Ken, maybe we can convince him and Anda to join us for his first ever LHS reunion next month.

        Randy and his wife Kathy are re-locating to Atlanta from Jacksonville, FL.  If you did not catch his haunting sex (sorry, I meant sax) performance in the video "Corvette Blue" 2 weeks ago, go back and check it out.  He will be unable to attend the reunion due to illness in the family.

        Pam is living in Decatur, and will attend both Friday and Saturday evening events.  Her daughter Kim Dickens will star in a new TV series "Fear the Walking Dead" premiering on August 23, on AMC at 8:00 CDT.  There is a review and photo of Kim and three other cast members in the magazine "Entertainment Weekly" Fall Movie Preview edition, page 90.  Sarajane told me Kim was also featured in a recent episode of "Entertainment Tonight."

        By now I hope most everyone has again seen "American Graffiti" and/or listened to the soundtrack, as Sarajane and I have, to get in the mood for promises to be a GREAT reunion.

        Memphis, TN -  Time is going fast and we have less than a month to the next reunion. I am happy to see some new names on the lists and I know we are all destined to have a great time.

        I am personally looking forward to the new zombie series, especially after serving as a military technical adviser for a post-apocalyptic zombie invasion book last year. 

Reunion Participation Challenge
by Niles Pestage
LHS '65
 We could use a little input from our classmates in preparation for our Saturday evening program. We would like a one sentence answer from our classmates to one or both of these questions:

        "What are the greatest challenges of growing older?"

        "What are the benefits of growing older?"

        We are going to have fun with our classmates answers to these questions which should both interesting and fun! Please have them email their answers to me at:


        In three weeks we will be celebrating the 2015 joint reunion of the LHS classes of ’64,’65,’66.
Graduates from the class of ‘67, along with classmates that started with us, but moved on to other schools or adventures before graduation day are welcome to join us as well.

        While the calendar shows the reunion a few weeks away, the reunion committee has many decisions to make beforehand, and most of those are dependent on the number of people attending.  As of today we have 199 classmates & guests registered.  We know there are many more planning to attend, and it’s really important that we receive their registration forms and payment as soon as possible.  If you have not seen, received, or have misplaced the information regarding the reunion, send an e-mail to and a registration form will be sent to you via e-mail.

        There are a couple of items to clarify: 

        #1) The class of ’66 will not be hosting a big reunion next year. They are treating this as their 50th; so, if you want a chance to see lots of your old friends, this is the event to attend. The next scheduled reunion won’t be held until 2020 . 

        #2) Hardcopy handbooks will be printed only for those ordering and paying for them prior to the reunion. (A free PDF version of the handbook will be sent to all classmates for whom we have e-mail addresses.)  In order to have the hardcopy ready to distribute at the reunion, it must go to the printer on September 1st.  So, even if you do not fill out a registration form to attend the reunion, please send any corrections to your information in the 2010 handbook to before September 1st. For those ordering hardcopy handbooks, your copy will be at your class sign-in table Saturday evening. 

        Our 50th reunions are an important milestone for all of us.  We have plans for a truly memorable event.  Please join us to make it the best one ever!

        Hope to see you September 11th & 12th

        Your Hardworking and Dedicated Reunion Committee 


        The next Lee Lunch Bunch get-together at Logan’s on Balmoral Drive is set for Thursday, August 27th at 11:00 a.m.   If you think you’ll be able to attend, please sent a note to so we can give Logan’s a ballpark figure so they can have the room ready for us.  Hope to see a BUNCH of you there!!

Classmates Signed Up for the Reunion
NAME # Class of:
ALVERSON, Bob 2 65
BALCH, Elbert 2 65
BANNECKE, Craig 1 65
BANNISTER,  Jim 1 66
BARRAN, Joe 1 64
BAUGHMAN, Joe 2 65
BEASON, Judy Jennings 1 65
BECK,  Woody 1 65
BECKS, Roger 2 65
BESS, David 2 64
BILLS, Judy Tate 2 65
BISHOP, Janie Britton 2 66
BOYER, Steve 2 66
BOZEMAN, Lynn Van Pelt 1 66
BROOKS, J.R    2 64
BURGESS, Carolyn Featheringill 1 65
BURNS, Mary Cattadoris 2 65
BURRELL, Linda Bridwell 1 66
BUSH, Tommy 1 65
BYROM, Billy 2 65
CAMPBELL, Sandy 1 65
CARR, Dianne Campbell 1 65
CARTER, John 2 66
CHAMBERS, Christopher 1 64
CHAMBERS, Richard 2 65
CIANCI, Mike 1 66
CLARK, Pam Howell 1 66
CLUTTS, Jeanne Hill 2 66
COLLINSWORTH, Linda Provost 1 66
CRAFTON, JoAnne Jarman 1 66
CROWL, Marcia Hemphill 1 64
CROWL, Mike 1 65
DAWLEY, Sally 2 65
DIXON, Greg 1 65
DRUMMOND, John 2 65
DUNDON, Vicki schnetzler 0 65
DURHAM, Peggy Williams 2 65
FEDROWISCH, Judy Kincaid 1 66
FREEMAN, Edna Sharp 1 64
FREEMAN, Pete 2 64
FRICKE, Becky Garrison 1 66
GAMBRELL, Ginger Treglown 2 66
GENTRY, Darla Steinberg 1 66
GLYNN, Tommy 2 64
GOATLEY, Pam deLuca 2 65
GORDY, Jennie Ferguson 1 65
GRANT, Chris McMahon 2 66
GROOMS, Pam Smith 2 65
GULLION, Alice Preston 2 64
GURLEY, Polly Redd 2 66
HAMMOND, Edsel 2 65
HANSEN, Bonnie Floyd 2 65
HARDISON, Deborah 1 65
HARGROVE, John 2 66
HARRIS, Kathy Jones 2 66
HARRISON, Joe 2 65
HATCHER, Charlotte Cheek 1 65
HILLIS, Beverly Still 0 66
HOFFMEYER,  Bucky 2 66
HORNBUCKLE, Ronnie 1 66
HOUK, Janice Baskins 2 65
HUDGENS, John 1 66
HUDSON, Janet Watkins 2 66
HUGHES, Patsy Oldroyd 2 65
HUGHEY, Dianne McClure 2 64
HUMPHREY, Marion Ray 2 66
ISBELL, Linda Creek 1 64
IVEY, Jeanne McBride 1 66
JAMES, Glenn 2 65
JARMAN, Don 1 66
JONES, Shirley Moore 1 66
KEY, Betty Jo Scholter 2 65
KING, Ann Pat Fanning 2 65
KINKLE, Linda Cianci 1 66
KLAUSS,  Rainer 1 64
LEE, Marin 1 66
LEWIS, Alton "Buddy" 2 66
LIGHT, Judy Fudge 2 65
LUCAS, Elaine Hubbard 2 66
LYONS, Richard 2 65
MARBOURG,  Jim 1 65
MARTIN, Terry 2 65
MARTZ, Ken 1 66
MAY, Dianna Stephenson 1 64
McBRIDE, Jim 1 65
McCORMICK, Nina Greene 1 66
McCULLEY, Sam 2 65
McNABB, Beth Weinbaum 1 65
MEEKS, Jack 1 65
MILBURN, Annalee Hughes 1 64
MILBURN, Nancy Kalish 1 65
MILLER,  Bernadette Van Pelt 2 66
MILLER, Phyllis Rodgers 0 65
NOBLE, Janis Lee 1 66
PENTECOST, Roger 0 66
PIERCE,  Jim 2 64
PIERCE, Bob 2 64
PIERCE, Esther Hudgens 1 66
PRESTAGE, Niles 2 65
PRIDMORE, Carol Walker 2 66
QUEEN, Becky Meeks 1 66
RAMSEY, Miles 1 66
REDDICK, Paulette Turner 1 66
REED, Bruce 2 67
REILMANN, Ingrid Ireland 2 65
SARTAIN, Mike 1 65
SCALES, John 1 66
SCHEER, Carl 2 65
SCHULTZ, Joe 2 65
SCOTT, Linda Kezer 1 64
SHARP, Johnny 1 64
SHELTON, Wayne 2 65
SIMMONS, Richard 2 64
SMITH, Cleve 2 66
SPENCER, Paula Kephart Smith 2 65
STEIGERWALD, Sarajane Tarter 1 65
STEWART, Phil 1 66
STROUD,Don 2 65
TAYLOR, Linda 1 64
TITTSWORTH, Janice Barnett 2 65
TOWERY, Tommy 2 64
TROUPE, Jimmy 1 66
WAGNER, Gudrun Klauss 1 65
WEBER, Elsie Peterson 1 65
WEINBAUM, Joel 1 64
WELDON, Linda 1 65
WHITE, Jennifer Bannecke 1 66
WHITTEN, Bonnie McDaris 1 66
WHYTE, William 1 64
WILBOURN, Brooks 2 65
WILBOURN, James 1 65
WILLIAMS, Lehman 1 64
WILSON, Ann Redfrod 1 65
WOHLSCHLAEGER, Susie Schlette 1 66
WRIGHT, Taylor 2 66



From Our Mailbox 


Subject:        Your Book

General Bob Pierce

LHS '64

Hi General Tommy,

        Been reading , "When Our Hearts Were Young" I love your relationship with your "BOMB" I didn't have my first car until 1966, a 1956 baby blue VW bug convertible. I spent my high school years riding Vespa motor scooters or using the family 1957 Plymouth station wagon, you know, that had the backward facing rear seats, my first kiss... reading your book makes old men dream dreams Tommy.

        My son, Scott, purchased a 1966 Skylark years ago as a project and it has set for a few years in his carport. We decided to see if it can rise for it's 50th. I am thinking of bring it to the reunion it would have been a dream come true in 1966. 

        I really appreciate your "Generals Three, pretty well" as your opening band for your "Beatles, great" in your journal for Sunday, February 9, 1964. Interestingly, later in 1964 I went with the "Top Hats, a Lee High dance band" to audition for the Ed Sullivan Show.

        Last year at the 1964 class reunion Tony Driver, a Generals Three, came with his two daughters. We got together with some folks from Huntsville's Traditional Music Association and played some old folk songs for a retirement home. We all had a great time. I encourage any and all to bring their instruments to this reunion and maybe we can have a little fun together, after all it is called playing together for a reason.

        PS I will even bring my tuba, Susan her France horn and if we can find a T' bone and a couple of trumpets we can have a brass band, I've got the music. I would love to hear from some others 615.449.3483 or Don't worry, we will have guitars, banjos and upright bass too. Please someone bring a fiddle, mandolin, dobro... whatever you can have some fun with, chiefly your voice.


Subject:        1966 Lee Graduates
Linda Provost
LHS '66
I am asking for your input to help in preparation for our class's part of the program at the Sept. reunion.  Please email me with your fond memories - school, teacher, someone you dated, sports, etc.  Do you have a funny story that you want to share?  (I would tell you about the time Dr. Hamilton found me in the boiler room kissing a boy, but that is just way too embarrassing!)

If you are not able to join us at the reunion, please let me know what you are doing now and where you are living.  Include any other information that you would like to share with your former classmates.




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