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150413 April 13, 2015

 The Day I Turned 16
Bruce W. Fowler
LHS '66

        The day I turned 16, I was living at home with my parents

        My favorite fun activity was reading and I loved to watch science fiction shows on our television.

        My favorite type of music to listen to was classical.

        I was looking forward to turning 16 because I could then drive myself to the library.

        Up until that day, my best vacation ever had been to Ossawintha.

        Our family car was a Chevy Impala and my primary mode of transportation was by automobile.

        My favorite food was liver and mashed potatoes, and if I could eat anywhere I wanted to eat I would go to the Bon-Air.

        My favorite type of movies was science fiction.

        My favorite subject in school was chemistry, and I thought I wanted to go to college when I graduated from high school.

        My favorite beverage was iced tea.

        My first kiss was in the future.

        My favorite group/organization to which I belonged was the science club.

        Memphis, TN -  Thanks to Bruce Fowler for submitting his information on the day he turned 16. Bruce only answered the questions he felt he could remember and added to the story, but I think we still know a little more about one of our classmates than we did before.

        I have several other stories to share with you in the next couple of weeks and I am still hoping more of you will join in the fun. 

        Thanks also to the group of you who sent in some personal memories of Coach Godsey. It is nice to see how he played a part in your lives as well. 

2015 Reunion Plans

Greetings Fellow Classmates of 1964/1965/1966
        Plans are underway for the upcoming "joint" class reunion.  As most of you know, these three classes have celebrated class reunions together several times over the years, usually at 10 year intervals.  Beginning with the 2000 reunion it was decided that we would schedule a joint reunion every five years.  This has proved to be beneficial for many reasons, but the greatest benefit is being able to see so many of our classmates at the same time! 

        Since the class of 1964 held their own 50th Reunion last year - which all of us were invited to help them celebrate - there has been a misconception by some folks that each class will be scheduling their own 50th Reunion and the joint reunion of the past will not take place.  To put everyone's mind at ease, the reunion being planned this year will be just like the joint reunions of previous years. But since 2015 also happens to be the class of 1965's 50th year reunion, we are going to tailor the reunion program to give them more time to focus on their class.  Sound fair? Good!

        One of the first steps we need to do is make sure we have updated information on all classmates.....whether they plan to attend the reunion or not.  An e-mail address has been set up for each class.  While several class committee members will be assigned to help monitor their specific e-mail address, the name of only one class member will show up when an e-mail is sent .

        Here are the e-mail addresses for each class and the name that will show up as the sender:    Linda Taylor    Sarajane Tarter    Judy Kincaid
        This is the info we need....
        Name:  ladies, we need your last name at time of graduation, then married name if applicable (i.e.  Judy FEDROWISCH Kincaid)

        Spouse Name: if applicable

        Street Address:



        Phone #: of your choosing

        E-mail address:
        Please begin sending in this information as soon as possible.  Also, feel free to use these e-mail addresses to communicate with us at anytime.
        With all the technology, social media, and free long-distance phone calling we have now-a-days, plus the weekly Traveller you are reading right now, we hope to reach as many classmates as possible before having to resort to the postage costs of snail mail   . As final decisions are made regarding reunion plans, we will begin sending out updates using all of these types of communications.  But there will still be folks that we will not reach, so this is where good old "word of mouth" comes into play.  PLEASE help us spread the word by sharing all the information we will be sending out.  We also want to include those that may have attended Lee, but for various reasons did not get to graduate with us.  So anyone you know that might be interested in joining us this year, please have them send their information to the "class e-mail address" they would have been a part of. 
        September 11th & 12th will be here before we know it!  
        So looking forward to seeing everyone,

Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid
Class of '66



From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Coach Godsey

Eddie Burton

LHS '66

Tommy, I too was a victim of Coach Godsey's paddle. I forgot my gym suit one day and that earned me two licks. I still feel the pain 50 years later. My mother had forgot to wash it for me. She called and gave him a piece of her mind. To no avail.

Subject:    Coach Godsey

Chip Smoak

LHS '66

Howdy to all of the Fami-Lee,

I transferred to Lee after the first six weeks of the school year.  My father and I stopped by to meet Coach Godsey.  It was a Friday after school and the team was getting ready to go to a game.  Coach surprised me when he told me to dress out for that night's game.  I figured that I would end up riding the bench for the game.  I was surprised even more when he sent me into the game on defense.  It was for only one play but was totally unexpected.  I found Coach Godsey to be an excellent coach and a very good man.  I was greatly disappointed when he was not there the following year.  Prayers and best wishes for his family and friends over his loss.

Subject:    Coach Godsey

John Turrentine


This should have the subtitle " The man who changed my name!"  After I finished the 8th grade in Tarrant, Alabama, my family moved to Huntsville after my Dad accepted a position with a NASA sub-contractor(SPACO).  After settling in, my Dad suggested I should try out for the football team at LHS since I had played two years of Jr. High ball.  I believe he had seen an article in the paper.  At any rate, I reported to LHS on the appointed day and was introduced to Coach Godsey.  I filled our the necessary paperwork with my full name, JOHN WAYNE TURRENTINE.  As a matter of background, my father's name was John as well as his father and until this point in my life I was only known as Wayne and would only answer to same.  However, Coach Godsey insisted, over my objections, to calling me John and John W. Turrentine has stuck since 1961 as my official name in all documents.

Actually, my memories of Coach Godsey revert to our 1961 undefeated team.  For those remaining who can remember those days, the custom of losing was over and he made us all believe we could game at a time.  And the next thing we all knew, and to the student/faculty body's amazement, we were undefeated.  Coach Godsey was proud and proud for LHS. I watch with some amazement these days the high school football teams and their practice protocals (water every 15 minutes or on demand, time limited practice, etc) and wonder if any of these players could have survived Coach Godsey's two-a-days in blistering heat and ONE water break.  I thought then he was just trying to kill us and all along he was building character that would last us to this day!

God Bless Coach Bill Godsey and his family.

John W. Turrentine......the "W" is for Wayne! 

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