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140127 - January 27, 2014




50 years

we are fami-lee!!     We are celebrating!!    we are special!!

we are:   “still crazy after all these years!!!”


We will be celebrating the First Graduating Class of one of Huntsville’s Historic High Schools on

September 26-27, 2014

Friday Night Social Event:

Embassy Suites Hotel in Downtown Huntsville onThe Big Spring Canal

2nd Floor Hospitality Room

6:00pm – 10:00pm  Casual Dress for tonight

Light snacks, limited sodas, and water provided, Cash Bar Available


Saturday Night Dinner:

Embassy Suites Hotel in Downtown Huntsville   Really Nice  Great Food  Plan to Enjoy and have a Fun Time!!

Banquet  Room

6:00pm Check In/Cash Bar   Dressy Casual for Sat Night

7:00pm Seated Dinner

Musical entertainment, Karaoke and Personal Performance by Anita Palmer (former singer with Time Machine)

(Time Machine will not be performing for this occasion)

Catered by Ruth’s Chris’s Restaurant

Special Programming

Class Photograph will be made for separate purchase


ACOMMODATIONS AVAILABLE: Blocked Rooms at the Embassy Suites: 20 suites blocked; 1964 1ST priority;

$119.00/night, must reserve early; rooms will not be held until Sept; specify LHS 50th Reunion Code#636

Complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast included, Complimentary Shuttle to and from airport

Located Downtown on the Big Spring Canal with great outside spaces and easy walking around Big Spring Park.

Embassy Suites Hotel   800 Monroe St. Hsv     1-256-539-7373 local




It is a FamiLee Party and would not be the same without you!!!

Registration Form

50-Year Reunion Registration Form


        Memphis, TN - Sue and I got home from the cruise and we had a great time, but it was cold even in Cozumel for this time of year. This week the Class of '64 is announcing their plans for their 50th Reunion. Included with this issue is a list of classmates from that class that the committee either has no information on or has a bad email address for that person. Please look it over and see if you can help add some corrections to this information.


Need Email Addresses and Contact Info on these Classmates: 1/24/14


Need Updated EMail/NO Email: Have Addresses

Addams, Mike

Arnold, Shirley Ann ( Keel)

Atkinson, Pat (Frazer)

Blanchette, Vernon Gene

Brooks, Linda G  (Coyle)

Cantrell, Dorothy Lavon (Fleming)

Chastain, Janis L. (Whisenant)

Cornelius, Don R

Dove, Melvin Ray

Dickens, Justin

James E Hooper

Johnson, Doris J (Campbell)

MCCulley, Sam

Milburn, Annalee (Hughes)

Miller, Clifford Buddy

Mincher, Charlotte G Hillis

Morris, Jack

Seymour, Alice (White)

Schafer, Linda ( Hachey)

Sharp, Carolyn Ann ( Williams)

Shephard, Cecille ( Simons)

Tigue, Kathleen "Kathy” Mary (Dunn)

Tittle, Barbara Jo ( Hastings)

Walker, Ray


Lost: NO Email NO Address/NO INFO

Scott L. Anderson

Shirlene Benton

Dolores Asbill Lundgren

Joe Ronnie Bishop

Sharon Bland

Judy Bracey Davis

Beverly Bradley

Gary Broadway

Ronald Brooks

Carl H. Buckstad

Eliz. Sharon Ann Burch Thompson

Brenda Crabbe Roland

Marcia Crowl Hemphill

Terry Davis

Cynthia Jane Day

James Bruce Duncan

Rita Suzanne Fletcher Strawn

Patricia Fonnegra

Phillip Pete Freeman

Betty Jean Green Byrom

Alan Michael Hammick

Pat Hartsell Maples

Patricia Lynn Hill Hollenbeck

Rex Edward Howard

Merle Huff Helms

Martha Hyde

Nicki Lynn Judge

Judith Ellen Keel

Donna L. Kerr Dudley

Carol Lee Kinney

Connie Rebecca Kirk       

Mildred Millie” Elizabeth Kirk Dickson

Robin Gail Kitson

Phillip Wayne Lankford

Linda Lewis

Margaret Diane Mason Brown

Lynda Matthews

Alvin L. McCartt

Annette Lee McCraney

Helen Rebecca McCurdy

Ellen Meekins

Evelyn "Evie” Jo Moore Conrad

Marilyn Marie Moore Boster

John Robert Nelson

Jimmy Norman

Glynda Sharon Pendley

 Rudy Platz

Warren Price

John F Ridgeway

Linda Carol Sandlin

Linda Sewell

Kathryn Inez Seymour Black

Linda Lynn Simmons Smith

Diana Smart

Paul Smith

Virginia "Ginny” Smith Yeager

Ann Still

Dorothy Thomas

Brenda Sharon Thompson

Jimmy Wayne Upton

Sandra Westfoul

John Williamson


Please send updates and corrections to:

Linda Taylor




From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Booger Town

Jim Johnson

As a proud resident of Booger Town (#10 Anderson Street, a.k.a. Green Row) as an infant, it is my understanding that it began near the intersection of 9th Street and 9th Avenue (near  Triana Boulevard) and continued to a point near present-day Valley Garden(?) or 12th Street, possibly sharing a border with Bob Wallace Avenue on the south end.  It was primarily shanty homes and inhabited by "poor folks".

On Mondays, most residents did their laundry and put it on clotheslines to dry.  This coined the common reference to every Monday as "wash day in Booger Town" by older area residents familiar with the routine.

There was a series of photos taken in the area available in the Huntsville-Madison County Library at one time.  You may wish to check there.

Subject:    Lost Terms

Dianne McClure

LHS '64

Just this week I heard a term on an old movie. that my daddy used to say to me a lot. He would say "see you in the funny papers" instead of saying goodbye. He also would read me the "red funnies," which was the comics in the Sunday paper, when I was a little girl.

Funny how an expression or term can bring on a flood of memories.

Subject:    Last Week's Issue
Tom Provost
LHS '66

I had to smile at your article on the fading words of our day was great!! Words like "peel out" are gone forever.

Regarding Mullins, it sounds like a great investment for Bucky Hoffmeyer and his Monday breakfast crew. I can see Marion Humphrey, Marin Lee, Ken Martz and the rest working diligently in the kitchen .......until someone brings up college football and the food fight  gets LAUNCHED!!

Subject:    Lost Term
Tommy Towery
LHS '64

I also remember "Good night, sleep tight...don't let the bedbugs bite" which was what my mom said to me at night. And how about "See you later alligator ... after while crocodile?"

Subject:    Last Week's Traveller
George Lehman Williams
LHS '64

TT  -  Saw your comment about escaping the cold weather – I am escaping early this afternoon myself – but I am heading down to Newport Beach to get away from this 83 degrees and walk in the sand and feel a cool 75 degree wind coming off the ocean. By the way – any updates on the 64 class reunion this year ?