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141020 October 20, 2014


Thank Your Classmates
by Linda Taylor
LHS '64

        I would like to thank all of the 1964 Class of Lee High School and those of '65, '66, '67, and '68 that attended the Special 50th Reunion in September here in Huntsville. If you weren't able to make it, you were missed! I know a few people made really special efforts to come out for that, even for just a few hours, and it was so good to get to see you there. I'm sure everyone appreciated your efforts.  
It was a Great Time!

        Friday was so much fun at the Hospitality Room, I'm pretty sure we took over the whole floor and the lobby! So many longtime friends came, some that had never been to a LHS Reunion in 50 years! Many of the classmates there went back much farther than 50 years together; some back to elementary and middle school. Some kept the conversation going much past the midnight hour! It was especially nice to have so many staying at the hotel - so many places to gather and chat. 

        Saturday night was even better and the excitement of seeing everyone again and others that had not made Friday night, was elevated! The Banquet Hall looked gorgeous thanks to the Décor Committee. The photographer did a great job with stills, video and the Class photo. It looked to be a great Class 1964 Group shot. The Memorial to those we have lost was a fine Tribute produced by Tommy Towery. The emcee, JR Brooks did a fine job reading his lines (almost!) as always, and the special commentary from Richard Simmons hit home with many of our class that left us before graduation but felt part of our Fami-Lee, and lastly having Bob Ramsey give the keynote appearance! and address after 50 years was very special. 

        The Best of the Evening however was the video presentation by Tommy Towery as a flash-back to our Projected Direction in Life and the Gossip of the Day from 50 years ago! Nobody does personal history like Tommy! We owe him a huge debt of gratitude just for being ours! There was music from the era, dancing, and some talented surprises of unsuspected singing talent from Ed “Butch” Rolf and Gary Metzger! I must say it would not have been the same without Ms Sue Faulkner there. I’m beginning to think she loves us as much as we loved her! Not sure how many writers she help develop from our class but she certainly generated a lot of great stories to be told. There are so many more stories to tell here but not enough space nor time.You just had to be there!!!

        Thank you for sharing with us! All-in-all, it was a Wonderful Evening of Shared Memories and Reconnections and New Connections.

        I especially want to thank the 1964 Special 50th Reunion Planning Committee and volunteers for all the work, efforts and dedication to making this a very special and successful event! JR Brooks, Alice G. Preston, Linda Taylor, Rainer Klauss, Tommy Towery, Mike Smith, Jerry Brewer, Charlotte Massey and so many volunteers, that I’m afraid if I try to name them all I will leave someone out. 

        THANK YOU......

        Memphis, TN -  Last week I wrote a piece on looking for closure and had several responses to my requests for information on two of the members of the Class of '64 who someone had reported to me as having recently died. The two members in question are Gene Bryson and Eugene Oliver.

        I had several emails confirming that both of them are dead and some remember reading their obituaries in the past, but could not tell me when. I had several others telling me the opposite - that they were both still alive. Confusion? You bet. Closure? Not yet.

        I was finally informed Gene was teaching a course at UAH this semester, so it was a pretty good chance he was still alive. I found his email address on the UAH web site and emailed him, and happily received a return email from him, affirming he really is still with us.

        As for Eugene Oliver, I was sent an email saying he was on Facebook and he had been messaged to contact me, but as of this date that has not happened. I have less trust in Facebook because my brother is still on Facebook, and he died two years ago. Every once in a while I see a comment he has made, which kind of freaks me out, until I remember my sister-in-law does not have her own Facebook account so she sometimes uses his to make comments. For that reason, I can not accept Eugene is still alive just because he is still on Facebook.

        So the quest will continue and I will keep you informed should I receive any positive proof.

Next Lee Lunch Bunch
Scheduled for October 30th, 2014
by Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid
LHS '66

        The next Lee Lunch Bunch get-together is Thursday, October 30th @ 11:00 Logan's off of Airport Road in the "fireplace room". If this is your first time to attend just tell the hostess that you are wilth the "Lee Lunch" group and they will show you where we are. Please spread the word and drop me a note if you think you can attend. 

        We need to let Logan's know on Wednesday of that week how many to plan for so they can be ready for us. We need to be seated by 11:20 so orders can be taken, then we can get up and visit until the food arrives. (Note: if you're coming on your lunch hour go ahead and order when you arrive. That way you can eat & visit at the same time. Or if you can't get there on time, come when you can and order then.) 

        Logan's is great about letting us stay as long as we want to. If we can have about 35 folks seated by 11:20 they will usually not seat anyone else in the room unless absolutely necessay. So mark your calendars and hope to see a "bunch" of you there!

        We need to let the restaurant know an estimate of how many to plan for, so please let Patsy Hughes Oldroyd ( or Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid ( know if you think you will be attending. Reminders will also be posted on Facebook. Hope to see a "bunch" of you there!



From Our Mailbox 

Subject: 50 Year Reunion
Skip Cook 
LHS '64

        You’ve got a year or two to set your scheduled to include your 50-year Lee High School Reunion. If you don’t show, you will miss one of the special events in your life that only comes along once. 

Jane R. Parks Memorial Grant
Alice A. Brigman 
LHS '64

        The Master Gardeners of North Alabama grant committee oversee the Jane R Parks Memorial Grant for existing horticulture and educational projects in Madison County. This grant was set up by Master Gardener Jane Parks' family in her memory. 
        The committee sends out info to the newspapers, schools and nonprofits organizations in August to give them info about the grant and how to apply for one. When the applications come in we decide on which projects will be awarded a grant and then give the checks out at the MG Christmas social. It is very rewarding to be on this committee and give away grant money for qualified projects. This year we are going to arrange a field trip to one of this year's winners.

Contact: Rose Berry | Tel: 256-461-8107 | Email:

Tax-deductible donations to the Jane R. Parks Memorial Fund may be made payable to MGNA and sent to (note that it is for the Parks Fund):

Owen Hofer, MGNA Treasurer
7804 Benton St.
Huntsville, AL 35802 

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