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141013 October 13, 2014


Reunion Ramblings #2
Looking for Closure
by Tommy Towery
LHS '64

    Those of you who live in the South could not escape hearing about the missing Holly Bobo, who disappeared back in 2011. Her body was finally found last month, and most of the reporters commented on how the family finally had closure because they now know for sure what happened to her. She was no longer just missing.

    In my writings I have often written about closure myself, primarily about the ending of relationships or sometimes friendships. According to the dictionary closure in the psychological meaning is the sense of finality and coming to terms with an experience, felt or experienced over time.

    The lack of my personal sense of closure came to me again as I was working on the memorial presentation for the 50th Reunion of the Class of ’64. In my presentation, I tried to pay tribute to all of the members of that class who have passed away. These are the names included:

Leonard Askew
John Beauregard
Sallye Black
Bill Boone
Venita Boyd
Marcella Brooks
Robert Byrd
Roy Neill Cox
Richard Flournoy
David France
Pat Grubis
Phillip Hall
Allen Harrison
Charlotte Hunt
Elaine Kemp
Dwight Kephart
Frankie Kennedy
Glenn Kennedy
Ronnie Landman
Dawn Larson
Vern Lucas
Don Marks
Carolyn McCutcheon
Jackie Montgomery
Faye Patterson
Terry Preston
John Purdy
Steve Roberson
Douglas Snead
James Storm
Nancy Taylor
Harold Tuck
“Sonny” Turner
Terry Vandiver
Bob Walker
Billy White
Diane Wilbourn
Corky Williams
Kent Wood

        One of the things that bothered me most is that I have to feel these 40 classmates which we honored is not an accurate true count of those we have actually lost. Over the years I have heard rumors of other classmates who have died, but have never been able to find any documentation of their passing. Even after this reunion I had someone come up and tell me about two classmates who she said were not included but she had heard they had died.

        Despite all searches on the internet, I was unable to find any concrete evidence of their passing, so they were added to my own personal list of people with which I have no sense of closure. I have always avoided listing anyone as passing unless I can find something written or at least two or more people with the same information.

        I was happy to speak with one classmate at the reunion and to find out his brother, who someone had told me had died, was in fact alive and well. I am glad I never listed him as being otherwise. But, this week I am going to do something I have never allowed myself to do before, which is to give you a list of those who I have heard about yet cannot substantiate their passing. I do this to see if any of you can affirm or deny the passing of these classmates. Some of the missing ones are people I have been asked about over the years though various methods such as emails, Facebook messages, or personal calls. Others are names I feel have disappeared because of their failure to keep in contact after years of being actively involved with Lee get-togethers, reunions, or Traveller interaction.

        Please look at this list and if you have some information about the death of any of these classmates, please let me know.

        From the Class of 1964 these are the ones I am looking for closure with:

Judith Keel
Annette McCraney
Eugene Oliver
Gene Bryson

        All of these have been reported to me, in one way or another, as having passed. Despite hours of internet searchs of sites such as the Huntsville obits,,, and the social security death index, I cannot find any mention of their deaths.

        Please help me if you can.

        Memphis, TN -  My oral surgery last week went well and my only problem at the moment is not pain, but is the need to continue to eat only soft foods for another two weeks.

        It is hard to believe that it has only been a week since the reunion, and already I am missing the companionship of the many friends with which I got to visit during a way-too-short weekend. The good thing is we will not have to wait another five years to do it again. I feel the committee of the Class of '64 has set a high br for you kids from the Classes of '65 and '66 to reach, but we have faith in you and know you will not let us down.

Next Lee Lunch Bunch
Scheduled for October 30th, 2014
by Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid
LHS '66

        The next  get-together is Thursday, October 30th @ 11:00 a.m. in the "fireplace room" at Logan's off of Airport Road.  If this will be your first time to join us just tell the hostess that you are looking for the Lee Lunch Bunch and they will show you where we are!  We need to let the restaurant know an estimate of how many to plan for, so please let Patsy Hughes Oldroyd ( or Judy Fedrowisch Kincaid ( know if you think you will be attending.  Reminders will also be posted on Facebook.  Hope to see a "bunch" of you there!! 



From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Reunion

J.R. Brooks

LHS '64


        Your articles on the reunion were very well written and made points important to say.  We all missed those who are no longer with us.  Of course, I missed my Darwin Downs friends Dwight Kephart and Jed Stephens, among others.  I am sorry close friends like Don Cornelius and many others were not present.  But, I tried to focus on  renewing  friendships with those who were there, including Ginger Burrus, Mike Acree, David Bess, Linda Isbell Creek, Sue Faulkner and many, many others.  When Linda Taylor first brought the idea of the 50 year reunion to Alice Gullion Preston and me, I have to admit I had my doubts.  But, Linda was right and I was wrong. It was a wonderful and, as Tommy says, emotional event.  We started our adult lives together.  Because of the reunion,  we continued what we began 50+ years ago. Let’s keep it up.

Subject: Reunion Notes
Barbara Seeley Cooper
Class of '64


        After looking at the reunion photos and reading your thoughtful commentary, I wanted to share some comments. I did not attend but enjoyed it vicariously through your postings, and of course, those of Linda Taylor. We did not have a category of Best Photographer/Traveler in 1964, but let’s give her that title now. Linda, you rock!

        Tommy, your commitment to establish and maintain contact between all the Lee alumni has been incredible. Many things I had forgotten or missed have been revisited, thanks to the newsletter and making Facebook friends with classmates. For me, Huntsville was never a place to stay after graduation. It was a starting point but not “home.” For so many others, however, it is clearly “home” in all senses of the word. Fifty years later, home for me is now Florida, but growing up in Huntsville did have its advantages. We received a good education, were able to find jobs/careers afterwards, and even though we scattered all over the place, more than a few still keep in touch. Lifelong friendships are priceless.

        Fifty years! Where did they go? Let’s stay in touch so we know where the NEXT fifty go. Thanks to you and all the reunion volunteers for all that you did, and a big hello from me to everyone who was at the reunion.

Subject: First Reunion
Bob Pierce 
LHS '64

Dear Tommy 

        Unlike you and Rainer I am unable to judge this reunion for I had never attended any reunions before Lee High School Class of 1964. It was extraordinary - well done planners. I did not know what to expect, but the biggest surprise was how I could see through the years. I had not seen Jerry Brewer in 50 years but as I walked into the hotel I saw him and walked up and said "Hello Jerry." It was wonderful seeing all these friends from the past. 

        Toney Driver and I got a chance to pick and grin with some folks from Huntsville Traditional Music Association bring back memories of the Generals Three. I thank you for your work on the Lee's Traveller site; it's notices of those who have passed was a major reason for my attending. 

        The hotel, the programs - great; only thing missing were some folks that did not make it and time to spend with some that did. Hope to join you Generals in future reunions. 

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