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140901 September 1, 2014


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Football Season Returns
by Tommy Towery
LHS '64

        Sue and I attended our first football game of the new season on Saturday and sat in the pouring rain and enjoyed ourselves. I thought back to my high school days and how much I enjoyed going to the games and seeing the Lee Generals play, especially when we played Butler or Huntsville.

        The early days we played at Goldsmith-Schiffman Field, and I think it was one of the best venues for high school football ever conceived. I loved sitting in the wooden bleachers close to the action on the field. I remember one end of the field had the snack bar and the other end had the toilet facilities. There was something unforgettable about the toilets on a brisk fall evening which cannot be described, but is inscribed in my memory forever.

        In the early days we used to crawl under the bleachers and climb up to get to our seats. Many folks found a way to climb the walls rather than spend 50 cents for a ticket to the game. There are hundreds of stories about the facility I am sure, and I still miss the place.

        We all thought it was great at first when our games moved to the new Huntsville Stadium, but it was much bigger and never had the same atmosphere as Goldsmith-Schiffman had.

        Memphis, TN - Been spending a lot of time editing and formatting my latest book and just about have it ready to send to the printers. I am also doing a lot of work on things for the upcoming reunion. 
        Like a lot of my classmates, I wonder why some of you have not registered to come to the reunion, especially those of you who live in town. I wonder if perhaps it is because you think no one is interested in you coming. That is not the case, and I am about to start a campaign to recruit some of you holdouts. 


LHS 1964 50th Class Reunion


SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2014!!!



Up to Date (8/28/2014) Registered Attendees : (Friday and Saturday) Registered and Paid

1. Mike Acree
2. Sylvia (Becks)Blaylock and Nat Blaylock
3. David and Barbara Bess
4. JR and Kakki Brooks
5. Jim and Kathie Butts
6. Susan (Cornelius) Fulda and Paul Fulda
7. David and Pauline Fulda
8. Elaine (Lucas)(’66) Hubbard and John Hubbard
9. Dwight and Pat McCormack Jones
10. Annalee (Milburn) Hughes
11. Nancy (Milburn)(’65) Kalish
12. Gaye (Patterson) Johnson and Jim Johnson
13. Bruce (’67) and Vivian (Petty) (’68) Pylant
14. Alice and Jimmy Preston (25count)
15. Bob Ramsey and Sandra Schiff Ramsey
16. Linda Taylor and Guest
17. Rainer and Gudrun Klauss
18. Linda (Ragland) Dykes and Frank Dykes
19. Walt Thomas
20. Tommy and Sue Towery
21. Bill Whyte
22. Lehman Williams
23. CE Wynn
24. Wayne and Cindy Shelton (’65)
25. Joel and Beth McNabb (65) Weinbaum
26. Mike Addams and Sherry Thomas
27. Richard Simmons and Maryann Chandronnet
28. Jim and Vicki Baker Betterton
29. Edward and Linda Rolfe
30. Dean and Linda Norris Lee (53count)
31. Joan Graybill Lucas
32. Danny and Vicki Seaver
33. Jackie Vickers and Lavell Thrasher
34. Emily Hall Vandiver (’66) and Robert Lane
35. Johnny Harbin (’65)
36. Dale and Delores Thompson (63 Count)
37. Dennis and Adonna Johnson Mitchell
38. James and Peggy Pierce
39. Judy Rubins Allard (’66) and Joy Rubins Morris
40. Johnny and Edna Freeman Sharp
41. Kathleen Cornett Throckmorton (’66) (72 Count)
42. Tommy and Judy Thompson
43. Butch Adcock
44. Gary Metzger
45. Susan Miller Lovell
46. John Schmitz
47. Glenn and Rose Marie James (’65)
48. Toney Driver (’65)and Daughters Helena Gregory and Heather Hudson
49. Marion Ray (’66)and Ann Humphrey
50. Wayne and Pat Woodis Spier (’65)
51. Ginger Burrus (88 Count)
52. Charles “Skip” Cook
53. Cecilia M Chaffee(’66) and Roy L. Bruton
54. Millie L. Hopkins (’66) and Bill E. Porter
55. Gail Thompson and Guest Jon DeArmond
56. Bob and Susan Pierce
57. John Drummond (65) and guest, Ann Cooper
58. Brooks Glover
59. John (65) and Maria Fulda (101 Count)
60. Eddie Paulette (reg at door)
61. Bonnie Whitten McDaris (66)
62. Phyllis Dunson Lones (66)
63. Richard and Terri Lyons (Fri Night Only)
64. Joe Barran
65. Katherine Broseman and Glenn Weathers  (110)

**Several have contacted me about being Last Minute/Walk Ins due to Health/Family Issues and will be added later. 

 (Reservations and Deposits based on minimum 150 attending)

Click on the Upcoming Events Link at the top Left of this page for registration info.


A Pony Picture, But No Hat

by Craig Bannecke 

LHS '65 

        I really enjoyed reading this past week's Lee Traveller and the comments about Davy Crockett.  John Drummond's comment about folks sending in a photo of themselves sitting on a shetland pony with a Coonskin hat came close to the photo I attached.  I'm not wearing a Coonsking Hat but had a cowboy hat had hung around my neck.  The hat was pulled up tight against my back like a lot of the TV westerns of that time. This photo was taken in the summer of 1955 I believe, when we lived in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. This was two years prior to moving to Huntsville in the Spring of 1957.  I was a big cowboy fan, as well as a Davy Crockett fan as most  boys were in those days.  Matter fact my mother bought me a Davy Crockett lunch box at the start of school one year.  Back in those day's I took my lunch to school quiet often as most kids did. Sure wish I still had that old lunch box now. Those are valuable collectors items today.

        Joel Weinbaum's comments about watching TV at a neighbors house struck a familiar chord with me as well.  Our TV back in the early 50's only got one station and it didn't carry Disneyland.  So every Sunday night I would walk a block down the street to a friends house so I could watch Disneyland on their television.  I particularly remember going down to the friends house to watch the Davey Crockett series and when it was over walking home after 9:00 in the dark, by myself.  Can you imagine a parent letting their 8 or 9 year old child do that today ?   Can you imagine an 8 or 9 year old today being willing to do that ? But as we all know those were different times and we were different people. Thanks again for the wonderful memories these articles keep bringing back.


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Jim McBride

Bob Pierce

LHS '64

        We went to see Jim McBride(65) in the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame today. He did us proud Generals. The CMHF and Museum is doing a Alan Jackson, 25 years of Keepin' it Country Exhibit this month and Jim penned many a tune with Alan. I asked if he was going to make the 50th reunion he said I'm leaving on my honeymoon to Ireland soon and don't know when we get back but he would like to make it and he gave me his CD to share.

Subject:    Class of '64 Reunion

Niles Prestage

LHS '65      

         I just wanted to say kudos to the 50th Reunion Committee for putting together what is going to be great a reunion weekend. I especially appreciate their extra effort to let the other classes know not only that we are invited but will be welcomed. I would encourage not only my '65 class but the other classes that have been a part of the great reunions that we have in years past to come and be a part of what may just be the best ever. The attendee list is looking great, I am looking forward to seeing so many of you that I haven't seen since graduation!

Subject:        Lee High School Softball 

Dianne Hughey McClure

LHS '65

        My Granddaughter Cheyenne is a freshman at Lee this year and she is on the girls softball team. There is very little funding for them, and it seems to go to other sports first. They have to earn the majority of their funds and if not earned parents have to be able to foot the bill or the girls will not be able to play. They do all they can to raise money but they do need help. They do not even have jerseys at this time. They need sponsors to help support them in anyway they can. As of now each girl has to have $400.00 to just get the necessities and there is much more they need.

(Editor's Note: If any of you are connected with a business or group which might be willing to help sponsor the Lee Girl's Softball team, then please contact me and I will send your contact info to Dianne. This looks like a honorable way for the first classes of Lee to support the Generals.)

Subject:        Davy Crockett

Chip Smoak
Class of '66 

        A little trivia about the Davy Crockett movies. Buddy Ebsen was originally cast to play Crockett but, when Fess Parker came on the scene, Walt Disney asked Buddy to step aside. This led to Buddy playing Davy's sidekick Georgie Russell.

        One of the items sold under the Davy Crockett logo was ties for little boys. I still have one.

Subject: Our Trip Blog
Sally Stroud
Class of '65

        Michael and I are on the road again. Would you please post this email on the Lee website so anyone interested can follow our trip? Our Tumblr website is: We are currently in the Northeast Georgia mountains headed for Chattanooga for the Labor Day weekend!