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140818 August 18, 2014


Lee Generals Wed
        Jim McBride, LHS '65, and Jeanne Ivey, LHS '66, were married on August 12, 2014 at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola Beach, Florida. The above photo was posted on Facebook recently. The staff of Lee's Traveller offer our congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds.

        Memphis, TN -  I'm finally getting settled back in after the three week vacation to California via planes, trains, and automobiles, and buses too. We flew to Denver, then took the California Zephyr to California, and then flew in an Air Force C-17 back to Washington D.C. After a quick tour of the capital we flew via an Air Force C-12 to Jackson, Mississippi, where we rented a car and drove back to Memphis. It was a great trip and we are happy to be home. Thanks to all of you who continue to support Lee's Traveller, even if it is only in good thoughts and prayers. I am honored to be able to continue to be a small voice for our unique classes and classmates.


TV Shows We Watched

         In the 1950’s an unique television adventure helicopter series called “The Whirlybirds” was produced by Desilu Productions and Viacom. The definitive 1957-1959 Bell 47 television series propelled the Bell 47's look and sound into the popular imagination of children and adults. Kenneth Tobey and Craig Hill starred as 47 pilots Chuck Martin and P.T. Moore. The actors would fly off into diverse adventures from their base at Whirlybirds Inc., in mythical Longwood Field, California. Excellent direction by the famous Robert Altman and Bruce Bilson along with tight scripting, and pioneering location camera work at the old San Bernadino Airport and Republic Studio's Iverson Ranch supported the flying skills of National Helicopter pilots Bob Gilbreath, Harry Hauss, and Ed Fuderich. Together these airmen showcased the ability and utility of the 47G (N975B, a G-2 s/n 1381) and 47J (N2838B, 1957, s/n 1424, still in U.S. service; backed up by N1538B) across 111 half-hour episodes. Some 39 episodes of the series were re-syndicated by CBS during 1958 under the name Copter Patrol.

TV Westerns
John Drummond
LHS '65

I am on call for Infectious Disease service at hospital this w/e. In lieu of my weekly column, I want to share this John Wayne 2-minute piece on "God Bless America" with you. Thanks,

God Bless America

LHS Class of '64
50th Reunion
Official  Attendance Clarification

Linda Taylor
1964 Class Primary Contact

        I have no idea where the idea the Class of '64 plans to celebrate their 50th Reunion separate from the rest of their Fami-Lee began, for I personally have sent out ALL the Announcements and Registration Forms and they ALL included the Classes of '65, '66, '67 and we even have some from the Class of '68 attending. We as a committee would be interested to learn, as well, where this misinformation originated. In fact, it was stated that it would NOT be a Celebration without the other classes being there with us. We all feel the same way as you expressed in the first part of your email about how we felt about our unique closeness, friendship and relationship that our classes shared.

        The joint reunion that has been held every 5 years is still on schedule for 2015, and nothing has changed because of this special event. 2015 is also the year the Class of '65 will be celebrating their 50th Reunion. I’m sure all will be there that choose to attend. We always celebrate on the Class of 1965's year, but inasmuch as this is our 50th anniversary, everyone just wanted to have some sort of Special Recognition in 2014.

        The Class of '66 will have their 50th in 2016 and I would once again hope that we are ALL invited to join them if they choose to have a Special Celebration for their 50th. 

        We are sorry that some of you have made your decision not to join us in this celebration based on a misinformation source and I have no idea what invitation you received that did not include ALL the Classes of '65, '66, and '67 and '68. We will miss all of those that cannot attend. We know even several of our own '64 Class, cannot make it due to extenuating circumstances.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in 2015.

Linda Taylor, 1964 Class Primary Contact

LHS Special 50th Reunion Committee
JR Brooks
Alice G. Preston
Linda Taylor
Rainer Klauss
Mike Smith
Jerry Brewer

Songwriter Session: 
Jim McBride

Saturday, August 30, 2014 - 11:30am
Museum’s Ford Theater
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Nashville, TN

        Jim McBride’s (LHS '65) long-time songwriting collaboration with Alan Jackson produced the hits “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow,” “Chattahoochee,” “Someday,” “Who Says You Can’t Have It All” and many other songs. McBride also wrote “Bet Your Heart on Me” (Johnny Lee); “Rose in Paradise” (Waylon Jennings); “I’m a Survivor” (George Jones); and songs recorded by Trace Adkins, Tammy Cochran, Diamond Rio, Toby Keith, and Keith Whitley.

        Jim's appearance will be part of the exhibit "Alan Jackson: 25 Years of Keepin’ It Country."

Read more: Songwriter Session: Jim McBride 


From Our Mailbox 

Subject:        Barbara's Article
Craig Bannecke 
LHS 65

        Really enjoyed reading Barbara W. Donnelly's story on growing up in Huntsville. She writes so well and captures the essence of our youth so that you almost feel you are there……again. The part about attending the movies I particularly enjoyed. 

        We didn’t even bother to ask what time the feature started, because we really didn’t care. We’d go in and start watching the movie no matter how long it had been on and then just stay until we reached that point again. 

        I tell young folks about how we would just go to a movie and it didn't matter when it started and they will think "Why would you do that ?" But it didn't matter then, we just loved the experience of being there and as Barbara said to enjoy the air-conditioning One thing for sure about those days of no air-conditing and playing outside, we weren't over weight. I went to a BBQ the other night in Augusta held for the volunteers who helped with the previous weeks boat races. I was just amazed, at the number of young people in their mid twenties to early thirties that were overweight. And I knew, they were couch potatoes that grew up with air conditions and played inside on video games. It is no wonder that today young people are having strokes as frequently as the elderly. 

        Thanks for some great memories Barbara and please feel free to write more.