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November 18, 2013


Dallas Mini-Reunion Held
by Polly Gurley Redd
LHS '66
        A group of us who were friends at Lee decided several years ago when one person was too sick to come to the regular reunion that we would try to meet for a long weekend each year. Several of us live too far away to get to the gatherings in Huntsville with any regularity so this was our solution. We met the first year in Virginia Beach and last year in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Our latest gathering was in Dallas for some remembering and catching up. Again this year Cathy Cox Tribble was too ill to attend and was missed.  Fami-Lee is very important.
        This is a picture of the six of us that gathered in late October for a mini-reunion in Dallas, Texas. We stayed at the home of Paulette Reddick Turner and had a wonderful weekend full of laughter and remembering. This picture is taken on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad trip to Fort Worth to see “Where the West Begins” and view the stock exchange. In the picture are Polly Gurley Redd, Paulette Reddick Turner, Barbara Reilman DeHaye, Chris Grant McMahon, Gloria Horseman Schmidt, and Ginger Gambrell Treglown.

        Memphis, TN - Thanks again for all the additions and corrections for my Lee Veteran Project. I have received several emails from veterans from other classes but necessity forces me to keep my active list only for the classes of '64 through '67. I do appreciate the service of all of our Lee General classmates and respect their duty to our country.

 A Request for Stories
from Tommy Towery
LHS '64
         A big thank you goes out to Polly Gurley Redd, LHS '66, for sending me the picture and short story about her recent reunion with some of her fellow classmates. It is good to have those type of things sent to me.
        I am not sure why so many of you think that we are not interested in what is going on in your lives. I once again look at Facebook as the evil villain in this trend. Many of you post lots of things going on for your Facebook friends, but ignore those who still do not see (or want) to have Facebook accounts for personal reasons.
        Did you know that this last summer one of your classmates drove a jeep solo from Huntsville to Pt. Barrow, Alaska? Do you know that another one and her husband took a travel trailer on a five-month journey across the United States, or that two of your classmates spent almost three months traveling the states in an RV doing mission work and repairs to churches and facilities? I know this because of Facebook, or personal emails, but never received a story or permission to share these adventures with you via the Traveller.
        Please consider that people get tired of just reading about the travels of Tommy and Sue Towery, and really would love to hear what the rest of you are doing. Even if it is just a captioned photo once in a while, please consider assisting me with more "content" for the weekly Traveller and believe me, people do care and want to hear what is going on in your lives.
        Also, I have changed the standard for the class identification. If you would please use the format in your emails with
        LHS apostrophe 64/65/66 etc.
             or other school identifier such as BHS/HHS

 Your Favorite Songs Prior
To High School Graduation
Featuring Gold in the Title  


        Jeff Fussell, LHS '66 - This week's song color "Gold" brings to mind the title song from the 1964 James Bond flick "Goldfinger" by Shirley Bassey. This was one of the best of the Bond movies with great villains including Auric Goldfinger and the fearsome Oddjob with his killer hat. The theme song was perfect for the film and is still a memorable song.
        Hat tip to Burl Ives for his song "Silver and Gold" from the 1965 stop-action Christmas special "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".  Of course, we were entirely too cool for that stuff, but our kids liked it, didn't they?

Silence is Golden

        Tommy Towery , LHS '64 - My favorite song with "gold" embedded in the title has been covered by two different groups and I like both versions. Luckily we are searching for the song title and not the song version. Silence is Golden" is a song co-written by Bob Gaudio of the American rock band, The Four Seasons, with Bob Crewe. It was released as a B-side to the hit song "Rag Doll," in 1964. It was later covered by the English band The Tremeloes, whose recording was a #1 hit in the UK Singles Chart on 18 May 1967, staying at the top for a total of three weeks.Guitarist Rick West sang lead vocal on "Silence Is Golden".
        The Tremeloes single hit #11 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart on the Epic label and was one of the top 100 songs of 1967. The track sold one million copies globally, earning gold disc status.The Tremeloes also recorded an Italian version, E in silenzio.


2000 Reunion Part 4

The Video of the 2000 Reunion
of the Lee High School
Classes of '64-'65-'66
Part 4
        This week we continue featuring segments of the video tape made at the 2000 reunion and supplied by Niles Prestage, Class of '65. It will be broken down into approximately five minute segments and continued each week as permitted. We hope you enjoy these visits back and the chance to see some old classmates who are no longer with us.



         Yes, we are Special!! The 50th Reunion of the Class of ’64 will be held September 26-27, 2014 in Huntsville.  Thank  you  for your response on whether you are planning to attend or not. Currently,  we are in the reserving stage for places for the Friday night Social and the Saturday night Dinner. There were 40 classmate ”yes” responses to attend, 10 maybes,  and estimating spouses also, that would be approximately 80-100 in attendance. We are hoping to have close to 100 to make this affordable for everyone that wants to participate. If you did not respond to the survey or have now decided you want to attend, please do so to in order for us to have a “close” estimate.

        It has been proposed that the Event be opened to others of the’ 65-‘67 classes that would like to come. We are in favor of doing this, however, details haven’t been worked out as of yet.

    Any Questions or Comments, Please Contact:
Linda Taylor
Alice Preston




From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Veteran's Video

Greg Arndt


        Liked the veteran's tribute from Lee High School. Wish we had all the veterans names and accomplishments. I think Glen Blackledge served two tours of Nam as a sniper. He may have been a 68 grad. I got a Purple Heart in Viet Nam March 15,1969. Was wounded when helicopter gunship I was a door gunner on was blown up. Probably lots of guys whose stories were never told. I remember Mallory, Kiger and Huff. Three friends who were all killed while Marines in Nam.
Greg Arndt
Firebird Gunships
71st A.H.C.
Viet Nam 69-70




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