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December 16, 2013


Watching The Iron Bowl
by Craig Bannecke
LHS '65

        You had asked for some of our game day photos from the Iron Bowl  so I thought I would send these along.  The Auburn and Alabama hats with the football between them seemed to be an appropriate symbol to mount above the TV for the game. 

        I remembered back in our high school days when I would often go to Tommy Bush's house to watch Alabama play their bowl game.  I remember in particular their Orange Bowl game, as Mr. Bush put a big bowl of oranges above the TV while we watched the game. 

        We had my sister Marlene, who is an Auburn graduate and her family here from Huntsville for Thanksgiving and to watch the Iron Bowl. We also had Jennifer's oldest son Casey and his family here and they are all Alabama fans.  We had a house full which is the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl.

        So as we were preparing for the game to start, we took pictures of each group all "dressed out" in their favorite team colors. For our half time snack Jennifer had bought Auburn and Alabama plates and cups for everyone to eat off of  and it added to the pageantry of the moment. I thought back on those wonderful days watching ball games with the Bush's and took my hat and Casey's hat and put them over the TV for our game. Seemed an appropriate symbol for our Iron Bowl and brought back some great memories.  War Eagle !

        Memphis, TN - Many of you might wonder why I keep using stories by the same group of people over and over again. The reason is simple; they are the ones who send me stories to use. Thanks this week go out to Craig. I have no real "reporters" or "columnists" in the traditional newspaper sense. I am greatly indebted to the few readers who continue to help me offer new items each week and once again want to remind you that any of you can send me stories about things that are happening in your lives or your memories of your earlier days in Huntsville and Lee High School, or whichever school you attended. I am especially looking for Christmas or New Year's Day memories for the next couple of issues.


(L-R)  Ronald E. Swaim, Sammy Gilbreath, Dwight Clark

Posted on the Lee High School Facebook Page
by Beverly Taylor Swaim

        We went and heard Brother Sammy Gilbreath preach one night. Wow...we were really moved. — with Ronald E. Swaim, Dwight Clark and Linda Burnette Clark.

2000 Reunion Part 7


The Video of the 2000 Reunion
of the Lee High School
Classes of '64-'65-'66
Part 7
        This week we continue featuring segments of the video tape made at the 2000 reunion and supplied by Niles Prestage, Class of '65. It will be broken down into approximately five minute segments and continued each week as permitted. We hope you enjoy these visits back and the chance to see some old classmates who are no longer with us.


From Our Mailbox 


Subject:    Bogger Town

Amy Frost

        I didn't graduate from Lee High School; however, my first home after being born in Huntsville Hospital was located on Lee High Drive. We lived next door to the Webb family.

        My grandfather, great-grandfather, aunts, and uncles all worked in the Lincoln Mill. They lived in Lincoln Village and my father attended Lincoln School.

        I am writing to you to ask what you know about "Booger Town." My cousins and I were talking about old times the other day, and we couldn't remember the location of Booger Town. I know it is somewhere in West Huntsville on the south side of Governor's Drive. Can you clarify this for me. Thank you for your assistance.

Email Address

(Please CC on any information you send Amy)

Subject:    Eddie Sykes in Hospital

Till Lull

LHS '67

        Jimmy Troupe sent me this email on Monday, December 9:  "I thought I would let you know that I just received a call from Susan Sykes. Eddie had three heart attacks last (Alabama-Auburn game day) Saturday. He is currently in ICU in Manitee Hospital in Bradenton.

        On Thursday, December 12, Jimmy wrote: "Talked with Susan just now. Eddie has had another heart attack and is back in ICU on life support. He is not maintaining blood pressure. She requested prayers." 

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