Why You Should Join The Lebanese Astronomy Group

How often have you said aloud, “How many stars exist or how many planets I could see?” or “My dream in life is to be an astronaut”?

Now you can stop talking about it and do it! You can see the stars, the planets in galaxies where life was born. Gaze the stars; discover your galaxy through scientific methodologies, and the most advanced tools (instruments, equipments). We make it easy to have your ambition and your motivation come to reality, with expert scientists and the best astronomy amateur in the Lebanon! Yes, now it’s time for you to unleash your passion to astronomy and realize this adventure of a lifetime!

We make you EXPLORE the Universe and way BEYOND

What's the Best About Our Society?

It regroups amateurs and professionals.

It has been around for 6 years.

It has organized some of the major astronomy outreach events in Lebanon.

It has experience in astronomy animation.

It gives you opportunities to meet amateur astronomers from across the globe.

It is fun!