Study Resources

Study Resources

These are the main resources I use for research, apart from general scouring of the Internet, usenet and mailing lists (see main links).

General Searching

Biblical and Historical Research

Freethought resources

Science and Cosmology


  • General Searching
    • Teoma Search engine that ranks results according to their standing among recognised authorities on the subject.
    • The FAQ archives
    • Books
  • Biblical and Historical Research
  • Freethought resources
    • The Secular web (of course!) Don't forget to explore their library (and everything else!)
    • Ontario Consultants on religious tolerance. Good general research tool. Also required reading for any visitors to pro/con religious sites!
    • The Rejection of Pascal's Wager. A very clearly written, intelligent and direct critical resource on Christianity.
    • The Pilate Project presents a developing, downloadable compendium of public-domain and by-permission reference materials to assist in the discussion of the Bible, Christianity and other religions, and to a lesser degree in all varieties of truth-seeking and intellectual stimulation. Presented from a freethought perspective.
    • Positive Atheism. A good supplement to the Secular web in my opinion.

General Science Interest (some of my favourites) Ex-Christians often wish to research these areas...

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