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sees right through me!

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From: <John Boone>

To: <Steve Locks>

Sent: 22 February 2000 17:57

Subject: Your site..

I can see right through you sir.

Your site is a long and rambling "manifesto"

of one who could not please God. (Hebrews 11:6)

Unbelief is the opposite of faith sir.

Being under God's care and protection and being

sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise is as simple

as saying, (and meaning) "I believe".

James 1:5 says,"If any man lack wisdom, let him

ask of God,".....sir, not only are you STILL not

satisfied, you havent even convinced me that you

are. I pray God will make you miserable in your sin and

you will turn to Him, if you will ask Him, He will forgive you and save

you,,,,,,,,,John Boone Romans 10:13

Not strictly speaking a "discussion" since I didn't reply as I hardly thought it would be fruitful!

As for the general point raised, I have already covered this in some detail - e.g.Romans 10:13 "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" see my email debate Seek and ye shall find. As I said in the previous feedback, I did not *choose* to disbelieve in Christianity any more than I *choose* not to believe there is an invisible pink unicorn floating in the air in front of me. I am simply no longer that credulous, and cannot force myself to believe in Christianity when research has lead me to the conclusion that Christian claims are not true. Neither do I find it virtuous or responsible to make oneself believe things, even if it were psychologically possible to believe something you don't believe!

If nothing else is gained from my site, I would have thought that at least the mistake John Boone has made would be obvious. Yes, ex-Christians did once say and mean that they believed but researches and thoughts led them to the inescapable conclusion that Christianity is a great deception. You can do research into why it is mistaken here.