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So, you want to email me....

    1. A few remarks before you do.
  1. I am in general always pleased to correspond, but please note...
    1. I try to answer all emails sent if they are any of these:
        • polite
        • interesting
        • just generally friendly chat
        • making a fair comment
        • requests for information
        • new leads for me
        • homework questions (it has happened!)
        • fan mail!
    2. I may answer others, as the whim takes me...
    3. However - Christians!... Despite my plea on my homepage, I still receive too much mail from Christians who wish to set me straight on everything, but who have not been very far in my website. The exchanges on my feedback pages are only a sample! Evangelists must read my site before writing to me. Otherwise I get too much repetitive mail from people trying to debate me on similar and well-worn points which is not very interesting. I really would love to chat at length with everybody who writes, but it is not possible and so I have to cut out the repetitive ones. I put much energy into my feedback and only put a few of them up at the URL above. Most of the matters that are raised with me by email have already been discussed at length there and I don't have the time to repeat them, although I am very happy to take things further than I have already discussed.
      1. All my writings are linked to from contents, part 1. It should only take a few evenings to read this material, which is a small request in comparison to all the study that some evangelists tell me is required before one can criticise Christianity. A fair reading of my website will give an indication that I often have done the work demanded of me and already discussed points raised. Repetitive and very similar questions already tackled on my site are an indication of lack of research on the part of the questioner. This reflects poorly on those Christians if this is how little they look into the other side of the argument. I also have relatively little spare time and many other commitments and very interesting projects I am currently involved in. Having said all that, please do write, even if you wish to explain why I and everyone else should be a Christian - but please take your time. There are a few Christians who are doing this with me and they have my utmost respect - leading to cordial and interesting conversations. (Example).
      2. Also please note that although I include my story and books the site is not primarily about me, or even my thoughts, but about the phenomena of leaving Christianity. It is primarily a resource for other ex-Christians, not a debate chamber, although as you will see from my site I will debate and investigate when I feel it is worthwhile. So don't get so upset over saving my particular soul - look at the wider picture I am reporting. Also you may wish to discuss on one of the email groups especially designed for this purpose. If it still upsets you that I particularly am not a Christian, then see how those who have gone before you have fared in the feedback section.
      3. I have been thinking about a FAQ for a while but have found from feedback that people find conversations more engaging and human. Therefore, for now, I am attempting to put enough description to the listing in the following sections:
      4. Meanwhile I will read and think about all emails sent to me but my replies may often be incorporated into the above resources rather than engaging in more private debate. I will still reply to any Christians I have already opened discussions with and others whom I warm to and have time for. Otherwise I will eventually incorporate your points into my site somewhere! So please don't feel rejected if you don't get a personal reply - I cannot spend every evening replying to emails from Christians, especially as I like to give fairly substantial explanations, look things up where necessary and consider my emails carefully before sending them off. This all just takes me too much time! I have done a lot of writing in the last few years and now it's time for more reading :-). In the meantime please do read my site rather than giving it merely a casual read before criticising. I also recommend the extensive FAQ at Positive Atheism.
      5. Also if you are looking for something in particular on my site then try my Search Engine and Site Map. If you're still stuck and can't find what you are looking for, then feel free to email.
    4. Hate mails of a threatening nature are reported to the senders ISP and, if persistent, possibly the sender's local police. It definitely is an offence (as far as most ISP's are concerned) to send hate mail. Most will kick you off the Internet and many ISP's have shared blacklists making it even harder for offenders to find alternative service. To do it repeatedly is harassment which is a crime even on the Internet and has lead to imprisonment in some cases. I am glad to say that this has been relatively rare to me, but it is not tolerated. Yet others who write seem to suffer from the Internet equivalent of road rage, quick to accuse strangers of all kinds of idiocies at the slightest perceived inaccuracy. I am happy (indeed welcome the opportunity) to correct any errors I may make, but I do not wish to engage in hot-headed debate, driven more by ego than a desire to communicate and improve ideas and knowledge. Angry rants won't hold my attention! However, this sort of thing does.
    5. Well, that all looks rather heavy, but rest assured that the majority of my correspondence is cordial, enjoyable and interesting and not reported in the feedback (as some of it is personal or strays off religious themes). I used to hide the email link to filter out skim readers who just want to give pat evangelism rather than dialogue such that they couldn't find it unless they read this far. However I am now going back to normal for a while and you can email me by clicking here.

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