N. PolyWave

If you want to create very overtone rich waves, you can put a couple of wave cycles in series and compress it in the time scale. It is important to use different wave cycles to enlarge the periodic cycle after compression. If you use 4 different waves out of a collection of 100 you can create 100 * 100 * 100 * 100 = 100 Million different waves.

This wavetables can be modified by different methods (FM, Ring, Filter) and by all sound-effects to produce an endless number of new sounds.

There are different wave series possible: 1 , 1:1, 1:1:1, 1:1:1:1, 1:2, 1:3

The wave cycles can originate from different sources:

        Vintage: Traditional waves like sine, square, saw, pulse …

        Fourier: Additive spectra of classic waves like Saw32, Square16

        Oligo: Additive synthesis waves with vew selected overtones

        Natural: Natural modeled waves

        Special: Impressive waves from FM-, geo- or Ring-synthesis