K. Sound Fonts

A Sound Font file (*.sf2) is a collection of samples and effect settings. The samples are usually take with different pitches, so that they can cover a wide range of the musical scale with natural sounds. 

A Sound Font player works like a sampler, but uses different samples to fit best the sound of the desired frequency. One sample for each octave is a good basis, but some Sound Fonts have up to one sample per note.

Manipulation of the samples

The samples can be modified in different ways. The noisy attack can be cut-off with the cut-slider, so that the sounds becomes more harmonic. The envelope of the samples can be changed by extension algorithms to cover a longer range. You can also transform the samples by FM- or ring-modulation to create entirely new sounds. 

Integration of external Sound Fonts

There are many Sound Fonts available in the internet. Someone are free others have to be purchased. If you get new Sound Fonts you can easily integrate them into the system when you store them in the directory:

… Music/SoundDesigner/SF2

The files the computer finds there will be automatically listed together with the internal Sound Fonts.

Export of Sound Fonts

You can also produce your own Sound Fonts if you save any sound that you have designed with the synthesizer in the format “Sound Font”. You will find them in the “.../Music/SoundDesigner/SF2/YourSoundName.sf2” directory (Save → Save Sound → X Sound Font).