J. Semi Loop

The first 20-50 ms of a tone are most important for the psychology of the ear. In this time it decides which kind of sound it is. The rest of the tone is of less interest and in the most cases it is also relative low dynamic.

The Semi-Loop Synthesis uses this fact and starts a tone with a short natural sample that is then extended by looping the last wave cycle until the end of the tone so that the sound stays constant for any time. This way you can produce a sustaining sound from a short wave fragment and prevent it from fading away like a “plob”. You can make a sustaining piano, guitar or steel drum.

But if you want to have a dynamic sound even during the rest of the tone, you can apply one of 3 methods:

  • add a filter-, detune- or choir-effect

  • select the wave loop fade away algorithm

  • let the wave loop morph into a sine- or square-wave

You can also modify the initial wave:

  • cut off a part of the noisy initial wave

  • determine how long the initial wave is used before looping start